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  • Shortboard

    <p><strong>Shortboards</strong> are the most common type of boards and <strong>its designs are the ones that have most evolved in the last few years</strong>. With the recent coming of <strong>epoxy boards</strong> there has been a revolution in the industry. The best known brands have been pressured to incorporate these new materials in their new shortboard models.</p> <p>At Single Quiver we select and work with <strong>the best brands</strong> in the surfing industry. The fact that we are multi-brand, also offers us the benefit of being able to be neutral when advising you between one brand or another.</p> <p>If you have doubts about which model can best suit your goals and style, call us or send us an <strong><a href="" target="_blank">email</a></strong> and we will advise you for free.</p>
  • Softboard

    <h2><span>Buy softboard, softop boards cheap – Single Quiver</span></h2> <p><span>Every surfer should have a <strong>softboard</strong> in their quiver. These boards offer great stability, and are perfect for surfing small waves. Easy to surf, fun, secure and perfect as first boards. They are made from materials that avoid getting hurt or hurting other surfers. Despite what you think, foam boards or soft tops aren´t only for beginners. These types of <strong>soft boards</strong> are a good tool for improving your surf level. If you´re still not sure about the benefits of these boards, keep reading! We will tell you all the advantages that surfing with a soft top will give you.</span></p> <h2><span>Advantages of a softboard</span></h2> <p><span>There are a lot of advantages the <strong>soft</strong> <strong>top</strong> will give you. Here are some of the advantages:</span></p> <ul><li>Safe. Since they are made with a kinder material, it avoids hurting yourself and others.</li> <li>Great volume and stability. You will paddle easily, catch more waves and will take less effort to do a take-off.</li> <li>Experimented surfers will have to surf in a more relaxed fashion, flexed and do wider turns. A change they will notice from their classic board.</li> <li>More economical than fiber glass.</li> <li>Are more durable</li> <li>Cheaper repairs.</li> <li>Popular choice for parents to get for their kids.</li> <li>Good summer board.</li> </ul><h2><span>For who are soft tops made for?</span></h2> <p><strong><span>Beginners</span></strong><span>: As we´ve said it´s not only for beginners but if you´re new in surf and don´t know what to buy, a soft top is a good election. Cheap, easy to transport, versatile, stable, safe and very fun. The material which they are made from is gentler than a fiber glass board, which means there are fewer risks. They usually are wider, which make them better for surfing on waves, are much more stable, easy for paddling and take off.</span></p> <p><span>If you are thinking about getting your first surfboard a soft is a good option. The market offers a lot of types of soft tops. Like is the case of the new Mick Fanning softboards. You can read our review in our blog.</span></p> <p><span>If your fear is, will I quickly outgrow it? Will I have to change boards in a few months to a fiber glass? The answer is: not necessarily. A softboard is very versatile and even though you end up buying a fiber glass, the soft will always be a great option for small days and summer.</span></p> <p><strong><span>Kids:</span></strong><span> Even though there are <a href="" target="_blank">boards </a>especially made for kids, the soft tops are a great choice as a first board for a kid. Thanks to its soft material, the risk of hurting oneself is reduced. This will make you feel safer.</span></p> <p><strong><span>Advanced surfers</span></strong><span>: In Single Quiver we think that everyone should have a softboard in their quiver. We´ve already told you the advantages of these types of boards. If you´re an intermediate surfer you can buy a softboard to keep progressing in you surf level.</span></p> <p><span>In Single Quiver we´ve tried out the Little Marley from <a href="" target="_blank">Mick Fanning</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">The Beastie</a> and the Eugenie. All of them very versatile and for all types of waves at a good price with very exclusive designs. In our shop you can find the best selection of softboards in the market. If you are a beginner surfer, this will be a great first board. In Single Quiver we have the latest from Mick Fanning.</span></p> <p><span>If you have any doubts over which soft model will best adapt to you objectives and style, call us, chat with us or send an and email and we will gladly help you. We encourage you to visit our blog, where we talk about the <a href="" target="_blank">advantages of having a soft top</a> in your quiver and our guide on what you need to know when <a href="" target="_blank">buying a softboard</a>.</span></p>
  • Funboards

