An invention to dry your neoprene wetsuit in 20 minutes

Drying your wetsuit has never been easier. With winter on the horizon, we´ll talk to you about a surf accessory that will make your surfer life easier. We are talking about the Wetsuit Pro Dryer from Surflogic. An invention made in Spain that will help you dry your wetsuit when it doesn´t need to be wet anymore.

There are a lot of surf gadgets in the market. In fact in EnelPico we have a section dedicated especially to our favorite surf accessories. One of the newest additions is precisely a Spanish invention. This ingenious contraption is called the Wetsuit Pro Dryer.

Interview with Javier Gonzalez Vega, CEO and founder of Surflogic

Behind this invention is Surflogic, a family business located at the coast of Basque Country. Surflogic is born in 2005, being one of the first brands on the world stage to develop a strong key lock to keep your car keys. From then onwards, Surflogic has continued to develop high quality products with the objective to improve surfers and water sports lovers day to day. Today, the brand is recognized in more than 30 countries worldwide.

1. What is the Wetsuit pro Dryer?

It’s a patented dryer for neoprene wetsuits and designed for quick drying of your wetsuits without damaging them. No more surfing with a humid and cold wetsuit, now with the Wetsuit Pro Dryer you´ll always have a warm and dry wetsuit.

The dryer is connected to the electrical network with these main characteristics:

Powerful air flow system:

  • 6,000 liters of air per minute
  • 3,500 revolutions per minute

Intelligent heat control system:

Automatic heat, controlled and balanced with a powerful air flow to quickly dry your neoprene wetsuit.

Easy to transport and keep:

It can be kept in a compact size when not in use.

Infinite possibilities for hanging:

  • Strong cinch
  • Aluminum carabineer with neoprene cover

2. Where did the idea for this project come from?

The idea for this project appeared 5 years ago, when I was surfing in one of those cold days with my friend Nestor Tolosa and he proposed developing a solution to this problem that we surfers suffer almost daily.

3. What did you base your idea on? Was it a case of “a problem exists and we need to solve it” or was it making an existing product better?

The idea was based around a problem that didn´t have a solution in the market and so we made the solution. The philosophy of the Surflogic brand is to create logical products that will help the daily life of a surfer. We try to give the surfers tools so that they only have to worry about enjoying themselves and surfing.

There used to exist a scuba product with a ventilation system for cold air but didn´t work well for drying wetsuits so that didn’t take form in the market and can´t be compared with our product.

4. Who is behind all this? Who are the team members?

Behind this is a family business with 40 years of experience in developing and making products. We are 3 brothers (Alejandro, Ignacio and Javier) in the directive of the business, managing the different departments. For this project we´ve worked together with the laboratories of the Basque Country University (Universidad del Pais Vasco) and engineering companies specialized in these projects.

5. How long did it take to develop this product?

It´s been almost 5 years since the idea appeared and since then we haven´t stopped working until we have gotten to the product we have today.

6. About the financing, who helped push forward this project?

90% of the finance is from the company although we have also won innovation and development prizes that have helped us (prizes promoted by Bidasoa Activa and Basque Government)

7. Where can we find this product? Online, we imagine, but will it also be distributed by brick and mortar stores?

The Wetsuit Pro Dryer can be bought all over the world in specialized surf and water sports shops, in the physical stores and online.

8. Have you already thought of a plan to promote this product?

We´ve been promoting this launch for 1 year, through expos all over the world, mass media and social media. Now that it´s launched into the market, we will keep reinforcing the whole communication plan through our different channels.

9. What do you expect the markets response will be?

We´ve showied off this product for a year, through important surf and water sports expos, and there has been a great interest from international distributers, shops and consumers.

The product is effective and solves a problem that’s been there our whole lives, so we know the response will be good. Those that were lucky enough to try it are loving the product and say that it’s an essential product for them.

10. Tell us a short term and long term plan

The short term plan is being able to provide the world demand that we are having and that all surfers will be able to benefit from this innovation. Medium term plan, in a few months we will launch a drying system for boots, gloves and hood that couples with the dryer. Long term we have plans for patented products related to drying.

More information

How does it work?

Easy and full of utility to hang dry your neoprene wetsuit in your car or your house, the new Wetsuit Pro Dryer from Surflogic dries your neoprene wetsuit in a record time. This neoprene dryer only need between 20 and 40 minutes to totally dry your wetsuit. If for some reason you are not around, your wetsuit is safe, this is all thanks to its automatic temperature control system and is also provisioned with its security program that will shut off after an hour on.

Launch date and pre-reserve

The launch date is expected to be by the end of October. The number of units that will be sold in our country will be limited. That’s why in Single Quiver we´ve beat the competition to the punch and you already have in our web a pre-reserve system.

How much?

For only 159€ you can buy your wetsuit dryer from Surflogic. Buy your Wetsuit Dryer and this winter you can forget about putting on a wet wetsuit.

Review: wetsuit dryer

We will upload our review soon

Wetsuit Pro Dryer Surflogic Video

Technical characteristics

More details

  • Uses a 220-240 V current (Schuko type F or Europlug type C) and has a 3 meter cable.
  • Product certified by CE
  • Dry time (depending on exterior temperature):
    • 3mm: 20-40 minutes
    • 4 and 5mm: 35-60 minutes
    • +6mm: 45-75 minutes
  • Automatic temperature control system: to maintain an ideal drying process and protect the neoprene
  • Security: after 1 hour on it will automatically turn off
  • Hitch system: with cinch and carabineer covered in protective foam to hang it anyway in any place.
  • Size in use: 450 x 177 x 157 mm
  • Size when not in use: 225 x 177 x 157 mm
  • Cable length: 3 meters
  • Easy to keep: the lateral arms can be unmounted for easy transport and keeping

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