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Three-time world champion surfer Mick Fanning has a new brand of surfboards. MF Softboards. A line of soft boards with FCS fin system and designed not only for the beginner surfer, but also for advanced surfers who want to progress in their surfing style. 5 models of surfboards: Little Marley, Black Diamond, Beastie, Twinny, Eugenie. If you are looking for a quality and durable soft board Mick Fanning Softboards is the brand of softs you were looking for.

Singlequiver is the official Mick Fanning Softboards store. Our team of experts has ridden all of MF Softboards at some point and we also talk to surfers from all over the world and get their feedback on the performance of the boards in all types of conditions. So we are well placed to talk about all aspects of Mick Fanning's softboards.

Check out our BLOG where we have reviews and opinions of all the Australian surfer's boards.


Mick Fanning's softboards are not the conventional softboards for beginners. These boards are laminated with fiberglass, have a longitudinal carbon reinforcement, and FCSII keel system. In other words, they are epoxy surfboards covered with EVA.

These Fanning softs are made of a "sponge-like" material called foam. All of them have an important characteristic with respect to the rest of the soft boards on the market. They offer great stability, are ideal for catching all kinds of small waves and their material prevents other surfers from being hit hard.


Learning to surf is one of the most fun times in surfing as Mick Fanning says, but can also be dangerous if you get hit by your board or someone else gets hit. So Mick decided to make a board that was both safe and sick with the best performance.

Each Model and Size in the MF Softboards Range is Designed To Mick's Specifications Using Advanced CAD Software. The EPS Core is CNC Milled Producing a Softboard With Unmatched Performance.

The Carbon Fibre is recessed into the deck of the EPS Core resulting in storage of potential energy during bottom turns with a progressive release resulting in a smooth transition during top turns Resulting in a Softboard that offers Speed, Power and Flow

Which model of Mick Fanning to buy?

There are 6 models of MF Softboards: Little Marley, Eugenie, Beastie, Black Diamond, Twin fin soft by Fanning the Twinny model and the new Catfish. Contrary to what many may think, these boards are perfectly suitable for intermediate level surfers. Depending on your level of surfing, your surfing style and the type of waves you want to surf there is a model for you.


Mick Fanning's Little Marley FCSII  is a short, wide, fast and very fun softboard. It has a short rail that fits perfectly to the smallest waves. Its slight curvature will help you get the most out of those soft waves on the beach, giving you that extra bit of speed to have fun like a dwarf. This little rocket is a very fun board suitable for all types of surfers.


Mick Fanning's Beastie is a softboard with an evolving shape ideal for improving your surfing. The Beastie has a generous outline which makes it easy to take off and paddle. Perfect softboard for those looking to progress in their surfing and jump to the next level or for that surfer looking for an alternative to a soft top version longboard.


The new Twin Fin by Mick Fanning has been designed for summer fun! A bit of nostalgia with a modern touch that makes it the perfect board for surfing waves from half a meter to last meter. The board includes the option to add a stabilizing keel for surfing larger waves (up to 1.8 meters) . A very good option for those who have never tried a 2-fin board.


The Black Diamond surfboard is one of the best known models of the Australian brand DHD Surfboards. A surfboard that has the volume moved to the front of the board to offer a better paddling and that is easier to catch the waves. The tail with a little pin tail helps in the turns and in keeping in the pocket of the wave. An excellent board that paddles extremely well and very fast when surfing with the front foot.


The Mick Fanning Eugenie FCSII Softboard is a replica of a board shaped by Mick Fanning for surfing on the Gold Coast during the small days. Designed for ease of use and to ensure the performance of the board when the waves start pumping. Mick Fanning has described this board as "the perfect design for kids learning to surf". The board also performs very well in small or summer waves for more experienced surfers.


The Catfish is Mick Fanning Softboards' new softboard model. A super fun hybrid surfboard. The Catfish is inspired by the speed and flow of boards from the 70's, when there were no rules. The Cat Fish will handle most conditions you throw at especially when you upgrade your fins to the FCSII Split Keel or Futures Controller set!

Soon we will talk about it in our BLOG.


In our Blog you can find a comparison of Mick Fanning's Boards. We leave you the link here. Anyway, in each of the technical sheets of these models, we tell you what kind of surfers we recommend each of these boards for.


Singlequiver is the official Mick Fanning Softboards store. Our team of experts have ridden all of the MF Softboards at some point and we also talk to surfers from all over the world who give us feedback on the performance of the boards in all conditions. So we are well placed to talk about all aspects of Mick Fanning's softboards.


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