    <h2>BEST FUNBOARDS | FOR BEGINNERS</h2> <p>Funboards are great boards for initiation. These boards are made for those surfers that have done a surfing course and feel the need for more. Its dimensions, design and floatability make these progressives the top initiation board. In Single Quiver you will find the best brands and always at the best price.</p> <p>If you have doubts about which model can best suit your goals and style, call us or send us an <a href="" target="_blank">email</a> and we will advise you for free.</p>
  • Initiation

    <h2>BUY BEGINNER SURFBOARDS ONLINE - WE HELP YOU</h2> <p><br />The initiation boards are designed for those surfers who have done a surfing course, liked it and are looking for their first board. In Single Quiver we have made a careful selection of boards for this type of surfers. Fiber boards that by their dimensions are suitable for beginner surfers and soft boards, which will facilitate your beginnings in surfing.</p> <h3>WHAT DO WE MEAN BY BEGINNER SURFER?</h3> <p>By basic level surfer we mean that you are a surfer able to stand safely on the board and that you begin to walk the wall of the wave to both sides.</p> <h3>WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A BEGINNER'S SURFBOARD?</h3> <p>An initiation surfboard should allow you to paddle and stand up easily. That's why this type of beginner boards are characterized by being taller, wider and thicker than traditional shortboards. Thanks to these characteristics they offer more paddling power and more stability. Something fundamental to be able to enjoy surfing from the beginning.</p> <h3>WHAT SIZE BOARD TO BUY?</h3> <p>If you have doubts about which measure is the most appropriate for your level of surfing, we recommend that you visit our board <a href="" target="_blank">recommendator. </a>You can also contact us through our form or use our chat and we will help you choose the most appropriate model for your weight, height, fitness and level.</p> <p>Have a look at our <a href="" target="_blank">surfboard measurement guide</a></p> <h3>HOW MUCH DOES A BEGINNER'S SURFBOARD COST?</h3> <p>A cheap surfboard goes from the 260 euros of an evolutionary corkpan type the Ezi Rider of O&amp;E, up to the 400 euros of a Beastie of Mick Fanning. Of course, the quality of the manufacturing materials will determine the price of your surfboard. In general we can say that beginner surfboards cost between 250 euros and 400 euros.</p> <p>Don't miss our packs of beginner surfing accessories with up to 25% discount.</p> <h3>THE BEST SURFBOARDS FOR BEGINNERS</h3> <p>In Single Quiver we have made a ranking with the best surfboards for beginners. Do not miss our ranking in our BLOG In this ranking we include: minimalibus, evolutionary surfboards and corchopanes. 3 models that come very well to get you started in surfing.</p> <h3>WHICH BRAND IS THE BEST?</h3> <p>The fact of being a multi-brand, also offers us the benefit of being able to be neutral when advising you between one brand or another. If you have doubts about which model can be better adapted to your goals and style, call us or send us an email and we will advise you for free.</p> <p>If you have doubts about which model can best suit your goals and style, call us or send us an <a href="" target="_blank">email</a> and we will advise you for free.</p>
  • Retro

