Which are the best surfskate brands in the market?

A while ago we talked about the best surfboards. For that we elaborated a ranking of the 27 best surfboard brands. Today it’s the skateboards turn, the surfskates in fact. These surf training tools came to us to stay and there are a lot of brands that have joined the surfskate fever. Carver, Smoothstar, Yow, Penny Skateboards, Quiksilver Surf skateSlide, Miller, Swelltech are some of the best known surf skate brands in the world.

Carver skate boards

Carver Skateboards is the leader in surfskates worldwide. They manufacture surfboards for the asphalt and with more than 20 years of experience in the market, they are without a doubt the strongest and best known internationally.

Within their riders we find Yago Dora, with his new Skinny Goat or Courtney Conlogue with her new Sea Tiger.

Or the new Carver surfskate models in collaboration with Lost (Carver Hydra or Carver Lost Rocket Redux) , Al Merrick (Carver Happy or Carver Fishbeard)  or Aipa.

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Yow Surf

Yow Surfskates have more than 15 years’ experience in the market, and have become a reference in the longboard and skate world. With HQ in Basque Country, from their factory comes out some of the most important skate brands in the market like Jart Skateboards, Cruzade Skateboards, Iron Trucks or Long island Longboards. YOW means (Your Own Wave). A surfskate made in Spain, fast and capable of competing with the biggest brands in the market like Smoothstar or Carver Skateboards.

In the YOW team we highlight Gabriel Medina Aritz Aranburu as the ambassador of the brand. Aritz Aranburu has his own pro-model surfskate: YOW Aritz Aranburu. And the New YOW Christenson surf skate series with models like YOW Christenson C- Hawk and the YOW Pyzel Collaborarion (Yow Pyzel Shadow).

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Smoothstar is one of the best surfskate brands in the market. The Australian brand has created surf training tools that adapt themselves to the height, weight and style of surfing of the rider. Designed by and for surfers, their skates are used by surfers of all levels to improve their technique. In their rider team you´ll find Filipe Toledo. The Brazilian surfer that has his own models in the Smoothstar brand. The Smoothstar Holy Toledo 33´ and the Filipe Toledo #77.

Recommended reading: Difference between the Holy Toledo and Filipe Toledo #77.

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SwellTech Surfskate

SwellTech Surfskate is a young American brand that was born form the restless mind of a surfer trying to transmit the same surfing sensations that we have in the water to the asphalt. A surfskate that transmits a total surf sensation over 4 wheels.

With Jamie O´Brien as the main ambassador to the Swelltech Surfskates, formerly known as Surfskate Industries. An excellent surf training tool and one of the surfskates that transmit the most surfing sensations. These surfskates are nothing like the Carver skateboards. Thanks to their revolutionary 360º axis, it’s a board that at first will be hard to get a hang of. Especially if you come from the traditional skate world. But once you get it, the surf sensation is total and it’s a super fun board. With the change in name of the brand name, the company has brought to the market a new image and totally renovated products.

Their best known model is the Jamie O´Brien Pro Model 34” with more wheelbase, offering more stability and that way you´ll be able to simulate the same posture you have on your surfboard. The new Swelltechs are remodeled and are much more stable and improved. Their back axis acts as a pivot point, while the front axis lets you turn and pump en any direction. One of the best surf simulators in the market, and just like Smoothstar, they are closer to a surf training than a traditional skateboard. if you are looking to improve your surf technique and have fun in those no wave days, you don´t need to look further. Swelltech surfskates are the perfect ally to improve your technique on the streets.

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Slide Surfskate

Slide Surfskate is another main brand in our country (Spain). Developed by Sancheski, Slide Surfskate makes easy to use and comfortable skates. The Sancheski brand was a pioneer in the manufacturing of skateboards in our country. They started in 1966 and have not stopped since. This company has their HQ in Irun, Basque Country, and design their models which are  then sent to China to manufacture.

In the last 2 years they have launched a new collection of attractive designs. Made for all levels and for all budgets.

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Slide Surfskate

Slide Surfskate

Surf Skate Miller

Miller Surf Skate or Miller Division Surfskates as they are known officially has been developing skates for years. With the coming of skates for surf, they decided to launch to the scene in 2016. With very aesthetically pleasing and modern designs they came in with force into the surfskate world. The Cantabrian brand Miller Division comes with the IXRKP Surf Truck which simulates the CX trucks from Carver.

