Get Stoked: The Best Surf Videos of the Week

What’s up, surfers? It’s that time of the week again – time for our roundup of the best surf videos from around the world! Get ready to be inspired and stoked by some epic footage of the world’s best surfers pushing their limits on some of the most incredible waves out there.

First up, we’ve got Tim Elter shredding it up in Fuerteventura. Six straight weeks of offshore winds and pumping waves made for some epic sessions for this German-born, Canary Islands-raised surfer. The waves are firing, and Tim is absolutely killing it out there.

Next, we’ve got Pearl Moon, a short film starring big wave surfer Zac Haynes. In this 16-minute epic, Zac sets out to find the most twisted, gnarly waves on the planet – and he certainly succeeds. The footage is jaw-dropping, and it’s a reminder of just how powerful and awe-inspiring the ocean can be.

Moving on, we’ve got Aritz Aranburu and Kauli Vaast tearing it up at the Alaïa Bay, the artificial wave located in the Swiss Alps. During the Surfers Cup, these two captains of their respective teams faced off in a friendly competition to see who could copy the other’s moves on this perfect, man-made wave. The result is some seriously impressive surfing.

The fourth video on our list is a surfari adventure through Indonesia featuring Mikey Wright and Rolo. They timed their trip just right – hitting the waves at the tail end of the season when the conditions were perfect. It’s a welcome change of pace for Rolo, who was looking to escape the pressures of a busy year, while Mikey was making a comeback after a broken ankle.

Last but not least, we’ve got a classic clip from 20 years ago featuring Tom Curren and Taj Burrow surfing the iconic wave of Mundaka. The footage is a testament to the timeless quality of great surf – and a reminder that no matter how much things change, the stoke of catching a perfect wave will always remain the same.

That’s it for this week’s surf video roundup! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more surf inspiration coming your way soon!