    <p><span>The <strong>retro surf boards are shortboards</strong> inspired in designs from the 70s. In <strong>Single</strong> <strong>Quiver</strong> we have carefully selected twin fins and retro twin fins from the best brand in the surf industry. Exclusive models like the Ryan Lovelace or the Twin Fins from Asher Pacey. These boards, related to the old-school, have the main characteristic being the fish tail. A tail that draws turn when you’re on that wave like a compass does on paper.</span></p> <p><span>In Single Quiver we think that everyone should have a twinfin in their quiver. We´ve seen that board with two fins have been gaining popularity. Asher Pacey defines it as “Twinfin Addiction”. We prefer to call this tin fin fever as twinfinmania.</span></p> <p><span>Next we´ll give you the advantages of a twin fin with respect to other boards:</span></p> <p><strong><span>Advantages of a Twin Fin:</span></strong></p> <ol><li><span><span><span>       </span></span></span><span>Extremely agile and maneuverable</span></li> <li><span><span><span>       </span></span></span><span>You get more speed with a twinfin</span></li> <li><span><span><span>       </span></span></span><span>More balance</span></li> <li><span><span><span>       </span></span></span><span>Incredible floatability. A twinfin lets you catch waves like a longboard, but with all the advantages of a shortboard</span></li> <li><span><span><span>       </span></span></span><span>A board that lets you squeeze out all you can out of a wave. Even the crumbliest</span></li> </ol><p><span>There are surfers that say that retro fish are not daily boards. This is because they don´t know about the new collection of Mini Twin Fins from DHD from the freesurfer Asher Pacey. Novelty of 2018, it’s a board that can be very versatile for mid-level surfers and high-level surfers where speed is key and closed turns are possible. Works in a wide range of situations and with all types of beach bottoms. You can read the whole review in our blog.</span></p> <p><span>For all of those that prefer something a bit more calm or that aspire to smaller waves with a long wall, the Twin Fin from Goldbeach, the Clayton Retro Fish are ideal models. For those that are looking for a cheaper Twin Fin the Ono Fish from Single Quiver is without a doubt the best option. All the classicism of a retro fish with twin fins for the unbeatable price of 390 euros.</span></p> <p><strong><span>How to choose a Twin Fin:</span></strong></p> <p><span>If you are about to buy your first twin fin and have any doubts about which model is<span>  </span>best suited for you goals and style we encourage you to check put surfboard recommender. If you still have questions you can calls us or chat with us, we will gladly help.</span></p>
  • Summer Surfboards

    <p><strong>Summer surfboards</strong> are made with the type of waves that we surf in this time of the year in mind. Weaker waves, that are smaller and have less power. We have to adapt to the summer conditions if we want to keep enjoying surfing. To help us with that, Single Quiver has a curated selection of summer surfboards. Wider boards with more volume that will help you row and catch more waves.</p> <p>If you have doubts about which model can best suit your goals and style, call us or send us an <a href="" target="_blank">email</a> and we will advise you for free.</p>
  • Minimalibú

    <p>Minimalibu boards are made for those surfers that have a few waves under their belts and want to continue evolving. A good alternative to your first fiber surfboar. They are wide from tail to nose. Give great stability and help when rowing, which will help you catch more waves. Minimalibus are a type of board recommended for weaker waves with lower walls like mediterranean waves or cantabrian waves in the summer.</p> <p>If you have doubts about which model can best suit your goals and style, call us or send us an email and we will advise you for free.</p>
  • Kids Surfboards

    <h2>Kids Surfboards</h2> <p>Children's surfboards or Groms, as we know them in the surfing community, are the future of the sport and they are also surfers with a great sporting progression ahead of them. Kids surfboards are now custom made and shaped specifically for smaller and lighter people, this helps ensure that they work with and not against size.</p> <p>Kids, like adults, need surfboards designed to make it easy to take off and surf quickly and comfortably. Children's surfboards are usually smaller adult surfboards. The reason for this is that the board still needs to provide an extra level of buoyancy to help them paddle and catch the waves.</p> <p>Children are able to get away with a short, narrower board because of its size. The principle of buying a children's surfboard is ultimately the same when looking for an adult surfboard. How much they will surf, how often, and on which beach or location they will surf most often. The surfboard can be a softboard or a fiberboard. And depending on the size and ability of the child, it can range from five to seven feet.</p> <p>It is important that when you buy a surfboard for a kid, that they understand that sometimes the prettiest board will not always be the best fit for them.</p> <p>At Singlequiver we have made a careful selection of kids surfboards. A range of boards suitable for all ages, but especially designed for them. If the board chosen from the start is not suitable, it can be frustrating and the child will often quickly lose interest. Like all balance sports, surfing requires time and practice. Having good equipment and the right material is very important for these young surfers.</p> <p>The boards you'll see below are built to last and surf with the bumps and knocks that come with learning to surf. For advice on which board is best for your child, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.</p>
  • Surfboards in Stock

