Welcome to our neoprene wetsuit section. Here you will find information about all the wetsuits we´ve had a chance to try; O´Neill, Xcel, Vissla, Roxy, Hurley, Billabong, Rip Curl… Spring, summer, autumn and winter wetsuits all analyzed by our expert team.

In this section you will find all the latest from the leading brands. Complete reviews for O´Neill, Xcel, Vissla, Roxy, Hurley, Billabong or Rip Curl. We value aspects like elasticity, thickness, seams, zipper and more. Also we offer you our basic guide to buying a wetsuit and tell you the characteristics you should watch out before buying one.

Are you thinking about buying a wetsuit but don´t know which brand, size or model to choose? Buying a wetsuit isn´t easy, because of the great variety of brands that exist in the market and the fact that each brand has a different size. To help you with this, in Single Quiver, we´ve developed a wetsuit recommender.

Which wetsuit do I buy?

In Single Quiver, we have the best wetsuits at the best price. Visit our surf outlet and take advantage of our discounts of up to 30% in wetsuits. Buying a cheap wetsuit has never been easier.

Neoprene wetsuits are our second skin in the water, and aren´t cheap. So if you want them to have a long life, we will have to give them a special care. Stress, being in a hurry or the lack of discipline makes us forget about basic maintenance. Basic things that only take 2 minutes and gets the maximum out of our wetsuit.

Like the great majority of neoprene products, they have a limited lifespan. The daily use and the passage of time makes the wetsuit lose its properties, loosen up and let in more water. But with a few care tips we can get our wetsuit to last a long time and stay in good condition.

Psychotech 4/3 Neoprene Wetsuit from O´Neill Review

Information and review of the Psychotech 4/3 wetsuit As we´ve done with previous wetsuits, today we´ll put the 4/3 version of the Pyschotech wetsuit to the test. Also, apart from the general information that we´ll give you we´ll also give you our opinion after having tried this out during a long a hard winter. We will value aspects like elasticity,…

Hyperfreak Fuze wetsuit

Information and Opinion on the neoprene wetsuit O´Neill Hyperfreak Fuze Just like in previous occasions, we´ll put the wetsuit to the test O´Neill Hyperfreak Fuze in its 4/3 mm version. Apart from the general information that we´ll give you, we´ll also give you our wetsuit opinion. For that we value aspects like elasticity, thickness, seams and zippers, etc. The…

7 Tips for Wetsuit Maintenance

How to care for your wetsuit Apart from being our second skin in the water, the neoprene wetsuit isn´t cheap so wetsuit maintenance is important for it to last a long life. The stresses, rushes and lack of discipline will sometimes lead to neglect of some basic wetsuit cares. It will just take us a few minutes and we will…

Vissla wetsuit

Wetsuit review 7 seas 4/3 Full suit Recently we´ve talked about the latest from O´Neill and their spring / summer wetsuits. Today we´ll talk about the Vissla wetsuit 7 Seas 4/3. Winter is close by and with that we´ll be trying out different wetsuits for this season. As always, with the most objective judgement. We´ll be talking about important aspects…

Wetsuits buying guide

How to choose your surf wetsuit? Choosing neoprene wetsuits isn´t easy. Today, the market offers a lot of models and sometimes it can get confusing. To help you choose, we´ve made a guide where you can find all you need to know before you buy a wetsuit. How do neoprene wetsuits work? It´s our second skin when we´re in…