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Miller Division Surf Skate

Miller Division Surf Skate

What is the difference between one surfskate and another? 

Depending on the type of use that you want, some brands and boards will be a better fit for you than others. Next we will do a brief comparison of the different surfskate brands that exist. If you are interested in buying a surf skate board or expanding your quiver, keep reading!

carver vs smoothstar

Carver vs Smoothstar @singlequiver

The difference between Carver vs Smoothstar

Carver has been a pioneer in the surfskate world. Their C7 axis where a real revolution. Their axis are more stable, and they also let you do more maneuvers, go longer distances. If you come from the traditional skateboard world, going to a Carver will be easier than going to a Smoothstar. Without a doubt the use you want to give the skate is to move around the city, without losing the fluid sensation on the asphalt, for that a Carver is a good option.

On the other hand, if you are looking for to improve your surf then we encourage you to try Smoothstar. These types of skates are closer to a Surf Training Tool than a traditional skateboard. Check out the testing that our team has recently done in the indoor skatepark and in the bowl.

Surfskate reviews

You already know that in SINGLE QUIVER we love to make rankings and surf skate reviews. Below we leave you our opinion on some of the best selling models in the world. Surf Skate Carver Yago Dora, Carver Skate Lost, The Ahi Bureo, New Flyer by Carver Skateboards. And even a comparison between the Smoothstar 77 and the Holy Toledo. Two of this year’s best-selling surf skateboards, designed in collaboration with Brazilian pro-surfer Filipe Toledo.

Testing Smoothstar Skatepark Indoor:


Testing Smoothstar in a bowl:


Difference Carver vs Swelltech

Carvers are similar to skateboards. But with the ease of carving anyway you want. It lets you get some of the surf sensations on the asphalt. Ideal for going around from one point to another comfortably, quickly and in a fun way.

The SwellTechs on the other hand are one of the best surf trainers in the market. They have these characteristics:

  • Turn: they have an axis that is capable of 360º turn. This will give you the capability of turning the same way as a surfboard in the water.
  • Stability: perfect for reducing your unstability and improving surprise reactions in the wave.
  • Back weight: it looks to give you the fin effect and stability in maneuvers having to encumber the weight in the back and center.
  • Core: to control the turns and to do shoulder and abdominal movements.

Difference Smoothstar vs YOW

The axes from these brands are much more radical. Both YOW and Smoothstar will let you do radical maneuvers in the asphalt and the bowl. The Smoothstar axis: “Smooth Star Thruster” will let you turn and exit using the back axis as impulse. This gives the real rail to rail sensation out of the water. For more information we recommend you check out our article on how Smoothstar will help you improve your surfing.

YOW are very similar to Smooth. The main difference between both is in the size of the board and wheels. YOW boards are somewhat shorter than Smoothstar. The axis is very similar, but it is true that the YOW gives more adjustment possibilities. We liked both skates very much. And if we have to choose one, we choose YOW for several reasons:

  1. Quality of the material and raw material
  2. Made in Europe (YOW) vs Made in Asia
  3. YOW has many more models to choose the one that best suits your weight, height and level.
  4. YOW Surfskate is much more versatile. Smoothstar pure technician.
  5. After-sales service and warranties. Yow manufactures almost 100% of its components in its own factory in the Basque Country. In case you need a spare part, the after-sales service is fabulous through any of the official YOW stores like Single Quiver.  Smoothstar, be patient.

Difference Carver vs Miller

The axis from Miller are very similar to the CX Carver axis. Traditional Carvers, which are not Triton, are 100% made in USA. The main difference with them is in the materials used. The quality of a Carver is superior. Something that also justifies the price difference. Despite that, both brands are great for pumping on the asphalt and for practicing maneuvers out of the water.

Which is the best surf skateboard for me?

If you have any doubts between a Carver, a YOW, a SwellTech, a Miller, a Slide or a Smoothstar check out our post “How to choose your surfskate”. We hope that this post has helped you understand a bit better about the differences between the surfskates.

So concludes our review on the most prestigious surfskate brands in the world. For more information about surfskates, we recommend that you check out our surfskate section. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to check out surfskate tutorials, where we will teach you how to do the main maneuvers with your surfskate.

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