    <h2>SURFBOARDS IN STOCK - 24 HOUR SHIPPING</h2> <p>At Single Quiver we select and work with the best brands in the surfing industry. Discover in our section of Surfboards in stock the best material you need to practice surfing. Fast delivery!</p> <p>In our stock you will find a wide selection of boards for all types of conditions. Shortboards, funboards, performance, longboards, mini malibus, etc. Brands such as Clayton Surfboards, DHD Surfboards, Mick Fanning Softboards, Indio, Pukas, NSP Surfboards, Goldbeach or prestigious australian brands such as Webber, LSD, Agency, Vampirate, Emery, Simon Anderson or Stacey Surfboards.</p> <p>If you have any doubts with which model is best suited for you call us or send us an <a href="" target="_blank">email</a> or simply chat with us with our online chat and we sill help you the best way we can.</p>
  • Mid Length surfboards

    <h2>MID LENGTH SURFBOARDS</h2> <p><strong>MID LENGHT surfboards</strong> are designed for surfers of all ages and surfing levels. The midlengths are a good alternative as the first fiber board. They are wide from their tail to their nose. They provide great stability and make paddling easier. Something that will help you catch more waves.</p> <h4>What is a midlength surfboard?</h4> <p>A mid length board (Mid Length) is an intermediate point between a hybrid board, a minimalibu and a longboard. Mid length surfboards usually have a 2+1 or 4+1 fin configuration. An option that opens a whole new world of possibilities, since they can radically transform the way the board surfs.</p> <p>For what kind of surfers do we recommend a Mid Length board?<br />This type of surfboard is recommended for those who are starting to surf or also for those who are looking for a board to have fun. Excellent for Mediterranean waves or summer waves in the Bay of Biscay.</p> <h4>What size are mid length boards?</h4> <p>There are different styles of mid boards and different measures, designed to adapt to certain waves and conditions. Someone who comes from a big longboard will have different expectations than someone who comes from a shortboard and is looking for a bigger board with more paddling.</p> <p>The size of the mid lengths ranges from 6' 6 to 8' 0. This is not a definitive size ratio, it just gives an idea of what you are looking for.</p> <p>Surfboards below 6'6 will not be considered mid length. We will group them into hybrids or shortboards, as they have a totally different behaviour in the water. Surfboards above 8 feet would become longer than mid. Longboard is a different style of surfing compared to shorter boards.</p> <h4>How to Choose the Right Mid-Length Surfboard</h4> <p><span>Are thinking of adding a mid length board to your quiver, but where do you start?</span><span>  <span>If you looking for an easy board for fun in the sun, look for a fuller template with softer rails. This will give you more stability and is a very forgiving board to surf for most people.</span></span></p> <h4>Advantages</h4> <p>Paddling power: The added length and reduced volume in the nose and tail gives you the necessary paddling power but still allows the board to turn.<br />Space: Not everyone has space or can carry a board longer than 9 feet and an average length like this type of board will allow you to carry it easily in the car. <br />Multipurpose: these boards work in a wide range of waves, from the smallest and weakest to the largest.</p> <h4>The best MID LENGTH surfboards</h4> <p>Without a doubt one of our favorite surfboards is the new <a href="" target="_blank">Smooth Operator</a> by Lost Surfboards. The new <a href="" target="_blank">Pukas La Côte </a>, the CI Mid or the Clayton Scorpion.</p> <p>In our selection of Mid Length Surfboards you will find boards from the most prestigious brands in the industry. Pukas, Al Merrick, Lost, Clayton Surfboards, Mccoy Surfboards, Indio Pukas, NSP, Aloha Surfboards, Single Quiver, Bic Sports...</p> <p></p>
  • Hybrid

    <p>Hybrid surfboards are something in between a shortboard, fish, egg, and a mini malibu. Every surfer should have a hybrid surfboard en their quiver since its a very versatile model and apt for all types of surfers. This board can make a beginner happy and help advanced surfers when they are the waves are smaller and not as powerful. It's a type of board that is enjoyed by all types of surfers.</p> <p>If you have doubts about which model can best suit your goals and style, call us or send us an <a href="" target="_blank">email</a> and we will advise you for free.</p>
  • Longboard Surf

