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Carver Skateboards

  • Carver Skate C7

    <h2>Carver Skate C7 | Surfskate |</h2> <p>This is the<strong> first axis that Carver Skate</strong> created. An axis with which the brand has achieved leadership in this new modality of <strong>surfskate.</strong> An axle that allows you a much more radical turn in plain and a fast pumping which in turn will enable us to achieve greater speed. <strong>Carver's C7</strong> is the most used by both amateur and professional surfers for dry training.</p> <p>Some compare the feeling of pumping with a Carver C7 to flowing with a Single Fin. Like a compass, this axis allows you to draw lines and work on style and posture. If you're thinking about buying a surfskate and you're looking to replicate the sensations you get on a surfboard, the Carver C7 shaft is for you. Perfect for dry training. This axle is sold with the C2 rear as a 'Set' with bolts and risers, or as a 'Kit' with wheels, bearings, risers, bolts and a Carver wrench. On some models you can choose the finish of the axle. Color graphite or matte black.</p>
  • Carver Skate CX

    <h2>Carver Skate CX | Surfskate</h2> <p>Unlike the C7, the Carver CX has no articulated arm and is much easier to see with the naked eye. Although it allows us a less radical turn, it forces us to exaggerate our postures more and to have to mark the turns much more. Something that will help us improve our technique. <strong>"Radical, energetic, very fast response"</strong> is how the CX axis is defined from <strong>Carver Skateboards.</strong></p> <p>In you will find all the carver CX models at the best price. Free shipping Carver skate Europe</p>
  • Carver Skate C5

    <h2>Carver Skate C5 | Surfskate</h2> <p>For years <strong>Carver Skate has been mixing surf with skate</strong>, but as surfskate progresses and riders increasingly incorporate more traditional skate tricks into their repertoire, the brand decides to launch an axle design that allows that progression to be followed. This is how the C5 axes were born. Lower and narrower axles, new school board with double kick and smaller wheels. All this thinking about facilitating the performance of tricks while maintaining a perfect grip for your carvings and a skid point suitable for your snaps.</p> <p>The new system (C5 /C5 front and C4 rear) is shorter and narrower, lowering the center of gravity and giving more "pop" to the tail. This allows for higher ollies and better control. The narrower hanger on both the deck and hanger keeps it light and very maneuverable. This is the new generation of surfskates, mixing tricks and flow in a complex expression across the Urban landscape.</p> <p>At you will find all Carver C5 models at the best price. Shipping 24 hours.</p>
  • Carver Skate Triton

    <h2>Carver Skate Triton | Surfskate</h2> <p>The new Triton Surfskates by Carver come with Cx4 axles, roundhouse carver wheels and at a very competitive price. This may be the best option to get a cheap surfskate.</p> <p>This new collection of surfskates is the lowcost version of the Carver Skateboards. A few models with roundhouse wheels of 69mm and a hardness of 78a. Very fast wheels with a lot of grip. As far as the board is concerned, these are made of maple wood with 7 blades.</p> <h3>Price Triton Carver</h3> <p>A surfskate with a super competitive price of 199€ and with which the brand aims to make you feel the waves wherever you are. They are almost 100 euros different from other surfskates of the brand. A carver for less than 200 euros? Without being a second-hand Carver? What's the difference between triton and traditional carver?</p> <h3>Difference between Triton Carver and Carver Pro Models</h3> <p>The main difference between a Triton and a traditional Carver lies in the raw material and the place of manufacture. While Carver Skateboards are 100% made in the USA, Triton are manufactured in Asia.</p> <p>1. Raw material "Wood": Tritons are the cheap surfskates of the Carver brand. The substantial difference in prices is basically due to labor, material and place of manufacture. Carver is made of 7 layers of American maple wood. While the Triton have only 5 layers.</p> <p>2. Labor: Carver skates are 100% made of American steel, premium American wood and built in the official Carver workshop in the United States. The Triton, on the other hand, are manufactured in Asia and do not carry the Carver brand guarantee.</p> <p>3. Axles: Until this year the Triton had only the CX axle. While the traditional Carver can be ordered in C7 or CX. Similar operation but a little shorter.</p> <h3>Who do we recommend a Triton Surfskate for?</h3> <p>If you are looking for your first surfskate and still don't know if this surfing is your thing, a Triton is a good option to have a cheap skate. If on the other hand you have tried other skates of the brand or you already have a Yow, a Smoothstar or a Swelltech in your quiver a Triton may know you little by little.</p> <p>The triton is an ideal surfskate for children. The new collection Triton by Carver has 4 models designed for young riders. Argon, Hydron, Nitron and Xenon are surfskates for children and young skaters.</p> <p>For more information about children's surfskates visit our<a href="" target="_blank" class="btn btn-default"> BLOG</a></p> <p><strong>In you will find all the carver Trtion models at the best price. Free shipping 24 hours Peninsula and Portugal. </strong></p>
  • Carver Skate Lost

    <h2>Carver Skate Lost | Lost Surfboards &amp; Mayhem </h2> <p>Carver Lost Surfskates is the new collaboration of Carver Skateboards with Lost Surfboards and Matt Mayhem Biolos. One of the most innovative shapers in surfing today. His blatant exploration of progressive surfboard design is the inspiration behind the brand, and his go for it all style is reflected in the bold style of this new collection. 100% Surf Core at Not at Surf &amp; Skate. </p>

    <h2>Carver Santa Cruz Surfskate</h2> <p>Carver and Santa Cruz Skateboards join forces to create this new Santa Cruz Surfskate collection. A special edition with one of the most prestigious skateboard brands in the world.  Surf Core 100% on the No in Surf &amp; Skate store. Surf skate cruzers with Carver Surfskate trucks designed and tuned by Santa Cruz.  Featuring high quality 7 ply North American Maple decks, branded OJ or Slim balls wheels and Carver surfskate trucks .</p>
  • Carver Decks

    <h2>Carver Decks</h2> <p>Buy single Carver surfboards and customize your surfskate. In Single Quiver we are the official Carver Skateboard shop. Within our catalogue of the brand of surf skates for the asphalt you can find loose skateboards to set up your custom surfskate.</p> <p>We have all the Carver decks available for 24- 48 hour delivery. And remember, shipping is free in whole Europe!</p>
  • Carver Trucks

    <h2>CARVER TRUCKS: C7, CX &amp; C5</h2> <p><br />Buy in our online shop the best selling surfskate trucks in the world. Carver trucks for your skateboard. Turn your old skateboard into a real surfboard for the asphalt thanks to Carver Skateboard axles. Buy your Carver axle loose and configure your skateboard to your liking. CX, C7 graphite or raw axles.</p>
  • Carver Wheels

    <h2>CARVER SURFSKATE WHEELS</h2> <p>Carver Skateboards manufactures and designs the wheels for its own surf skates. The wheels of a surfskate are a key point for the behavior of the skateboard on the asphalt. These are high performance wheels that combined with their axles and boards of the brand, make Carver Skateboards the reference brand in the world of surfing skate.</p> <p>Its Roundhouse wheels can be used in other brands of surfskate. In this section you will find the Caver Mag fast turning wheels, the Concave high grip wheels and the Ecothane range, a hybrid wheel ideal for use in skatepark. With this extensive catalogue of Carver surfskate wheels you are sure to have the perfect wheel for you, whatever the terrain and style of surfing you have.</p> <p>Change the wheels on your surfskate and discover new sensations on your skateboard. No matter if you skate on ramps, skatepark, bowl or on the streets, we have skateboard wheels to meet your needs.</p>
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