Holy Toledo and Filipe Toledo #77 is the Brazilian superstar skates

Do you want to train like one of the best surfers in the world? Filipe Toledo, known as Filipinho, is one of the best surfers in the world circuit. A big fan of surfskates. In fact he is the Brazilian surfing star with his own Smoothstar model. The Holy Toledo and the Filipe Toledo #77. In this post we will explain the differences between the two models.

Holy Toledo Smoothstar at 299€

Filipe Toledo has joined the Australian skate brand Smoothstar to create an incredible surfskate, both in design and performance. The Holy Toledo has novelties both in the nose, and the tail. A surfskate that will improve you surf technique and to have a much more fluid surfing.

Just like other pro surfers, Filipe has skated since he was small. With the coming of surfskates, Toledo didn´t waste time to join the fever of these surf trainers that simulate the movements that we do on a surfboard. After trying different brands, the Thruster by Smoothstar captivated the Brazilian. And its these skates that let you carve and do cutback as if you were on a surfboard.


The Holy Toledo 33” uses the same concave board as the Flying Fish 32” by Somoothstar, but with a square tail instead of a swallow tail. Filipe preferred this tail shape for the skate to get the same sensations as his favorite round square surfboard tail. It’s a skateboard made for riders between 162cm – 183cm with a weight between 55kg – 85kg. This skate is focused pm high performance training, with more pronounced concaves to help maintain the compression when turning and a wheelbase of 54cm. All of that make this into a perfect tool to train technique and postures out of the water. Great for closed backside turns and to make profound bottom turns.


You can get yours in Single Quiver. The official Smoothstar store in Europe for only 29€ a month.

Filipe Toledo #77 at 310€

The new Smoothstar Filipe Toledo #77 34” has a more pronounce concave and wider back wheels for better grip when doing power turns. If we compare the Holy Toledo we see that it’s a longer skate. A very comfortable board to skate on, practically goes on its own and the Smoothstar Stingray wheels are a bit wider in back side which gives more grip when doing radical turns.

Next we leave some photos so that you can compare both boards from Filipe Toledo in Smoothstar:

Comparison of the Holy Toledo vs Filipe Toledo #77

  1. Longer board: As you can see in the images, the Filipe Toledo #77 is a longer board. While the Holy Toledo is 33” the Filipe Toledo #77 has 34”. A small difference which can be seen. Despite that, both have the same width, 26cm.
  2. Wheels: Both skates have SmoothStar Stingray with ABEC 7. The aesthetics change, purple for the Holy Toledo and black for the #77. These last one are laso wider.
  3. Design: This is up to ones tastes. The matte color of the #77 is spectacular, but the art from the Holy Toledo is also top notch.
  4. Concave: The Filipe Toledo #77 has a more pronounced concave, which can be noticed when you step on it.
  5. Tail: The new Holy Toledo has a rounded square tail while the Toledo #77 is squarer.
  6. Axis: Here there is no difference. Both have the Smoothstar Thruster I. But the Toledo #77 axis is totally black.
  7. Performance: Astounding with both boards. If you are looking for a surfskate for radical maneuvers and closed turns we recommend the Smoothstar Filipe Toledo #77

Opinion on the Holy Toledo Smoothstar

Since a photo is worth a thousand words, we leave you with a video of the Holy Toledo by Smothstar test. In the next video we will give our opinion on this skateboard, and as you will see this is a really fun video.

And of course we can’t leave the Brazilian star skating his favorit model, the Toledo #77 Smoothstar.

If you have any doubts on which Smoothstar to get, don´t hesitate and contact us. our team of experts will help you. Or check out our complete catalogue of surfskate in our Surfshop. We give you the option to pay by installments or even receive you skate before you pay.