Surfing in winter time? Stay warm with these 10 tricks

Do you have a winter wetsuit and you´re still cold in the water? Too cold to surf in winter? Don´t miss our 10 tips.

  1. Augment the rhythm in the water. Move more. Don´t stay put waiting for the series. Try to catch the maximum number of waves. Paddle it all and try to be in constant movements. Movement = Warmth.
  2. Try to get the warmest time of the day. Generally it’s around 11:00 – 15:00, which is when temperatures are highest. The first and last hours of the day will be the coldest.
  3. Of course it’s important to have a good quality winter wetsuit. A 4/3 minimum in the chest. Try to add other accessories with the wetsuit, like boots, gloves and vest with hood. This last accessory will also give you an extra layer around the chest area, giving you extra protection from the cold. You will be grateful if you fall.
  4. A good warm-up will do wonders.
  5. Dress warmly when you leave you house. It´s important to not enter the water cold.
  6. Change as quick as you can. It’s important to have a winter poncho to change. This surf accessory will let you change in intimacy, and will protect you from the cold. If it’s very cold out, put a car seat cover in your car and get in with the wetsuit. Put the heat on high and go back home quickly to shower.
  7. Avoid putting on a wet wetsuit. If you surf a lot, one of the things that usually happen is that we have a pair of surf wetsuits. At least for winter. If you only have one wetsuit, a good idea would be to have a wetsuit dryer at home.
  8. Try to have something warm waiting for you when you get out of the water. A thermo with tea, soup, or a container with warm water to wash. Or why not a portable shower. Even something warm to eat. Don´t miss your nutritional needs either after your surf session. Check out our health section, for more tips.
  9. Protect your ears. With special earplugs for surfers or with the hood from your wetsuit. Having your head warm in the water will mean more time surfing.
  10. Get a warm shower as soon as you get home.

We hope that these 10 tips to not catch a cold in winter have been helpful. And of course, we know that for winter surfing the main thing is having a good quality wetsuit. Choose a good brand, it’s worth it. In Single Quiver we have a wide range of surf wetsuits for winter. Don´t miss any of our guides like our three best winter wetsuits.