The Softboard, essential in your surfboard quiver

Every surfer should have a softboard in their quiver. This type of surfboard gives lots of versatility. It’s also good for surfer to have different types of boards that let you adapt to the different wave breaks (closeouts, crumbly, reforms, tubing and double-ups). Also if you are a beginner surfer, your first waves should be with these types of board.

Softboards are made with a material similar to sponge called foam. They have an important characteristic with respect to other boards in the market: they offer great stability, are ideal for catching small waves and its material avoids strong blows to other surfers. The softboards are fun, more secure and float more. Something that will help you when starting in this sport.

softboard material

We see that there are different sizes, from 4´up to 12´. Invented by Mike Doyle and Tom Morey, these types of boards have been popularized these last few years. We don´t see exclusively surf school students riding these boards.


Softboard ocean & earth Single Quiver

Some of the best known surfers have succumbed to the enchanting ways of the softboard. Like is the case of Mick Fanning, the Australian pro surfer that has made a line of softboards with his name on it. The Mick Fanning Softboards are a collection of softboards that, quoted from their creator, “the definitive board to improve your surfing”.

Another surfer that we usually see riding a softboard is Jamie O´Brien. The Hawaiian that is capable of surfing Pipeline on top of his softboard without even breaking a sweat. Don´t let anyone tell you softboards are only for small summer waves.

Surfing is really fun, especially if you have a right type of board. Just a bit ago we gave you 4 reasons not to buy a cheap board. Our main reason is: “don´t erroneously choose you first board based on the price”. Choose a board taking into account your physical traits and experience, it’s better to adapt it to the type of surfing and waves you want to surf. Let our surfboard recommender help you in that regard from the Single Quiver page.

Advantages of a softboard

There are lots of advantages to having a softboard in your quiver. Here are the pros:

  1. Versatility
  2. Safe. Since they are made with a soft material, it avoids hurting you or anyone in an accident or a bad fall.
  3. Is tons of fun.
  4. Its great volume and stability will help you when starting to surf. With an easier paddle, you will catch more waves and it will take less to make the takeoff.
  5. For experienced surfers, it will force them to ride more relaxed, flexed and make more rounded turns. Something that they will feel the moment they change boards.
  6. Are more economical that fiber boards.
  7. They are more
  8. If there is damage, it is cheaper to repair.
  9. Popular choice for parents that are buying their kids first board.
  10. A good board for summer waves, that will let you get the most out them and will have you grinning ear to ear when you come out of the water even with the smallest of waves.

After all this, what are you waiting for to add a softboard to your quiver? In our Surfshop you have different models to choose from. If you have any doubts, contact us. We are glad to help out choose your first softboard.


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