Ranking of the 27 top surfboard brands

There are a lot of surfboard brand in the market and when each year 400000 surfboard are sold, there has to be a way for them to differentiate themselves. United States, Australia, Brasil and Europe are the main markets. Next we´ll talk about the best surfboard brands and the most famous surfboards in the world, some of them leaders in the surfboard market and don´t even need an introduction like Firewire, Al Merrick, Pyzel, Lost, DHD Surfboards,  Chris Christenson Surfboards, Hayden Shapes, Pukas, JS Industries, Album Surfboards or the recently incorporated Mick Fanning Surfboards.

1. Firewire Surfboards

The surfboards from Firewire Surfboards are boars that combine EPS and Epoxy with other high performance materials that are 100% Eco Friendly. Firewire coutns with some of the best shapers in the world like Daniel “Tomo” Thomson, considered the guru of surfboard design, Kelly Slater, Dan Mann, Mark Martinson or Rob Machado.

Firewire Surfboards works with 4 types of materials in the surfboards: FST, LFT, Timbertek and Heliu,. Materials that give their boards lightweight, flexibility and durability. Their innovativeness based on the latest technologies stand out. With its EVo model, Firewire has become number one in world sales. The Evo has been the best in sales for Firewire. The surf shops have a hard time maintaining their stock specially the Evo 5´5” and the 5´8”.

Kelly Slater counts with his own range of surfboards under Firewire, Slater Designs. With models like the Cymatic, Dominator 2, Flat Earth or Sci Fi 2.0 which you can read our review here; the Gamma, the Omni or the Sci Fi Slater has always been implicated in the Firewire project due to his respect for the environment and its ecofriendly material.

Rob Machado on his part has the Firewire Seaside Beyond, the new Machado Sunday, the MoonBeam, Midas, the Creeper, Almond Butter and our favorite the Go Fish. This board was the first with which Machado appeared in the market. A good option for those small wave days where you don´t want to give up a good splash in the water and enjoy whatever waves there are as much as you can.


2. Pyzel Surfboards

The surfboards from Pyzel has been used by the best surfers in the world and prized in multiple occasions. Jon Pyzel was born in Santa Barbara, California. In 1998 Pyzel made their first surfboard for John “John” Florence. He was 5 years old. Since then Pyzel Surfboards has grown to become a world business. The boards from Pyzel have been used by many of the best surfers in the world like John “John”, Kelly Slater, Mark Healey, Jack Freeston, Michel Bourez, Jadson Andre, Nathan Florence, etc…

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3. Channel islands Surfboards

Channel Islands Surfboards were created by Al and Terry Merrick in 1969. Since its creation, Channel Islands Surfboards has dedicated itself to making high performance surfboards, giving primacy towards quality designs through hard work, innovation and originality. For the last 43 years, Channel Islands Surfboards has turned from a small factory to an organization that’s a vanguard that attends the needs of the best surfers in the world. From Tom Curren to Dane Reynolds, the boards of Channel Islands continues to evolve with the highest levels of surf.

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4. Lost Surfboards

Lost Surfboards was founded in 1987 in California by Matt “Mayhem” Biolos. Today it’s one of the most prestigious surfboard brands in the world. Under its team of riders we will find some of the top surfers in the world; Tag Barrow, Kolohe Andino, Mason Ho, Carissa Moore or Tyler Wright are some of the surfers that trust in the good shapes from Matt Biolos.

Some of the surfboards like the Puddle Jumper are in the top 10 in surfboard sales. A model that has captivated surfers from all over the world. Just like the Lost V3 Rocket that has also had massive success for the Californian brand in sales.

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5. DHD Surfboards

The famous Australian brand DHD Surfboards from the shaper Darren Handley has announced the launch of a new technology for their boards that combiens the aspects of the most used technologies today. The traditional fiberglass and epoxy. Under their collection we find one of their star models: The Mini Twin Fins DHD. With the freesurfer Asher Pacey as ambassador of the Twin Fin Addiction, the Australian brand is at the head of the market for Twinfins.

More information for the new collection of Mini Twins by DHD Surfbaords. Get your own Twin Fin DHD with a set of fins Asher Pacey from the brand Shapers extra.

Apart from Asher Pacey, DHD has great surfers under their team of riders. Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Jack Freestone or the recently incorporated Owen Wright.

Best surfboard brands DHD

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6. Sharp Eye Surfboards

The boards from Sharp Eye offers a great quality and consistent design. Marcio Zouvi, shaper and founder of Sharp Eye Surfboards, started his career at the end of the 80s under the influence of Californian brands like Rusty, Linden and Al Merrick. Its high performance boards are designed for progressive surfing. Sharp Eye Surfboards has been able to adapt itself to the times and maintain itself in the top 10 in the American market thanks to its surfboards like Holy Toledo. The model Holy Toledo by Sharp Eye is the most demanded board from experienced surfers. Thanks to the good work of Filipe Toledo in the WSL circuit, the sales of this board shot up. Today it´s still the most sold model of the brand.

