The best 5 surfboards for this winter

Being right in the middle of winter, it’s time to know which are the 5 best surfboard models for this winter. Five shortboards that because of their characteristics are perfect for the waves we get around this time of the year. Are you thinking about growing your quiver this year? As always, it will depend on you level, the types of waves you surf and your budget. Next we leave you with the selection that our experts have compiled:

DHD Sweetspot 2.0

The surfboard DHD Sweetspot 2.0 is designed for resisting the harshest of conditions. One of the best options for this winter and not miss the waves, as strong as they may be.

With a more pronounced rocker and the possibility of mounting four fins there won´t be a vertical wave that resists this board. Also with its round tail, reinforced carbon tail, you´ll draw long lines of speed. Without a doubt one of the best shortboards this winter.

Mick Fanning Sweet spot

DHD Ducksnuts

The surfboard DHD MF Ducksnuts is another one of the options from the shaper Darren Handley for this winter. A shortboard with less glass layers making this board lightweight and easy to move. The Ducksnuts is perfect for waves for powerful waves of up to 3m.

You have the possibility of mounting four fins and has a round tail that gives more hold in strong waves and gives you more control when doing wide turns. A good option for big winter waves.

Mick Fanning Ducksnuts

Mick in Snappers Rock


Clayton Swivel

The Clayton Swivel is a rounded surfboard that gives balance and has an easy paddle. The modern concaves and rails let it be handled like a shortboard. It has a double concave and with the rails gives it high performance. This model has a medium entry rocker that lets work in any condition.

With this board you can surf waves between 1.5m and 3m. This is directed towards beginners all the way to advanced surfers. The model comes with a standard configuration of five fins and round tail with reinforced carbon.

This surfboard is ideal if you need a bit of additional volume to help you catch waves without sacrificing performance.  Polyvalent board so you don´t miss the water.

Clayton Swivel

F6 Goldbeach

The F6 is a board with most nose rocker in the whole Fun Boards series from the brand. That´s why it’s the most polyvalent and best board that are looking for harsh conditions. This model has a round tail with reinforced carbon and futures tri fin system. With this shortboard we can surf waves up to 2m tall.

It’s a board that is easy to move if we, we recommend this board for intermediate level to advanced.

F6 Goldbeach

Pukas Zombie Wolf

The new creation from the shaper Lee Stacey, it’s the evolution of other models like the Original or the Dire. This model lets you paddle waves with ease, since it’s a mix of shortboard and step up.

You can configure this board with combo and surf quad or tri fin. The zombie Wold from Stacey Surfboards has a pronounced rocker that helps go down vertical waves and with the possibility of mounting four fins, this gives you extra hold in the hardest of conditions in winter. It incorporates round tail and reinforced that does justice to its name.

Pukas Zombie Wolf

And here is our selection of best winter surfboards. We promise that this post will get longer with the as we get newer boards. We will expand with more information so don’t miss out!

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