6 Activities that will help us not lose our surfing rhythm

For those that live far from the sea, or for any other reason, can´t surf daily we give you 6 activities so that your body doesn´t forget how to surf. Surf training exercises so that when you do go surfing, you won´t feel that you´ve gotten rusty and maintain good form.


Swimming is an activity that is similar to the paddling we do and will help us maintain and strengthen our core. Also, swimming helps augment our lung capacity, which we will notice next time we have a surf session and will bring us more confidence and security when catching bigger waves.

surf training swimming

Benefits of swimming for surfers

Here we have a training regime that’s very easy to follow and you can do in any public pool. If you need more then we recommend our full surf training proposal.


Yoga is a discipline that will help us improve our stability, equilibrium, coordination, flexibility and strength. Physical aspects that are very important when we get in the water. With practice, our body will slowly surpass the limits of its joints and its movements will be more fluid.

Also, yoga will help us prevent lesions. With certainty we will start to feel our mobility in our joints will improve. Also freeing tension in over worked muscles. There are a lot of benefits to yoga for a surfer. For more info we recommend this article on yoga.

surf training yoga

Yoga and surf, a strange couple


It´s not the first time we talk about the pros of surfskating. In fact, in our Youtube Channel you can find surfskate tutorial videos to do surf maneuvers.

This new modality of skate is ideal for tracing your first maneuvers over the asphalt. With surfskate you can also feel the surfing sensation where you work the core and shoulders. Important parts of the body when surfing. Get your surfskate for 19.58 euros a month. No paperwork or headaches.

Physical training

To enjoy the maximum of every surf session it´s a good idea maintain your body. Body training and weight training can keep the rust of your muscles, and keep your core on point. Also remember not to forget a balanced diet.

Check out our phsysical training videos in our channel.

Indo Board

This is a fun and challenging way to help improve our balance. With them we can do tons of balancing exercises. With one leg or both we will work our balance and proprioception. This last concept is used a lot in rehabilitation of lesions and its prevention.

The set which is a board and roller are available starting at 140 euros. It’s the ideal accessory to train basic positions for surf and skate. A good gist for Christmas, it will help improve our balance and stability by a lot.

Surf training indo board

Ideal excercise to train balance


Slackline is a balancing sport where we use a length of flat webbing or slack rope. Generally tied to two trees and tensed. The tension of the rope can be adjusted based on the experience of the user.

The key resides in aligning our body from head to toe. Going from the shoulders, chest, our entire core and finally our legs. This way, we work almost every part of our body; it’s an all body workout. And another good activity to complement our surfing sessions.

slackline 283223 1920

Complementary Training for Surfing

Like everything in life, our results won´t be immediate. This is a long distance run. But it will be worth it in the end. There are many pros that have shown us their tricks and training to keep in shape. It´s not a coincidence that Kelly Slater at 44 or Laird Hamilton with 52 are better than some of us at 20. Both surfers are very aware on the importance of taking care oneself to stay at the top.

 Complementary sports for surf training

Yoga, Swimming, Slackline, Surfskate, Crossfit. This last one has been trending lately, and is already part of the training routine of many surfers. Like the case of big wave surfers like Shane Dorian. If you are interested in seeing how the best big wave surfers train, check out our article.

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