The best surfboards of 2018 for all types of surfers

Regardless whether it’s the first or the tenth one in your quiver, you probably have doubts when buying a new surfboard. With all the different types of shapes, tails, noses, materials… the choice is always hard. That’s why our first tip is that, before anything, you inform yourself on how these different characteristics will affect your surfboard.

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But today we want to talk about the improvements on surfboards from 2018. For that, we have prepared a short list of our favorites: a small selection that can serve beginner surfers just as well as seasoned surfers. And of course, it can also help you if you are thinking about buying one.

The best 2018 board: Mini Twin Fin DHD

Mini Twin DHD

The DHD Mini Twin is the retro fish that Asher Pacey uses. Without a doubt the great surprise from 2018 and one of our favorite boards. You can read our complete review in the “New Mini Twin Fin DHD”. A board that is made for classic surfers that are looking for a retro with twin fin configuration.

Its price is 729 euros. Get your Twin Fin DHD in Single Quiver. Official store for DHD surfboards.

The best surfboard for advanced surfers: Firewire Baked Potato

Firewire baked potato

The Firewire Baked Potato will guarantee fun in small waves. With a slightly stretched nose, volume in the sides and with an aggressive double concave, the Baked Potato from Firewire is the Funboard par excellence. Ideal to surf waves bigger than half a meter.

The guys at Firewire work with advanced technologies and with eco materials, and are responsible for some of the most durable boards in the market. Within their shaper team we will find Dan Mann, Rob Machado, Jon Pyzel, Daniel Thomson and Mark Martinson.

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The best board for less than 550 euros: Bull Ant from Agency Surfboards

Bullant by agency surfboards

The new Bull Ant from Agency Surfboards is the perfect board for waves between 0.5m and 1.5m. This is a surfboard that will help you even in the poorest of days. The new epoxy version is a guaranteed success for all surfers from beginners to advanced that are looking to improve. As soon as you mount it you will feel it, the Bull Ant takeoff!

We recommend that you check out our “Opinion and information” on this board. Its design is not conventional, but it flies like a bullet.

Available here.

The best beginner surfboard: Mick Fanning Softboards

Mick Fanning softboards

The same year he announced his retirement from the World Tour, the Australian Mick Fanning landed into the market of surfboards with his new collection from Mick Fanning Softboards. This is a collection of softops that in Mick Fannings own words “are the definitive boards to improve your surfing”. The price includes a set of plastic fins.

In Single Quiver you can order yours.

Price starting at 389 euros.

The best all terrain board: Holy Grail from Hayden Shapes

Holy Grail Hayden Shapes

Will Hayden Shapes be able to replicate the success with the Holy Grail the same way he did with its predecessor the Hypto Krypto? The Sydney brand launched this new board in 2018 that is looking to revolutionize the market. The Holy Grail is a jump in terms of maneuverability over its predecessor the Hypto Krypto.

Founded in 1997 by Hayden Cox, just 15 years old, today Hayden Shape Surfboards produce high performance surfboards with innovative designs, fun and easy to mount. Its designs are easily recognizable by its monochromatic aesthetic in black and white. Hayden Shapes use carbon fiber Future Flex, an innovative technology patented by the one and only.

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Price starting at 899 euros

The best aerial surfboard: Lost by Mayhem Sub-Driver

Sub Driver Lost Mayhem

Its shaper defines it as the best small wave’s board. The Sub Driver has a nose that is wide to get the best balance when landing from aerials and a tail that is wide to assure the stability in small waves. It’s a board that generates speed quickly.

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Price starting at 600 euros

The best surfboard for seasoned surfers:  Cymatic by Slater Designs

Cymatic slater designs

The Cymatic by Slater Designs is the new creating from Daniel Thomson for the collection by Kelly Slater. It’s a fusion of the Sci Fi and the Omni, a board looking to consolidate its brand in the market. Judging by the images of Kelly surfing on it, we are still not convinced by it. We hope to have the opportunity to try it and give you our feedback.

The best surfboard to generate speed: Chubby Chedda LSD

Chubby Chedda LSD

The Chubby Chedda model is from LSD Surfboards, it’s a board made for those unforgettable days. One of Julian Wilsons favorite boards in his freesurfing sessions. It´s short, versatile and with excellent gliding power.

Available for sale here.

The best surfboard for small waves: The Fling Superbrand

The Fling Superbrand

The Fling by Superbrand is a wide board with very little rocker, perfect to generate speed in waves with little power. It’s one of our favorite models for small waves: the perfect companion for your summer sessions. Thanks to its quad configuration, it turns very well. Also, you can generate speed even in the flattest of sections and weakest of waves.

Available here

The best beginner longboard: Fun Division by Aloha

Fun Division aloha

The Fun Division Long by Aloha is an excellent option for the followers of the “old-school”, from beginners to advance. Because who said that longboards are only for beginners? Just like its namesake, “Fun Division” is a longboard designed for all types of conditions. It combines the traditional qualities of a classic board with a modern touch.

With HQ in Australia, Aloha Surfboards is a respected brand specialized in a wide range of surfboards. Within their collection we can find from longboards to shortboards or twin. The Aloha brand has been in the surf scene for a long time and has sponsored some of the best surfers in the world. We can find some of the most highlighted surfboards in the world in the lineup.

Available here

The best surftrip surfboard: Hypto Krypto by Hayden Shapes

Hypto Krypto hayden shapes

This board has already appeared in the top 10 in surfboards last year. The Hypto Krypto is one of the most popular surfboards in the whole world, that’s why we have decided to maintain it in this new collection. It´s an all-terrain board. Fast, versatile, it adapts easily with all types of conditions; from small waves to fast tubes. As you know, its ambassador is Craig Anderson.

Information and opinion on the Hypto Krypto

If you have any doubts on which model best adapts itself to you goals and style, call us or send us an email. We are glad to help.