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CARVER: Official ONLINE SHOP of Carver Skateboards

Carver Skateboards is the world's leading brand in surfskates. Manufacturers of surfboards for asphalt. It is a pleasure and pride for us to inform you that we already have available in our online store the most influential brand in the world of surfskate, Carver Skateboards. With more than 20 years in the market, is the most powerful and best known brand in the world.

It all started in Venice, California when Greg Falk and Neil Carver were looking for waves in the summer, but none could be found. They started experimenting on street surfers to get the surf-like skate experience and slowly progressed until they got to the current signature truck.


Carver Skateboards has 3 axes. The C7, CX and C5. The popular Carver C7 axle has been very popular with surfers since its inception. However, it did not stop with those who came from the skateboarding and longboarding world. This is how the Carver CX Axis was born. A new axle a little bit simpler, that mixes part of the C7 with a conventional axle.


This is the first axis that Carver created. An axis with which the brand has achieved the leadership in this new modality of the surfskate. An axis that allows you a much more radical turn in flat and a fast pumping that in turn will allow us to achieve greater speed. Carver's C7 axle is the most used by both amateur and professional surfers for dry training.

Some compare the feeling of pumping with a Carver C7 to that of flowing with a Single Fin. As if it were a compass, this axis allows you to draw lines and work on style and posture. If you are thinking of buying a surfskate and you are looking to replicate the sensations you have on a surfboard, the C7 axis is for you.

Perfect for dry workouts. This axle is sold together with the C2 rear as a 'Set' with screws and lifters, or as a 'Kit' with wheels, bearings, lifters, screws and a Carver key. On some models you can choose the finish of the axle. Graphite or matt black.



This axle, unlike the previous one, does not have an articulated arm and is much simpler at first sight. Although it allows us a less radical turn, it forces us to exaggerate more the positions and to have to mark much more the turns. Something that will help us improve our technique. "Radical, energetic, very fast response" is how they define it from Carver Spain.



If we compare the Carver C7 Axis vs CX, clearly the C7 Axis is a smoother turning axis and faster pumping axis. This creates momentum and acceleration; thus, reaching high speeds. This is the axis that most closely resembles surfing movements, and therefore Its dry execution transports us immediately to the sea. No matter what level you are in, these axes are ideal for any level of surfing.

On the other hand, we have the Carver CX. This axle creates spectacular turns and pumps, offering more reactive movements and being stable in descents. Most common movements among people who have extensive experience in surfing. The Carver CX allows you to pump like a C7 and in turn allows you to perform more radical skateboarding maneuvers. Like landing on air and fakie with much more ease.


For years Carver Skate has been mixing surf with skate, but as surfskate progresses and riders increasingly incorporate more traditional skate tricks into their repertoire, the brand decides to launch an axle design that allows that progression to be followed. This is how the C5 axes were born. Lower and narrower axles, new school board with double kick and smaller wheels. All this thinking about facilitating the performance of tricks while maintaining a perfect grip for your carvings and a skid point suitable for your snaps.

The new system (C5 /C5 front and C4 rear) is shorter and narrower, lowering the center of gravity and giving more "pop" to the tail. This allows for higher ollies and better control. The narrower hanger on both the deck and hanger keeps it light and very maneuverable. This is the new generation of surfskates, mixing tricks and flow in a complex expression across the Urban landscape.


How to choose a Carver Skateboard

Depending on the surfing style you have or the board you use, some surfskates will be better than others, but don't forget that this is an essential tool to train you out of the water and improve your tactics!

The boards are measured in inches and we can find from the smallest, with 25.5″, and the largest, with 42″.

The smaller ones react faster to movements. They provide nerve. Large boards, on the other hand, have stability. Along with the board's inches, the wheelbase must also be taken into account. Not all boards of the same size have the same wheelbase. This distance influences the dynamics of the whole board.

If you have doubts about which carver skate to buy, consult our GUIDE or write to us. We will be happy to help you with the purchase of your first carver skateboard.


The American brand has different collections. It features its new collection in collaboration with lost: Carver Lost Surfskates and its collection of cheap surf skates Triton.


New collaboration of Carver Skateboards with Lost Surfboards and Matt Mayhem Biolos. One of the most innovative shapers in surfing today. His brazen exploration of progressive surfboard design is the inspiration behind the brand, and his going-to-ground style is reflected in the bold styling of this new collection. Surf Core 100% at Singlequiver.com the No en Surf & Skate store.



The Triton is Carver Skateboards' new collection of cheap surf skates. These models come with Cx4 axles, roundhouse carver wheels and a very competitive price, this may be the best option to get a cheap Carver surfskate.




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