Frequently Asked Questions

The surf skate world counts with more fans every day. A type of skate that was popularized by Carver, and is getting more and more brands getting in on it. The surfskate brands have noticed that there is a public that really looks into price before buying. That’s why Carver has launched the Triton line, cheap surfskates. If you are looking for something good and cheap then we can help you. Don´t miss our Surfskate buying guide. We will start with the most asked questions.

How much does a surfskate cost?

Depends on the brand. To give you an idea, the price for these types of skateboards is between 199 euros and 370 euros. You can maybe find boards under that range in with lesser known brands in places like Decathlon. But the main brands in the industry are within the 199 – 370 range.

Which is the best skate for a beginner?

If you´re not sure if surfskate is for you yet, we suggest that you don´t waste too much money. You´ll have time to change. For a beginner we recommend a skate with a bit of width and wheelbase. A smaller surfskate with less wheelbase have less stability. Try to get a model longer than 32” like a USA Resin C7 from Carver, the Triton Green Glass or the Johanne Defay from Smoothstar.

Unlike surfing, the surfskate world doesn´t have a beginner model as such. You can´t start with a soft top and then change to a higher end board. But as a general rule, a longer board and longer wheelbase, will give more stability and will be easier for learning.

Which surfskate model should I get to improve my surf technique?

Our suggestion to improve your surf technique would be to get a Smoothstar or Swelltech. Both brands have positioned themselves under surf technique improver and as giving the total surf sensation.

Training with a Smoothstar

Johanne Defay training her surf technique

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If you are looking for radical sensations, sick turns and lively movements, we recommend models like the Filipe Toledo #77, the CI Pod Mod 29.25” or the Yago Dora from Carver. All of these models are short with profound concaves that will let you maintain compression when turning.

Can I buy the deck and axis separately?

There are many brands that let you buy the deck and later buy the axis and wheels separately. In the case of  Carver, they let you buy the C7 axis or CX separately, without the need of getting a complete skate.

How can I learn to do maneuvers and tricks with a surfskate?

If you have the opportunity we recommend that you sign up to surfskate classes. There is no better way of learning a sport than having a guide. If don´t have time to go to a skate course, you can always watch tutorial videos for skate maneuvers. In our Youtube channel we will teach you the main maneuvers: pump, cutback, floater, front side reentry and backside,.

Benefits surfskate Carver

Pro Surfer Courtney Conlogue usa Carver para entrenar

What are the differences between the surfskates?

depending on what you want to do with the skate, some brands will be a better fit for you than others. In the post, the best surfskate brands, we explain the differences between Carver vs Smoothstar vs Swelltech vs Miller vs Yow. Don´t miss our comparison between the different brands of surfskates. If you are interested in getting a surfskate or in expanding your quiver, send us an email or chat with us. We will resolve and doubts that you have.