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Tail Pads


Surf Grip of the best international brands in the market. The surf grips or pads are an accessory that guarantee the maximum grip from the back foot to the surfboard. A surfing accessory essential to prevent slipping and better support the back foot that is the heaviest weight on the surfboard.

In our online surf shop you will find all kinds of models of surf pads. From 2,3, 4,5 and up to 6 pieces to guarantee the best grip to your surfboard. In Single Quiver we offer you the best brands of surf pads: FCS, Ocean &Earth, Farking, Shapers, Gara and many more. Ample stock and catalogue of grips.

Choosing a grip that is suitable for the surfboard is not an easy task. Here we solve the main questions you usually ask us before buying a surf pad.

1. What is a Grip?

The grip - or pad is a basic accessory for your surfboard. All surfboards have one. Except: boards or longboards and softboards (optional, according to taste). Surf pads are nothing more than a rubber insole that prevents your back foot from slipping and will therefore help you manoeuvre.

2. How many pieces?

There are grips of 1 piece, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 pieces. Even those that come in front and rear pack grip for a better grip. We'll talk about it later.

3. The size

The determining factor in choosing the grip of your surfboard is the width of the tail of the surfboard, i.e. the tail. We will need the pad to cover the right and necessary surface.

4. The kick tail

The kick tail is the small elevation that the grips have at the back. Most models have a bridge. Except the front grips where it is eliminated so that the surfer can lie comfortably on the board and surf pads models designed for small waves. In this case the bridge is usually dispensed with or less elevated pads are advised as the front foot does not need to be supported to go in vertical waves.

For those surfers who perform strong maneuvers on the lip of the wave, tail pads with a higher bridge are advised. This will be more comfortable and will have a May back foot support. Pros grip models such as the FCS Athlete Series such as Filipe Toledo's grip include this feature.

In our grips data sheets you will find this feature.

5. Front or rear tailpad?

The most common are the rear grips, although there are also the front pads designed for surfers who perform aerial and more critical maneuvers in which they need an extra grip on the front foot. The main advantage of the front grip is that it allows us to do without paraffin. Ideal for those who tend to forget the paraffin at home.

6. Grip for twinfins

There are specific grip models for twinfins and surfboards with fish tail. These grips have a shape that simulates the fish tail so that they adapt perfectly to this type of surfboards. Take a look at the new twin fin grips from Shapers made from environmentally friendly materials.

7. How to put a grip to your surfboard

You just bought a surfboard, you want to put grip and you don't know how to do it? In our blog we have a video tutorial where we explain step by step everything you need to know to put a grip on your board without complications.

If after reading this guide of frequently asked questions about grips you still have any questions, contact us by phone, our chat or mail and we will solve it right away. Remember that we have a team of surf specialists to advise you and a surf blog full of advice. VISIT OUR SURF BLOG

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Launch 4 Piece Traction Launch 4 Piece Traction
Limited time offer
€30.41 (tax incl.) €38.02
The Launch is a high performance, highly technical tail pad that can be custimised to any shape. The extra high power scoop allows more back foot hold and control, resulting in more speed, drive and power.
€30.58 (tax incl.)
La marca australiana Shapers ofrece una gama de grips que se caracterizan por el buen agarre de su cubierta superior y el perfecto balance entre el flow kick trasero y el peralte central. Tail pad muy fiable y de alto...


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