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Information, reviews and latest news about skates and surfskates

This section is dedicated towards informing you about the latest news in the skate and surfskate world. We will show you tutorial videos about what are the principal maneuvers with your surfskate. Videos you can follow in our Youtube Channel, and we encourage you to visit.

Are you looking to improve your surf? You want a surfskate to evolve your surfing o simply to have fun out of the water? Then this is the ideal place.

This type of skate is a useful tool to up our surfing game when we are out of the water. In fact, there are more fans every day and it has become a popular medium to train surf technique out of the water.

We will also be talking about the newest products and tutorial videos, in this section we will give you tips on how to choose your ideal skate. In our Surfskate section you will find complete reviews about the different skateboards that our team of testers will be trying. New Flyer, the new Triton line, The Ahi by Bureo and a lot more

Carver Skateboards is one of the most prestigious brands in the world of skate. The American brand has been able to translate to the asphalt the sensation we have when we are surfing. The main characteristic with their skate resides in the axis. In our blog we explain the differences between the different axis from Carver; the CX, C7 and C5. It’s all thought out so that you can choose the best skate for you.

Welcome to Single Quiver. The best surfskate selection so that you can begin this new modality of skate that simulates surf movements. If you have any doubts about which is the best model for you style, call us, send us an email and we will help you.

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