Surfskate maintenance and fine-tuning

From En el Pico, we are always on top of surf technification. One of the elements that can most help us is surfskates. Half toy, half learning and improvement tool, surfskate maintenance is just as important as our wetsuits and surfboards that need our care so as to last long.

Today we´ll talk about how to fine tune our surfskate correctly, we´ll be using Carvers as an example since it’s the brand we are most used to and like.

1. Axis Schematics

We start by making the axis familiar to us; this is a schematic on a dismantled C7 axis for a Carver Surfskate.

Surfskate maintenance C7 parts

2. Before using it for the first time, adjust your skate to your surf

Before starting to use it, you have to make an adjustment basing it on your surf style. We´ll tell you how.

If you are new in this world and not sure where to start with these axes (C7), you only need to start by modifying the spring bolt. No need to touch the bushings. You should know that these axes come in a standard adjustment from the factory in a general setting for all to use.

If you are looking for more precision and more sensation in your surfskate it´s very easy:

carver maintenance spring bolt screw

  • If you have a C7: Adjust screw that controls the spring bolt as shown in the photo. You can also modify the bushing in the C7 and C2, and the back axis to refine it.
  • If you have a CX: Adjust the bushings and the back C2 as seen in the photo.

Like everything, it all comes down to personal tastes, and you need to try which setting you prefer until you get your Carver the way you like it.

Roughly, the looser the axis the mores unstable the surfskate. On the other side, the tighter the axis, the more stability on the platform. Which means that, if you want radical maneuvers loosen the screw. If you want more stability and security, keep it tight. Don´t touch the Pivot Bolt, just make sure that this element is well screwed.

3. Basic maintenance for you surfskate

This is a product made the old fashioned way. What we mean is that your grandchildren could inherit them and enjoy it the same way you did. But for that it´s important to do some basic care every now and then.

  • Adjust the wheels: The wheels shouldn´t be dancing around too much, but they shouldn´t be too tight. So tighten the screws without using force, and once they´re fixed just loosen it a tiny bit.
  • Adjust the screw that holds the pivot bolt. Important! If the pivot bolt isn´t well screwed, your axis can break if it receives a strong impact. To test it is easy, put your Carver upside down and strongly press the hanger of the C7 down. You can do it supporting yourself on it. Do this until it doesn´t go down anymore. If you feel it go down then screw the pivot bolt.
  • Make sure the screws join the axes to the deck: With the vibrations it can loosen up the screws. Something that will make you deck suffer more that it should and will end up cracking it. So we recommend you tighten them all equally.
  • Check the bearings. With time, the saltpeter, the humidity, or the sand will make our surfskate roll wrong. To prevent this or maintain the skate we recommend that every now and then you dismount and clean the bearings. This way, almost without noticing, you are giving your surfskate a longer life.
  • Clean it with oil. Our last tip is for those that live near the sea, clean it with oil once in a while, dismount the bearings and make sure everything is well oiled. Salty water isn´t forgiving.

Like we´ve said, surfskate is made to be indestructible, to put in the hours and work, to pass the time while the sea is flat and especially to improve your surfing styles. With just a little bit of Surfskate maintenance, so that you can translate these sensations from the sea to the asphalt and back again. And almost without noticing you will feel yourself moving forward and improving.

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