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At Single Quiver Surf shop we select and work with the best surfboard brands in the industry. Beginner Surfboards, Shortboards, Funboards, Twin Fins, Minimalibu, Softboards, Surfboards for kids, Mid Length, Hulls, boards for the citywave and riversurfing and an endless number of models from the best surf brands in the industry. Use our filters to refine your search. Welcome to the N1 Boardshop.

In our online surf shop surfboards in stock section you will find all types of surfboards, all sizes and all prices. To see our surf offers, visit our Surfboards Outlet. We have cheap surfboards from the best brands in the market and at the best prices.


Some of the surfboard brands that we sell lead the surfboard sales ranking worldwide and practically don't need a letter of introduction. Others are less known from local shapers. But all of them stand out for their quality. Firewire, Lost Surfboards, Al Merrick, DHD Surfboards, Hayden Shapes, Pukas, JS Industries, Pyzel Surfboards, Sharpeye, Chilli Surboards, Chris Christenson Boards or the recently incorporated Mick Fanning Softboards.

The fact of being multi-brand, offers us the benefit of being able to be neutral when it comes to advise you between a brand of surfboards or others. If you have doubts about which model can best suit your goals and style, call us or send us an email and we will advise you for free. 

Visit our blog or follow us on youtube and don't miss our surfboards reviews. We give you our opinion about the surfboards that our team of experts test even before they are released on the market. 

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€619.01 (tax incl.)
Sharp Eye Surfboards presents the Cheat Code model within the surfboards high performance range of the brand. The Cheat Code from Sharp Eye Surfboards offers the world's fastest surfing surfboard, developed to provide...
€577.69 (tax incl.)
The Phil Grace Demibu is an evolutionary and versatile surfboard surfboard ideal for surfers looking for practicality without losing performance. Inspired by an innovative shape that allows easy transport the Demibu...
€628.10 (tax incl.)
The Lost Stub Driver 3.0 is a high performance surfboard perfect for intermediate surfers as it is not as high performance as the model it comes from LOST DRIVER 3.0 and works in the average surf conditions that most...
€690.08 (tax incl.)
The CI Mid is a modern classic design resulting from a fun collaboration with Devon Howard, a southern California surfer that has spent the past two decades riding and refining this genre. Check with us for Al Merrick...
€700.00 (tax incl.)
The CI Twin Pin is the new collaboration between Britt Merrick and one of the world's most stylish surfers, Mikey February. The two wanted to create a board that has all the fun of a twinfin, but with enough grip and...
€648.76 (tax incl.)
The Pyzel Precious is a very versatile and fun all-rounder surfboard. The Precious from Pyzel Surfboards is easy to paddle, gets going fast and still has an agile, energetic, high performance feel to get the most out...
€657.02 (tax incl.)
The CI Dumpster Diver 2 is the new surfboard surfboard from Channel Islands Surfboards. Al Merrick redesigned the Dumpster Diver and the result is a surfboard surfboard perfect for surfers looking for a high...
€756.20 (tax incl.)
The CI Dumpster Diver 2 Spinetek is the new surf surfboard from Channel Islands Surfboards. Now also available with Epoxy technology and 3 SPINETEK options to choose from: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE depending on the size...
€632.23 (tax incl.)
Discover Pyzel's Radius Prime, a high performance surfing gem, perfect for quality waves. With innovations that improve maneuverability, lift and fluidity, this surfboard redefines surfing in demanding conditions....
€657.02 (tax incl.)
If you are looking for a good wave board, bigger wave board, or a do it all exploration and adventure board the Happy Traveler is it! Proven in conditions around the world and in some of the most dreamy and serious...
€648.76 (tax incl.)
The Pyzel Red Tiger XL version is exactly the same as the original, but designed for the larger and heavier surfers, or for beginner surfers looking to improve their surfing level by reducing the size of their...
€695.87 (tax incl.)
La nueva Myconaut toma las características clave de la Fish y la Nautilus (con trozos de otros modelos CC), para crear un paquete de olas pequeñas extra divertido. Check with us for Chris Chistenson surfboards in...
€619.01 (tax incl.)
The Inferno 72 is the model that Sharpeye Surfboards built for the Stab in the Dark 2021 contest. This board is a PU/PE replica of the Dark Arts Epoxy board that won the contest and was voted Best Surfboard 2021....
€648.76 (tax incl.)
CI 2.0 PRO from Channel Islands Surfboards is the winner of the Stab in the Dark 2023. This time it has been Italo Ferreira who has chosen the Al Merrick CI PRO 2.0 as the best surfing surfboard of the year. DELIVERY...
€577.69 (tax incl.)
The Chilli Surfboards BV2 builds on the success of the Black Vulture. A surfing surfboard focused on speed and performance. An ideal surfing surfboard for summer waves.
€723.14 (tax incl.)
The SINR is Town and Country's latest addition to the surfboards twinfin surfing lineup. A fun twin fin surfboard ideal for intermediate size waves from 1m to 1m50. All T&C surfboards surfboards are handmade in...


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