The Best Mid Length Surfboards 【2023】

Mid length surfboards are designed for surfers of all ages and skill levels. Mid lengths are a good alternative as a first fiberglass board. They are wide from tail to nose, providing great stability and making it easier to paddle, which will help you catch more waves. If you’re thinking about buying a mid-length, don’t miss the guide we’ve prepared for you below.

✓ What is a mid-length?

Mid-length surfboards are an intermediate point between hybrid surfboards, minimalibus, and longboards. Mid-length surfboards typically have a 2 + 1 or 4 + 1 fin configuration. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities as it can radically transform the way the board surfs.

lost smooth operator

Lost Smooth Operator with a quad or single fin configuration


Without a doubt, one of our favorite surfboards is the new Smooth Operator by Lost Surfboards, and the CI Mid by Al Merrick. Not to mention the new Pukas La Côte, the Seaside Beyond by Rob Machado, the Chilli Mid, or the Clayton Scorpion.
In our selection of mid-length surfboards, you’ll find boards from the most prestigious brands in the industry. Pukas, Firewire, Al Merrick, Lost, Clayton Surfboards, Mccoy Surfboards, Indio Pukas, NSP, Aloha Surfboards, Single Quiver, Bic Sports…


Al Merrick Channel Islands Mid

Al Merrick Channel Islands Mid

The Al Merrick CI Mid is the surfboard of the moment. An all-terrain surfboard that flies over the flattest and smallest waves. This Al Merrick design was born from Channel Islands Surfboards’ collaboration with Devon Howard, a Southern California surfer who has spent the last two decades riding and refining this type of mid-length board.

Al Merrick’s CI Mid is inspired by egg surfboards and single fins. Featuring a moderate mid-length shape with low entry rocker and forward volume for easy paddling, the CI Mid glides, flows and turns thanks to its double concave, graduated rocker and hard, slightly tucked edges in the tail area.

This board features the minimalist retro logo that Al Merrick used to put on his boards in the early 70s. In the following video we can see Devon Howard on board the CI Mid. Pure show.

You can customize your CI Mid table at Singlequiver. Official Channel Islands store where you can find all Al Merrick boards.

2. Lost Smooth Operator

The SMOOTH OPERATOR by Lost Surfboards by Mayhem is a machine for trimming and turning. High volume, low edges, and tons of fun. We have reinforced them with a 4+1 fin setup, which offers endless options and performance features.


smooth operator



The Chilli Mid Strength is an easy paddling mid-length board, with more liters than normal for Chilli, bordering on a longboard and an ideal surfboard for an intermediate level surfer looking to have fun on normal days.
James Cheal (Chilli) designed this board in the summer of 2018/2019. That summer James was suffering from a knee injury and couldn’t surf with his usual board. “I was just looking for a board that was easy and allowed me to catch waves without much effort.” And that’s how the Chilli Mid Strength was born. This is a medium-length performance board that is an excellent option for any surfer who can competently stand up and navigate along the wave face.

The Chilli Mid Strength is a board designed for easy paddling and wave catching. A board that cuts the wave and allows for easy turning with a bit of release when necessary. Its outline and rocker help make the board not seem as long and straight as most mid-length boards on the market. That’s why it’s so easy to surf with this board.
This board is available for custom orders at Official Chilli Surfboards store.



Pukas La Cote

Pukas La Cote


The Pukas La Côte surfboard by Axel Lorentz is a board that will allow you to surf in all types of conditions.

Most of us progress when we stay still on a mid-length board but struggle to move it. That’s what inspired Axel Lorentz to shape a board together with his daughter; both wanted a beautiful board that would allow them to surf together in all types of conditions.

From a lightweight woman to a medium to heavyweight surfer, this board has been designed to be styled and handled with the smoothness of an experienced surfer. La Côte is a highly responsive, incredibly versatile and fun board that turns on a dime. And it has the natural benefits of a mid-length; lots of volume that helps with paddling and enjoying every part of your ride.






Indio Mid Lenght

The INDIO Midlenght is the new mid board from Indio Surfboards. A wave catching machine for surfers looking for stability and paddling. This Indio surfboard is designed to maximize fun and progression. The shape is similar to a longboard but smaller and more maneuverable. You can walk on the board or just surf at the midpoint.

It will work wherever you are thanks to its flat mid-point rocker and 60/40 edges. Recommended for all types of surfers from beginner to advanced level. For beach waves between 1/4 meter and 1.5m. Available in various colors and tinted resins.