Apart of Filipe Toledo we find in their team of riders the Brazilian Alejo Mniz.

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7. Pukas Surfboards

Pukas Surfboards is a family business with HQ in Basque Country, and has worked for its great reputation for making high performance surfboards. Pukas has known how to combine its global vision and local knowledge to make some of the best surfboards in the world. Ever since they gave shape to their first surfboard in 1973, there have been lots of good surfers that have used their boards. Today the Pukas factory has been able to position itself as one of the most important surf brands in Europe.

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8. Chili Surfboards

Jamie Cheal is the shaper and founder of Chili Surfboards. Cheal has been surfing the Gold Coast since he was 13. In 1995, when he was 22, he shapped his first surfboard and since then he hasn´t stopped. From his hands came the surfboards with which Andy Irons competed in the 2004 WSL.

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9. Mick Fanning Softboards

The Surfer Mick Fanning, three time champion of the world, has a new brand of surfboards, MF Softboards. A new line of softboards with FCS system and made not only for beginners but also advanced surfers that want to progress in their surfing style. Mick Fanning defines them as “The definitive boards to improve your surfing”.

If you want to know more about this collection, don’t miss our article “The new boards from Mick Fanning: Mick Fanning Softboards”. We explain with more detail the material of these softboards made with epoxy and covered in a material similar to sponge called foam. We also talk about the first 3 models that the Australian launches to the surfboard market.

Aftert the success the Little Marley has had, we want to advance you that in 2019 MF Softboards will incorporate Mick Fanning Twin Fin in its collection, A model that we will give you our feedback on once we get our hands on it.


Chris Christenson is the founding shaper of Christenson Surfboards. He was born on May 14, 1973 in Whittier, USA. With more than 20 years of experience behind him, talking about Christenson surfboards is synonymous with quality. Today we can say that  this shaper is considered by many, as one of the great gurus in surfboard design.

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11. NSP Surfboards

NSP or New Surf Project design and produce surfbaords with high performance and resist during more time than the more traditionally build surfboards. Its wide range of surfboards lets them cover every necessity for any surfer. Shortbaords, Hybrid boards, beginner surfboards, paddle boards… all of them with high quality, made with the latest materials in the market and with good value for you money.

12. Simon Anderson Surfboards

Behind Simon Anderson Surfboards we have Simon Anderson. Australian Surfer, surfboard shaper, writer and inventor in 1980 of the three fin system known as the thruster. A year after his invention he won the Bells trials, Surfabout and Pipeline. The Australian Shaper got nothing more and nothing less than four titles with the new fins.

The Surfboard Face Dance by Simon Anderson is one of the most sold models in our country. A shortboard with the option for a quad configuration, perfect for small waves that are ¾ of a meter to 1.5 meters.

13. LSD Surfboards

The LSD Surfboards are high performance surfboards with a creative touch with designs that are continuously revised by Luke Short (its creator) and by its team. LSD is part of the new generation of shapers that make use of the new technologies to make their boards. In their models we can find the Tex 50/50 or the Chubby Cheda, one of the favorite surfboards of Julian Wilson for his freesurfing sessions.

14. McCoy Surfbaords

McCoy Surfboards is a brand of surfboards from the mythical Australian with HQ in Byron Bay. McCoy is specialized in making custom and high performance surfboards. The model All Round Nugget is one of the most hailed, sold and known in our country.

15. Stacey Surfboards

The Australian brand Stacey Surfboards is also specialized in high performance surfboards, designed for maximum performance and style in the water. One of the boards with spectacular finishes like the Pedro 5F model.

16. Clayton Surfboards

When we talk about Clayton Surfboards we talk about Clayton Nienaber, one of the most prestigious shapers in the international level. Professional surfer and shapers, Clayton Surfboards with a factory next to the beach in Durban, they offer a wide fan of surfboards. The surfboards by Clayton are pioneers in the Spine-Tek technology. A reinforced fiber designed to offer an improved resistance and durability with higher performance in the flex of the surfboard.

Under its collection of surfboards we find all types of surfboards for all kinds of surfers. From high performance, to traditional shortboards, single fin or twin fins. Their epoxy surfboards are extremely light and we have to highlight their floatability for paddling.

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17. Hayden Shapes

Hayden Shaped was created in Sydney in 1997 by Hayden Cox when he was only 15 years old. Since then Hayden Shapes has become a reference in the world of surfing. Creators of the Future Flex technologies and winners three consecutive times of the industry awards for best surfboard of the year for the Hypto Krypto. You can read the complete review for the Hypto Krypto here.

