Ten most sold surfboards this season

Making a successful surfboard is a long and arduous process. It all starts with an idea and the fruits of the idea come when the client buys with a smile his new 700 euro surfboard. For a shaper it costs him blood, sweat and tears to make the magic he makes to create a surfboard of these characteristics. There are thousands of shortboards in the world, but only a few differentiate themselves from the rest.

In the high spheres of the surf world there is no space for failure. If you fail your brand will sink and that in the surf industry is death. So what is the key to success?

First of all, the design must be innovative. It needs to make us see the waves in a way we haven´t seen them before. Secondly, that innovative design has to be able to improve our surfing. Lastly, and being frank, it needs a recognized brand behind the board to push it forward. So with all that, we´ll talk about the top ten best-selling surfboards this season.

10.Sharp Eye: Holy Toledo

Top selling surfboards holy toledo sharpeye

The Holy Toledo model has been the most demanded by experienced and pro surfers”, says the shaper Marcio Zouvy. The sales of 2015 increased without a doubt through the good actions of Filipe Toledo during the WSL. Lots of young surfers identified themselves with the surfing of Filipe and that generated a lot of interest for this board. The Holy Toledo, designed to generate maximum speed. This may or may not work for you. You´ll have to try it out and see.

9. SuperBrand: The Fling

Best-selling surfboards the fling superbrand

The Fling is one of the most popular surfboards in the last years. Mainly because it adapts itself to all types of conditions and levels. You can practically learn on this marvelous board. SuperBrand is led by the Gold Coast shaper Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher. Thanks to a great marketing policy, the visibility and availability of their surfboards sales have multiplied.

This year the brand comes with its Epoxy model. A good ally to enjoy your summer sessions. This board goes like a bullet on small waves and thanks to its quad configuration it can generate speed even on the flattest and crumbliest waves.

8. JS Industries: Monsta 3

best-selling surfboard monsta 3 JS industries

Have you seen some of your heroes surf a JS in the WSL? Then it most assuredly was a Monsta 3. This surfboard is Julian Wilsons and Joel Parkinson’s favorite. Originally Parko was the pioneer using this surfboard during the 2012 world championship. In 2013 it was considered a better surfboard by ASRA (Australian Surf Retailers). This year JS came back with guns blazing thanks to the advice of their talented and stylish riders. With so many people giving it a good opinion, there must be something to it? Right?

7. FireWire: Pyzalien

Most sold surfboards Pyzalien FireWire

Thanks to John “John” Florence surfing with ING MIDAS, the work of Jon Pyzel is now recognized worldwide. Not that his designs don´t speak for themselves, but sincerely, a guy like John “John” at the head of your brand helps. If we combine this with the close relation with FireWire, it´s no coincidence that this models sales have surged in the last half of the previous year.

Normally has a price of 790 euros. In our surfboard outlet you can get a FireWire Pyzalien for 590 euros.

6. Lost: V3 Rocket

Top selling surfboard V3 Rocket Lost

As much as clients liked to experiment in the past, a classic will never get old. This is the third installment of this version. Popularized by lover of fun, Mason Ho. This surfboard offers a sublime balance between performance and user friendliness. V3 Rocket has been a massive sales success. Lost makes this surfboard using lots of new techniques including its C3 and Blackdart technologies.

5. Channel Islands: New Flyer

Best-selling surfboards New Flyer Channel Island

If something works, why try to add more things? This is the attractive New Flyer Channel Islands. In the shaping world that is constantly changing, the New Flyer is as trustworthy as a Swiss clock. According to SIMA it was the 2013 surfboard. Something that brought it to lead in sales for that brand during that year. Its a testament of its great popularity that it has such a great capacity of resisting. Just like the Original Flyer, the New Flyer is so versatile that it´s maintained itself in the top all these years.

4. DHD Surfboards: DX1

Best selling surfboard DX1 DHD

When Julian Wilson accepted to be part of the “Stab in the Dark” project, he didn´t have a clue what it would entail. DHD asked for help from the 11 prestigious shapers. The objective was that each one of them would design a better shortboard, no logos, and no brands. They would just have to put a number on them to help identify them. Then it would be given to Julian, who lsot himself in West Oz with one mission, give a score to the performance of each of them. Only one was the best, and that honor befell to the surfboard identified as number 99: the Darren Handley DX1. This surfboard has a simple concave, which gets deeper the nearer you get to the bottom. It then finishes in the V. All of this helps the edge to edge transition.

Get a DX1 from DHD Surfboard with a 10% discount in Single Quiver.

If you want to know about the latest models from the Australian brand, don’t miss this article.

3. Lost: Puddle Jumper

Top selling surfboards Puddle Jumper Lost

From the sales perspective, the Puddle Jumper has been a complete success. This surfboard was designed with small waves in mind and its creators were astounded by how well it works in waves with ½ a meter and ¾ of a meter. It´s said that it´s perfection in a board. Its third position in the ranking is only because of its late launch in the market, it only came about in the last quarter of the year. Its behavior in sales isn´t only good at home (California), but also internationally in places like Australia and Indonesia.

A surfboard that reminds us a lot of the Puddle Jumper is the Aloha Black Bean, which is included in our best surfboards list for 2018.

2. Haydenshapes: Hypto Krypto

Best-sellign surfboard Hypto Krypto Hayden shapes

The Hypto Krypto needs no presentation. It’s the most popular surfboard in the last few years. A bit ago we gave our opinion on this surfboard. We leave a link for those who haven´t had the opportunity to read the review. By the director of marketings own words: “ Our most popular model every year keeps being the Hypto Krypto, which keeps surprising us and surpassing our expectations every year.”

1. Firewire: Evo by Daniel Thomson

Most sold surfboards Evo FireWire

The Evo has been a revolutionary design” as Tomo says. “It’s the result of 10 years of work. It´s considered by many as an unorthodox design

Then, what makes this surfboard so special? The bottom has indentations that give it a plus in speed, responding to changes in the rhythm that the surfer has. On the other hand, the fact that it doesn´t have a pointed nose makes it a more stable surfboard when doing aerials. We could say that it helps with these kinds of maneuvers.

The Evo has been number one in sales for FireWire. The surf shops have a hard time maintaining stock especially with the 5´5” and 5´8”. Getting people to accept this unconventional design was the greatest hurdle for Tomo. But once people tried it out, any doubts people had disappeared. In the end it was clear that there is nothing better than word of mouth as a marketing policy. And it seems to be working.

The Evo is one of the surfboards that we´ve been able to try out. Here is our review on it so that you can see how we rate this board. You can also get your own 5´4” Evo for 590 euros in our surfboard outlet in Single Quiver.


If you have any doubts about which model will best adapt itself to your objectives and style, call us, or send us an email. We are always glad to help.

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