Thinking about gifting Paddle Board material?

Picking a gift is sometimes complicated. You don´t know if you´ll succeed in your choice. So here are some small details that will help you when choosing a gift for a beginner paddle boarder or a paddle board fan.

Paddle board gifts for less than 20€

If you want to gift something but you´re on a budget, we advise you to get these great surf gadgets. Very useful for anyone that practices paddle board, without breaking your bank.

Paddle board gift surf cap

A surf cap, which will protect you from the sun. It has a double function. On one hand it will let you maintain optimal vision and avoid you getting sunburned. It can seem silly, but later they´ll thank you.

Price: 15€

SUP gifts magnet hanger

A hanger with magnet that will let you place your wetsuit on the car trunk to let you dry your neoprene wetsuit in comfort.

Price: 18€

Paddle board gift waterproof changing mat

Waterproof changing mat which has a triple function. The first one is that it avoids dirtying your feet. Then is serves as a bag to keep you and take your wetsuit. The third one is that it avoids your soaking wetsuit from getting your car seats or trunk wet.

Price: 19€

Paddle gifts for less than 50€

If you want to gift something a bit more advanced to your paddle boarding friend, we recommend these next products. They are expensive, but they also won´t make you seem cheap.

Paddle board gift key lock

A key lock to keep your car keys. The bad thing of doing water sports is that there isn´t any place to leave you clothes, wallet, phone, care keys… That’s why it´s better to store it in the car and then leave the keys in the key lock. It will let you enjoy your day paddle boarding, without being worried about your belongings.

Price: 35€

SUP gift seat cover

A car seat cover. Sometimes when you´re in a hurry, you don´t have time to get dry or change. So sometimes we have to dry while still wet. This will be harsh on the car seats, which with the humidity will end up smelling bad, getting dirty and worn out. To avoid that, protect your car with car seat covers.

Price: 39€

Paddle board gifts poncho

A poncho is useful for changing without third parties looking at you, and also keeps you warm once out of the water. It helps you to not get sick because of the temperature changes once out of the water. Sometimes, it can be uncomfortable to change in front of a lot of people, because it may be embarrassing.

Price: 40€

Waterproof bag SUP gifts

Waterproof bag which lets you keep and transport all your wet clothes without the risk of getting other things wet. Easy to transport and easy to have. You don´t have to wait for your clothes to get dry before soaking half the car.

Price: 40€

Paddle board gift surf leash

A surf leash which helps you when you have a sudden fall. It may not seem that way, but a day with a few more waves than what you´re used to can try your balance, and make you fall. Without a surf leash, the waves will take your board.

Price: 44€

The best SUP accessories for less than 200€

If your significant other practices paddle board and you don´t know what to get them, because you aren´t getting any ideas or because you don´t know much about the sport, we recommend these products.

Paddle board gifts oar

An oar to enjoy your tours better. Depending on which type of oar, you´ll get more or less speed, comfort, maneuverability… there are ones that don´t weigh a thing, which will help you paddle easier.

Price:  129€

Paddle board gifts wet suit

A wetsuit. This is great for two reasons. The first is that it avoids you from getting chilly. The second is that you don´t get sunburned. It can feel like it´s not that cold while doing sports. But if you fall into the water or if you rest for a bit you´ll start to notice the cold. Also avoid sunburns since your body or almost all of your body will be covered and protected from the suns rays.

Price: 130€

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The best gift for a Paddle Board fan: A SUP

If your friend or SO decided to get into paddle boarding or wants to change boards, we recommend this gift. A great present that will be unforgettable. Yes, we know that paddle boards are exactly cheap. To help you choose, here in Single Quiver we have a selection of cheap boards. A gift that will succeed any time of year.

SUP gifts red paddle co

A paddle board. The main component to do that sport. There are a lot of boards that have different characteristics. The ideal thing would be to know what you want it for. If you want to calmly paddle, if you want to catch waves, if you have more of a windsurf style, races, long tours…

Price: 999€

If getting a new paddle board is out of the budget, you always have the option to get a second-hand paddle board. Before that, check out our guide to buying a second-hand board.

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What is true is that whatever your gift is, as long as it has to do with surf, you´ll hit your target.