YOW Surfskates are made in Irun

Yow Surfskate is one of the best surfskates brands in the market. The Basque surf skates brand has managed to make a mark among other big names in the sector such as Carver Skateboards, Smoothstar or Swelltech. After having tried them, we can say that “YOW is one of the best brands of surf skates” of the moment.

The origin of the Yow brand

YOW (Your Own Wave) was born in the year 2000 in Irún. Its creators are 3 brothers. Igor, Ander and Iban Iraola. A short time later they would create HLC, which today is the distributor of some of the most important skate brands in the sector. The Iraola brothers were tired of the secondary role played by the skate in Europe against the United States. That is how they began to make their first skateboards in the workshop of his house.

Currently, Yow has become one of the most prestigious brands of surf skates internationally. From its Irun factory, in addition to the YOW skates, some of the best-known brands in the world come out. Surely many of you have heard of Jart Skateboards, Iron Trucks, Long Island Longboards or Cruzade Skateboards.

The YOW axis: YOW System V.3 S4 and YOW System V.3 S5

The YOW guys have developed their own surfskate truck system. This shaft incorporates a turning system with spring that allows a rotation with return. A system that manages to replicate on the skate the surf sensations that we have on the surfboard.

At the end of 2018 they launched the V4 axis. A system patented by YOW, with two versions: the S4 and the S5. It is a simplified and more robust version than the previous system and that has made YOW one of the market leaders in surf skates. Among the most important improvements include:

  • Reinforcement of the internal spring to make it more resistant and more durable.
  • Kingpin is more robust (12mm) to prevent breakage when doing radical aerials.
  • New nut to prevent the shaft from unscrewing easily.
  • Improved ball bearing to better match the new Kingpin.


Differences Yow Surfskate vs Smoothstar

Yow has wanted to follow their own line of designs. If we focus on the aesthetic part, its boards have little to do with the Smoothstar boards, which are large and heavy. The boards of the YOWs are somewhat shorter than the Smooth ones. Beautiful and functional boards, with very colorful designs such as Pukas Plan B, YOW Pukas la Loca or Aritz Aranburu.

Its boards are manufactured in one of the largest skates factories in Europe and internationally. And the YOWs come out of HLC Distribution. The same place where the JART skates are manufactured.

The trucks of these two brands (YOW vs Smoothstar) are the most radical. Both the YOW and the Smooth will allow you to perform radical maneuvers on both asphalt and bowl. The axes of the SmoothStar: “Smooth Star Thruster” make it possible to turn and exit driven by the rear axle. Giving an authentic “rail to rail” feeling but out of the water. For more information we recommend you take a look at our article about how Smoothstar helps you improve your surfing.

Yow on the other hand has also developed its own axle system. A system called Yow System V.3 S4 and Yow System V.3 S5.

How to choose your surfskate Yow?

The new YOW V4 system comes with two versions: S4 and S5. It may look the same from the outside. But the sensations and behavior of these two versions are very different.

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Differences S4 vs S5

Yow System V.3 S4: has a 4mm spring. It is perfect for more closed and radical turns. It is recommended that it be used by people who weigh less than 50 kg.

Yow System V.3 S5: it has a 5mm spring. It is preferable that those who weigh more than 50 kg mount it.

Both surfskate systems give you the option of choosing a short or long wheelbase. The short wheelbase is designed for the youngest or for a more reactive pump, and more closed turns. The long wheelbase is designed for more open turns and greater speed and stability. The angle of the kingpin and the engineering behind both systems is the same.


Advantages of the YOW Surfskate vs Carver Skateboards vs Smoothstar vs Swelltech vs Miller

After having tried the surf skates of other leading brands such as Carver, Swelltech, Miller or Smoothstar, we have found 5 clear advantages of the YOW:

  1. YOW System: One of the main advantages of the yow surf, is its axis system. The YOW system allows changing the wheelbase. The different distances of the trucks bring different sensations. A shorter wheelbase will allow you to make more radical turns. While a longer wheelbase, will allow you to make softer and wider turns. The yow surf skate will allow you to have 2 skates in 1 and choose with which you feel more comfortable.
  2. Versatility thanks to the YOW locking system: another of the innovations and advantages of the yow axis is its locking system. With a simple locking key, you can block the YOW system. Something that will allow you to turn it into a traditional skateboard. Again 2 skates in one. Surfskate and traditional Skate Cruiser at the same time.
  3. Quality: talking about Yow is a guarantee of quality. Some of the most important skates in the world come out of its factory in Irún. All its components are of high quality. Their boards are made of American hardwood maple wood. Their bushing are Blood Orange Ultra HR Formula and their Jessup sandpapers come printed with very flashy colors and graphics.
  4. YOW System Pack Kit: another of the great advantages of yow vs carver or smoothstar is that its axle system can be mounted on any skateboard, cruiser or longboard. Something that allows you to turn any skateboard into a surfskate.
  5. Collaboration with Pukas: The Yow Pukas are the result of the collaboration of two major brands. Yow Surfskates and Pukas Surfboards. Some of its models, such as Plan B, emulate the surfboards of the Pukas brand. Another of the most outstanding collaborations of the Basque brand has been with pro surfer Aritz Aranburu. Like Smoothstar with Filipe Toledo or Carver with Yago Dora, YOW has created a model in collaboration with Aritz Aranburu.

“The best of Carver and SmoothStar combined in a Yow”

Our opinion about the YOWs is that they have managed to combine the best of Carver and Smoothstar in a skate. Trucks and board. Also, if you look at the price, the YOWs have a very competitive price. The cheapest Yow costs 229 euros. While the top range of the brand does not reach 300 euros.

Another fact in their favor is the possibility of converting the surfskate into a cruiser. So you get 2 skates in one. A surf trainer and a cruiser to use as a skate. A two for one. What more can you ask!

Where to buy YOW

You can find the entire YOW catalog in Single Quiver. In our next chapter, we will tell you about the 5 best YOW skates for people of initiation. Meanwhile we leave you with a video to whet your appetite.


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