    <p>Longboards are those boards that are more than 9 feet long and are ideal for small and medium waves. In Single Quiver we work with the best brands in the industry. In our longboard selection you will find boards from Aloha, Cabianca, Mccoy, Goldbeach, DVS, Wilde Shapes, Clayton...</p> <p>Having a variety of brands lets us be neutral when helping you choose the best board for you. If you have doubts about which model can best suit your goals and style, call us or send us an <a href="" target="_blank">email</a> and we will advise you for free.</p>
  • Bonzer

    <h2>BONZER CAMPELL BROTHERS</h2> <p>Discover our extensive catalogue of Bonzer surfboards in Single Quiver. Because surfing with a Bonzer is an experience. In our online shop you will find the best bonzer surfboards.</p> <p>Past, present and future..... come together in each of the three and five keel Bonzer of the Campbell Brothers, creating a dimension of performance and timeless enjoyment. The past is expressed through 48 years of experience in surfboard design. The present is represented by the state of the art absolute form, high quality icing as well as the interaction of Al Merrick's Campbell Brothers with many of the world's best surfers. The future is manifested in Bonzer's open performance capabilities, which have not yet been fully realized. Simply put, the Bonzer is the most futuristic surfboard design on the planet.</p> <p>In our surfshop we only work with the best brands of surfboards. Discover our Bonzer 3D, Biscuit Bonzer, Mini Bonzer, Bonzer Egg and Shelter Bonzer of the Campbell Brothers with delivery times of 24-48 hours. Have you always wanted to have a retro board? Then look no further. Because you're in the right place.</p> <p>If you have doubts about which model or size to buy. Write to us. We will be happy to help you.</p>
  • Groms

    <p>Groms Surfboards are made specially for the younger surfers. Perfect for kids that already know the basics and want to get better, learn new tricks and maneuvers. Groms boards are adapted to the weight and size of these young prodigies.</p> <p>If you have doubts about which model can best suits your son/daughter, call us or send us an <a href="" target="_blank">email</a> and we will advise you for free.</p>
  • Guns

    <p>Looking for a surfboard for big waves?<strong> Gun surfboards</strong> are designed for just that. Their peculiar design, tail and pointed nose help the board get that little bit more to surf XXL waves. Guns are recommended for highly skilled surfers.</p> <p>At Single Quiver we work with the <strong>best brands</strong> of surfboards in the industry, looking for a gun for your big wave sessions? Call us or send us an email and we will advise you personally.</p>
  • Demo Board

    <h2>DEMO SURFBOARDS SINGLE QUIVER</h2> <p>Are you interested in trying a surfboard before you buy it? Come to Single Quiver and rent one of our demo surfboards. Also if you buy a new surfboard at Single Quiver after renting it we will deduct the rental price of your purchase up to 100 euros. Choose from the best brands of surfboards such as Mick Fanning Surfboards, DHD Surfboards, Pukas, Channel Islands, Firewire and many more. </p> <p>Surfboard rental in Bilbao very close to Sopelana Beach and Mundaka. For more information and availability please contact us at</p> <p></p>
  • Used Surfboards

    <h2>USED SURFBOARDS - SECOND HAND BOARDS</h2> <p>Filter by size, brand, condition or board type to get a better idea of what surfboards used are available. Welcome to Single Quiver's new Second Hand Surfboards section. Here you will find surfboards used by our surf material testers. Surfboards with very few baths, used for reviews at our <a href="" target="_blank" class="btn btn-default">SURFBLOG</a></p> <p><span>Board is in great used condition. No open cracks or signs of major repairs, just some minimal scuffs and pressure dings as to be expected with any used board. </span></p>
  • Citywave

    <h2>Which surfboard to use on the Citywave Madrid, Osnabrück, Eisbach Munich or Rio surfing?</h2> <p>At Singlequiver we have made a selection of surfboards for use on the Citywave in Madrid, Osnäbruck or any type of static airport or river wave. Because we know that surfing in the sea is not the same as surfing in an artificial or river wave.</p>
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