The Seaside Beyond is the new Mid Lenght from Rob Machado. This is a medium sized surfboard that combines the sensations of a longboard and a shortboard in one single board. Don’t miss our review of this top seller from Firewire Surfboards. Review Firewire Seaside & Beyond.

firewire seaside beyond

Firewire Rob Machado – Seaside & Beyond – LFT

Surfing with the Seaside & Beyond has been a life-changing experience. I couldn’t stop using it.

I started using it only in small wave conditions, then in reef waves and bigger and bigger.

Today it has become a fixed board in my quiver, no matter what the destination of the trip is.

Rob Machado

Rob Machado Seaside Beyond

Rob Machado Seaside Beyond


All in all a surfboard with a lot of paddling, but maintaining the maneuverability of a short board. A board that will allow you to catch many waves and flow like Rob Machado.


Below we try to solve all the doubts that you may have before buying a mid lenght.

✓ For what kind of surfers do we recommend this type of surfboard?

This type of surfboard is advisable for those who are just starting to surf or also for those who are looking for a board to have fun. Excellent for Mediterranean waves or summer waves in the Bay of Biscay.

These medium length surfboards also fit the typical surfer who doesn’t surf longboard but wants to feel the glide of a board without carrying a 9 foot log. Also for those who love the mini Simmons or Twinfins for smaller wave days, but need that extra length that a fish or Simmons can’t give you.

A continuación tratamos de resolver todas las dudas que se te pueden plantear antes de comprar un mid lenght.

CI Mid

CI Mid All Merrick

✓ What kind of waves do they work well in?

Don’t be confused these boards shouldn’t be reserved just for small flabby wave days. There are different styles of Mid Lenght. Depending on what you are looking for in one of these boards, each style will offer you something different. One style is not necessarily better than another, they are just built for different waves and different surf styles.

What all these boards do have in common are the fin configurations. Mid boards are mainly used with a single keel or with a 2+1 configuration, i.e. a single keel with two side stabilizers.

Lost Smooth Operator

Lost Smooth Operator

✓  What about the fins, any rules to make the Mid work better?

Surfing fins are the most subjective aspect of the Mid and people who get hooked end up getting passionate about this topic. The 2+1 fin configuration is a great option for most of these types of mid length boards.

⇨ Lectura Recomendada: Guía de quillas de surf

quillas ci mid

Single Fins o 2+1 Set up


In our experience, a Single Fin gives you a unique feeling of freedom, and is ideal for running the wall on the line or if you like the feeling of an easy turn and cross over. A 2+1 fin configuration gives you more grip and acceleration in turns


✓ Which size to buy?

There are different styles of mid boards and different sizes, designed to suit certain waves and conditions. Someone coming from a large longboard will have different expectations than someone coming from a shortboard looking for a larger board with more paddle.

Mid lengths range in size from 6’6 to 8’0. Surfboards under 6’6 are not considered mid length. We will group them into hybrids or shortboards, since they have a totally different behavior in the water. Surfboards above 8 feet would become more longboard than mid. The longboard is a different style of surfing compared to surfing shorter boards.

Mid Lenght boards in Stock

✓ Advantages of a mid vs. other types of surfboards.

      1. Paddling power: The added length and reduced volume in the nose and tail, gives you the necessary paddling power but still allows the board to turn.
      2. Space: Not everyone has room or can carry a board longer than 9 feet and a medium length board like this type of board will allow you to easily carry it in the car.
      3. Versatile: these boards work in a wide range of waves, from the smallest and weakest to the biggest.

≫ Where to buy the best mid lengths on the market

At Single Quiver you can find the best mid length surfboards on the market. Check out our surfboards in stock or ask us for available models with delivery times 20-48 hours.

✓ The best videos of Devon Howard

Devon Howard is a journalist, photographer but above all a surfer who surfs incredibly well. Devon Howard’s presence in surfing is omnipresent. A second generation surfer raised in San Diego, he stands out for having one of the most elegant surfing styles on a surfboard. Howard’s long cut backs and beautiful turns can be seen in Thomas Campbell’s surf films, The Seedling and Sprout, and in classics like Single Fin Yellow and One California Day.

A regular contributor to Surfers Journal magazine, Howard is the face of Channel Islands for their new CI Mid board. In 2014, his agile footwork made him the winner of the Deus 9 Foot & Single contest in Indonesia.


I hope you enjoyed this guide to mid surfboards and that it will help you compare with other surfboards!

Do you have any questions, are you wondering if a midlegnth is the right surfboard for you? Leave us a comment and we’ll talk about it.

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