Hayden Shaped is characterized by centering itself in modern builds, offering innovation and functionality to the surfer. In Europe these are the most well-known models:

  • Holy Grail: The new model by Hayden Shapes. A surfboard that’s addictive once you try it and has a lot of great points to talk about. Apt for all kinds of waves, from the most horizontal of waves to the most vertical of them. With Craig Anderson as the face of the brand, we are sure that this will be one of the most sold surfboards of this year.
  • Hypto Krypto: Considered as the best surfboard of 2015 by the Australian Surf Industry Awards. This surfboard is hailed in the market and is one of the most versatile boards created. The Hypto Krypto represents the balance between tradition and performance. Precisely because of its versatility it works in waves with half a meter in the beach break and also with big dry tubes that are 2 meters.
  • White Noiz: The White Noiz model by Hayden Shaped is a shortboard designed with feedback from pro surfer Craig Anderson and guarantees versatility and fun with small waves.
  • Plunder: With an interesting design, the Plunder model from Hayden Shaped is a really fun surfboard. Perfect for those places that don´t pump with as much frequency. A surfboard that generates a lot of speed and gives much style to your surfing.
Best selling surfboards Hypto Krypto

Hypto Krypto



18. Aloha Surfboards

With HQ in Australia, Aloha Surfboards is a respected specialized brand with a wide range of surfboards. In its collection we can find from longboards to shortboards or twins. The brand has been in the surfing scene for a lot of time and sponsored some of the best surfers in the world. In their boards we can find some of the most recognized insignias in the surfing world today like the Aloha Black Bean, one of our favorite surfboards for Mediterranean waves.

19. JS Industries.

In the last years JS Industries has becomes one of the most well-known brands and is respected for their high performance surfboards. Jason Stevenson (founder, owner and shaper) has made the company from scratch. His talent and love for surfer has gotten him world recognition. His emblematic logo, the Traktor has had some of the best surfers feet on it.

20. Cabianca Surfboards

Cabianca is a walking encyclopedia and one of the best shapers in the world. Johnny Cabianca knows surfboards like no one would. Durinf the last 35 years he has dedicated himself to making surfboards and deepening his knowledge for shaping for everyone. Today he is the shaper for Gabriel Medina. The boards from Cabianca are made in Basque Country.

21. Creative Army

This Australian brand is a kaleidoscope of expertise from its creator Josh Constable, a surfer with a brilliant record: 6 Australian titles, 51 victories in different championships and even a world title. Josh has worked with some of the best shapers in the industry. Fruit of this experience comes Creative Army.

22. DVS Sufboards

Dick Van Straalen is the creator of DVS Surfboards. Dick is one of the most innovative and creative shapers in Australia. A great surfer that started to give form to his own surfboards as a teen and learned his art in the beaches of north Sydney in the 60s.

Since then he has progressed until he became a real master and given shape for the last 50 years to a ton of surfboards. From paddle boards, longboards, guns, fishes and a ton of other designs. In Single Quiver we have the most fun surfboards from their collection like the DVS Skate. Made with some of their preferred materials like EPS, carbon fiber and epoxy.

23. Emery Surfboards

An Australian brand, Emery Surfbaords is leader in making surfboards and is located in Byron Bay Australia. The passion of Alan Emery for surf feeds his constant motivation to improve his designs.

24. Superbrand

With HQ in Coolangatta, this Australian brand is born out of a collective of surfers like Clay Marzo and Dion Agus and the Australain shaper Adam Flectcher. Their surfboards are made with the latest materials with a guarantee of quality. In their catalogue you can find surfboards for any type of wave and for any surfer. Without a doubt one of the most well-known models from the brand is The Fling. A surfboard which we´ve reviewed here.

25. Vampirate Surfboards

Vampirate Surfboards is the brand of the surfer and shaper Mark Gnech and the free surfer Ozzie Wright. Their surfboards are designed to be surfed quickly, radically and savagely. With innovative shapes, Vampirate surfboards are perfect for progressive surfing. Some of their most popular models are the Rainbow and the retro fish Evil Twin.

26. Webber Surfboards

Greg Webber is the shaper of some of the best surfers in the world. In1970, with 10 years of age, Greg starts to give form to poly foam boards; he put wooden fins on the surfboard and copied the shapes of Hot Buttered and McCoy. Today, Webber Surfboards has sponsored Taj Burrow and shaped surfboards to some legends like Andy Irons, Damien Hobgood, Chris Ward, Josh Kerr.

27. Wilde Shapes

Sean Wilde started Wilde Shapes more than 25 years ago in Huntington Beach, California, after moving to Australia when he was 16 years old. His designs are mostly influenced by a decade of work in United States. Today, with another 17 years more of work in Australia, his surfboards are a perfect mix of both styles.

28. Lib Tech

This American brand boasts having the most resistant surfboards in the world. With more than 30 years experience making surfboards Lib Tech is composed of a collective of creative dreamers in board sports. Surf, Skate and snow.

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