The Softboards from Mick Fanning: MF Softboards

The same year he announced his retirement from the World Tour, the Australian Mick Fanning lands in the surfboard market with his new collection of MF Softboards. These boards are a soft breed of surfboards, and by the creators own words, are “the definitive boards to make your surfing better”.

Board Review

In Single Quiver we’ve had the opportunity to try out this softboard for a month and here are some of our experts comments.

The material

First of all these soft boards are made with a spongelike material called foam. They all have a defining characteristic with respect to other boards in the market, they give great stability and are perfect for catching smaller waves and its material helps avoid strong blows to other surfers because of the materials used.

.Softboard material mick fanning softboard

The interior of the board: EPS Foam

The interior of the Mick Fanning board consists of a nucleus with an EPS shaped foam by a CNC machine. This makes these board shapes really lightweight that have a flex, performance and durability that make it ideal. In fact, the softs from the Australian follow the same manufacturing process as the majority of epoxy boards from the big brands.

The upper part of the board: Carbon Fiber

The carbon fiber is inserted on the top part of the EPS nucleus, which stores the energy generated during the bottom turn and free it progressively.

Lower part of the board: HDPE foam

The bottom part has a layer of 6oz fiberglass and a layer of 4mm HDPE foam.

The fins

Softboards Mick Fanning MF softboards

Foto @singlequiver

Mick Fanning Softboards use the FCS fin system. All the models have a set of plastic fins included in the price. To give it more velocity we tried both fiberglass fins and carbon fins. We recommend you to use the Mick Fanning Neo Carbon FCS 2 Surf fins. These fin models give the surfer a good balance between velocity, grip and maneuverability.

Are Mick Fanning Softboards good beginner boards?

Nevertheless the new Mick Fanning Softboards are not conventional beginner boards. These boards are laminated with fiberglass, and are reinforced longitudinally with carbon, and a FCSII fin system.

That’s why the Little Marley, the Eugenie, and the Beastie are boards that can be perfectly used at an intermediate level. In Single Quiver we think that everyone should have a softboard in their quiver. These are the best boards to perfect your techniques and maneuvers.

For which type of surfers do we recommend these boards?

The surfers that look for the shapes by Mick Fanning aren’t just beginners. These boards can be a delight this summer for advanced surfers also that are looking to try out their first critical maneuvers.

Mick Fanning is the best board for this summer

It´s obvious that the three time world champion of surf is thinking about the future. After he announced his retirement from world competitions, Mick Fanning traveled, but also landed into de softboard market with 3 models.

3 Board models for surf by Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning comes to us with a line of three board models. The Little Marley, Beastie and Eugenie. Here we´ll talk about these three softs in more detail.

1. Little Marley MF Softboard

Little Marley Softboards MF softboards
















The Little Marley FCSII by Mick Fanning model is a short softboard, wide, fast and very fun. It has a short rail that perfectly adapts to the smallest waves and its soft curvature helps get the maximum out of these soft waves at the beach. As a result, this board gives you this extra velocity so that you have the time of your life this summer.

We consider the Little Marley a small rocket. A fun board adapted to all types of surfers.

Its price is 399 euros. Now 319 euros.

2. Eugenie MF Softboard

The Eugenie Softboards MF softboards
















The Eugenie FCSII Softboard by Mick Fanning is a board replica by Mick Fanning to surf on those small days in the Gold Coast. Made to facilitate its use and guarantee the board performance when the waves start to pump. Mick Fanning described this board as “the perfect design for kids learning to surf”. The board also has good performance in small waves or summer with more experienced surfers.

Its price is 399 euros. Buy your Mick Fanning softboard here.

3. Beastie MF Softboard

The Beastie Softboards MF softboards


The Beastie Softboard by Mick Fanning is the perfect soft for those that look to progress their surfing and jump to the next level. Even for those surfers that are looking for an alternative to a longboard. For a board with such dimensions, the volume is well distributed with its generous outline that gives it the necessary stability to catch waves.

Its price is 419 euros. Buy your Beastie Mick Fanning in SINGLE QUIVER, MF Softboards official store.

Mick Fanning’s boards are available at Single Quiver. If you have any doubts, contact us. We are glad to help you get the first MF softboard that is right for you.