Information and opinion about the Fling surfboard model from Superbrand

The Fling” surfboard is made with Super Flex technology, part of the spectrum of boards from the prestigious brand Superbrand

Opinion about The Fling from Superbrand

This model, The Fling surfboard, is very wide and has very little rocker, perfect to generate velocity in waves with little power. This is one of our favorite models for small waves. The perfect friend for your summer sessions. Thanks to its quad configuration, it turns really well. Also, it can get speed from even the most flat and weak waves. In our video review we translate our sensations about this board which is perfect for summer.

The Fling Score

In the next table we´ve score from 1 to 5 what we think are the most important aspects for a surfboard to have. Characteristics like flex, resistence, speed, transition from edge to edge and carving are some of the attributes we value. We highlight speed, flex, transition edge to edge from The Fling from Superbrand

Score 1-5: From lowest (1) to highest (5).

Flex 4/5 Ease of use 3/5
Resistance 3/5 Rowing 3/5
Velocity 4/5 Carving 3/5
Edge 4/5 Surfing 4/5


The best thing about The Fling

If there is something we want to highlight over other boards we´ve tried, it’s that its hybrid design is incredible. The surfboard The Fling is made for small waves. The board with guaranteed fun.

Fin configuration for The Fling

The board comes with a five fin configuration. Something that lets you pivot back easier. If you have any doubts about which fins to buy, we encourage you to try our fin recommendator.

Our recommendation.

If you are thinking about buying this board, we recommend that you buy it 4-6” shorter than your usual board. This board from Superbrand is a great opportunity to have something unique in a different build. A board that will motivate you to surf even in those lazy days.

Sold now exclusively in Single Quiver.

If you are interested in a board of this style, we encourage you to visit our website where you will find a great selection of products. Stay tuned to our blog and our social media for regular reviews like the Mini Twin from Asher Pacey review

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