Ideas and tips for a surftrip to Peniche, Portugal

Peniche is surrounded by beautiful beaches. This small peninsula, less than 80 km away from Lisbon, is the ideal surftrip destination for surf lovers.

Supertubos, Consolaçao or Almagreira are just some of the waves you can enjoy in this popular surf destination. We will tell you which is the best moment to visit for the best waves, best spots and what wetsuit to bring.

A destination that boasts of having great waves. An obligatory stop for the WSL circuit, Peniche has become one of the places where the best surfers in the world visit.

Peniche surftrip

Peniche surftrip, the pretty girl of Portugal Surrounded by beautiful beaches in this small peninsula that has a road that is hardly 3 km, it’s the ideal place for surf lovers. All of this in less than 80 km from Lisbon. Here we´ll give you a small guide to organize a surftrip to Peniche, the pretty girl of Portugal, surf…