2023 Vissla Shaper Rankings: Celebrating the Best High-Performance Surfboard Shapers

The World Surf League (WSL) has just announced some exciting news for the surfing community: the launch of the 2023 Vissla Championship Tour (CT) Shaper Rankings. This season-long battle will determine the best high-performance surfboard shapers in the world.

As surfers, we know that the equipment we use can make all the difference in our performance. That’s why the WSL and Vissla have partnered up to recognize and celebrate the shapers who support the surfers on the CT.

According to Dave Prodan, the WSL Chief Strategy Officer, the surfboard builder community is one of the most important in all of surfing. The shapers who work with the surfers on the CT are designing and innovating at the highest level of the sport, and their time, energy, and investment in the world’s best surfers absolutely need to be recognized.

The Vissla CT Shaper Rankings

The Vissla CT Shaper Rankings is a new leaderboard that tracks the performance of the best surfers in the world via a combined men’s and women’s rankings. The rankings will count Quarterfinal-or-better finishes at each of the ten CT stops this season, offering 16 potential placings per event.

The Vissla CT Shaper Rankings

At the start of the season, 18 shapers provided surfboards for all the CT competitors. The goal of the Vissla CT Shaper Rankings is to spotlight which equipment consistently performs throughout the season. The rankings will also provide a behind-the-scenes look at shapers’ backgrounds and businesses.

Surfboard craftsmanship has always been a vital part of the Vissla brand DNA, according to Paul Naude, Founder of Vissla. Surfboards are the cornerstone of the surf industry, and together with the WSL, Vissla is pleased to create a platform that will highlight the exceptional craftsmanship that board builders provide for the advancement of surfing excellence.

The Vissla CT Shaper Rankings will start at Pipe and end in Tahiti, with an overall winner being determined ahead of the Rip Curl WSL Finals. It’s going to be an exciting season, and we can’t wait to see which shapers come out on top.

As surfers, we know that our equipment can make or break our performance. It’s essential to have a board that suits our style and the waves we’re surfing. That’s why the Vissla CT Shaper Rankings are so important.

By tracking the performance of the surfers on the CT, we’ll be able to see which shapers consistently produce high-performance equipment. We’ll also be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the shapers’ backgrounds and businesses, which is sure to be fascinating. The surfboard builder community is often overlooked in surfing, but without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love. We’re thrilled that the WSL and Vissla are recognizing their contribution to the sport and giving them the credit they deserve.

So, let’s get ready for an exciting season of surfing and see which shapers come out on top. We can’t wait to see the exceptional craftsmanship that will be on display throughout the season.

What is Vissla Shaper Ranking?

The 2023 Vissla Shaper Ranking is a season-long battle to determine the best high-performance surfboard shapers. With the new leaderboard tracking the performance of the best surfers in the world via a combined men’s and women’s rankings, we are curious to know which surfboard brand you think will come out on top? Will it be one of the established brands or will we see an up-and-coming shaper take the crown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Which one is your favorite SURFBOARD BRAND?

Are you a die-hard surfer who knows their boards like the back of their hand? If so, we want to hear from you. We want to know which surfboard brand you consider to be the best of the best. Is it the classic style of a brand that’s been around for decades? Or do you prefer the innovative designs of an up-and-coming shaper? Maybe it’s a lesser-known brand that produces boards that just feel right under your feet?

Whatever your favorite brand may be, we want to hear your thoughts. Share your insights in the comments and let us know why your chosen brand stands out from the crowd. Don’t be shy, convince us why your brand should be the one everyone has in their quiver. It’s time to make your case and let the surfing world know which brand reigns supreme in your eyes.


The Winning Surfboards: DNA DHD

Introducing the DNA surfboard from DHD SURFBOARDS, the ultimate competition board favored by none other than legendary surfer Mick Fanning. This board is a true reflection of Fanning’s passion for radical surfing, and its design and construction are precisely what he loves to surf with in competition.

The DNA board is perfect for strong turns and quick responsiveness, with Fanning’s signature rocker providing unparalleled maneuverability and allowing for late take-offs on steep, hollow waves. With a concave, medium to low rail performance, and shortboard outline, this board offers a versatile, rail feel for a high-performance surfing experience. If you’re looking for a competition-ready board that will take your surfing to the next level, check out the DNA surfboard on our online surf shop

dhd dna


The Winning Surfboards: HIGHLINE PYZEL 

Introducing the High Line surfboard from Pyzel Surfboards, a high-performance shortboard that’s been fine-tuned with feedback from international riders like Jack Freestone, John Nathan Florence, Tyler Wright, and Nic Von Rupp. This board has been put through its paces by John John Florence, Jack Freestone, and Tyler Wright, making it a proven design for average-to-good waves.



Based on the versatile 74 model, the High Line keeps the rocker while the foil and outline have been updated to fit Pyzel’s idea of a modern HPSB. The stock sizing of the Pyzel High Line provides added float and carry in smaller waves, with a bit more width and volume per size, adding up to around ½ to 1 liter more volume. If you’re looking for a high-performance shortboard that’s been tested by some of the best surfers in the world, check out the High Line on our online surf shop.

And for those non-professional surfers out there, we’ve got the entire Pyzel Surfboards catalog at your disposal. Discover our in-stock Pyzel surfboards or order your own with a delivery time of just 5/6 weeks.