Guide for buying a secondhand surfboard

Thinking about getting a secondhand surfboard? Read our post so that you don´t miss any details when looking for your board. The objective is to not choose the wrong surfboard. Here are a series of tips that will help you choose your secondhand surf material.

Choose a surfboard that is right for your level

First thing is first, the different types of surfboards are more or less adequate for different types of skill and types of waves you want to surf. Be careful with those ads that say “perfect for beginners”. Not all boards are good for surfers that are just starting. We advise you to take care of the volume. The more volume, the more floatability, something that will help us stand up, take off and paddle.

For those that are just starting in the surf world, it´s best to go for a longboard or a second hand evolution board… in any case, a board with lots of volume that will give you the stability you need. This will help you get started in this sport. If you are not sure what size to choose check out our surfboard recommender.

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Check for imperfections

Make sure there are no cracks or blows on the surfboards. A quick pass of your hand over the surface of the board should tell you all you need to know. A lot of times just looking at the board isn´t enough, small dents or imperceptible fixed up spots. But with your sense of touch you can detect which parts have a different density or texture.

Some parts of the board are more prone to damage than others like the edges or the bottom and where the fins go. These are typical for having damage, repair done and where water can enter.

Damaged nose on a secondhand surfboard

Damaged nose

If you notice that it´s been repaired, be careful, this can be dangerous. It´s possible that water has entered which will end up affecting the aerodynamics of the board (weighs more).

Cracked secondhand surfboard

Analyze its weight

The easiest way to do that is get your hands on a new surfboard to get a feel for what it should weigh. Once you´ve got that reference, you can check if the secondhand surfboard has any alterations. Make sure the weight difference is not too great, the secondhand surfboard may have the grip or fins… but it still should be comparable.

Check the weight of the secondhand surfboard

Check the firmness

Like a reanimating massage, put the surfboard with the bottom up and pressure with both hands over the center. Even though it’s a secondhand surfboard it shouldn´t dent easily. It´s important to check that the board conserves its hardness.

Firmnesss of secondhand surfboard

Take the wax off

Under the wax there can be scratches hidden, that after much use of the board, can cause filtration of water that will ultimately end up breaking the resin and deteriorating the floatability. Our post “how to put the wax on” will tell you how to also take the wax off.

Take the wax off the secondhand surfboard

Paint and color

Again, it´s important to carefully check that there are no imperfections under the paint. Usually happens that after a dent and reparation, a layer of paint is added with the objective of hiding it. So check for changes in the tones of paint.

If the surfboard has a yellowish tint, this means it´s been exposed to the sun for long periods of time and can have lost some of its solidity.

Where to buy a secondhand surfboard?

There are a multitude of facebook groups dedicated towards selling secondhand surfboards and material. There are also surf shops that, especially during this time of year, are selling second hand surfboards. Lastly, we have the traditional web pages with secondhand goods like ebay.

Anyways, we have to take into account the price of secondhand surfboards and the offers online, a lot of time it would be better to buy a new one just for a bit more and get the exact size you need. There are even surf outlets where you can find a good offer.

Also, above all, use your common sense. Ask a surfer friend. Buying a secondhand surfboard takes time. Comparing prices, state of the board, checking photos… and its always better to physically check it.

Lastly, have fun with your new acquisition!

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