Is the funboard the best option for surf beginners?

Just finished a surf course and feel the need for more? Don´t know which board to buy? Today we´ll talk to you about the funboard, one of the best options for beginners. A type of board for surfers that just finished surfing classes and want to practice autonomously.

In this post you´ll learn all you need to know aboutfunboards and why these are the best boards for beginners.

What are the differences between funboards and others?

The main difference between a funboard model and other boards (shortboard, longboard, twinfin…) is its floatability and dimensions. Two factors that as a beginner surfer should keep in mind. That’s because the wider and bigger the dimensions, the better it floats, and that helps the paddling.

We can say that there are 3 types of boards that are made especially for people that want to learn to surf. Softboards, mini malibus and funboards. The sizes of this board (funboard) range between 6´2” up to 7´6”. Another core difference with other boards in the wideness and it has more liters. A design that makes it easier to get to the peak with easier paddling from the very first day.

funboard paddling

For who is the funboard made for?

The funboards are made especially for surfers that are starting. Towards surfers that come out of a surfing course with the desire for more, and want to get from a softboard to a higher level. Surfers that have basic notions assimilated like standing up on the surfboard.

funboard intermidiate surfing

In which type of waves or conditions do funboards work?

Funboards work very well with small and weaker waves. Also works well in spots where not much sea enters, like the Mediterranean.

funboard Mediterranean

How much does an funboard cost?

Just like everything else in this life, the price of an funboard depends on the brand and the material with which it´s made. As we said in an old post “4 reason to not buy a cheap surfboard”, the price shouldn´t be the main factor when buying a board.

In general we could say that its price is around 350 and 550 euros.

funboard Surfboard

Which are the typical sizes of funboards?

We could say that these boards are between 6´2” and 7´6” long. The most used lengths are 6´8” boards and 7´2” boards. These last two sizes have between 45 liters and 53 liters.

Which size do I need?

Looking for a surfboard and don´t know which size is best for your level? Length, width, volume, liters… maybe you´re not used to these words you will soon. Don´t miss our tutorial videos where we explain the different variables that influence a surfboard. If you have any doubts about which brand or size is best adapted to your style check our surfboard recommender or write us an email.

What are funboards made of?

Approximately 80% of the funboards made use polyester also known as PU. Although there has been a surge in epoxy evolution surfboards lately.

Once finished they both look similar. But it´s true that epoxy boards have a few advantages that should be known and that we tell you in our article “Different material sued for surfboards”.

Fiberglass surfboards

These are very common and usually are sold at a good price, and you can feel the difference of a fiberglass board and a softboard. Its material gives good maneuverability to the surfboard, while also giving a quick response time when on the water. They are more economical than epoxy boards. But one of its disadvantages is less floatability and less resistance.

Fiberglass board are usually between the 350€ – 500€ price range

Fiberglass funboard

Fiberglass funboard

Epoxy surfboard

These types of boards are lighter and float more. Something that makes these the ideal models to start surfing with. Also they are more resistant to blows and color deterioration from sun exposure. Their disadvantage is they cost more than fiberglass boards starting at 500€.

funboard from Aloha Surfboards

Evolution Surfboard 6’8 Aloha

For example this is from the Australian brand Aloha Surfboards. Fun Division Model. A 6´8” evolution surfboard made with epoxy. You can also find the 7´6” model in Single Quiver at 590€.

Epoxy funboard; 6´8” – 560€ or 7´6” – 590€

Cheap funboards.

If you are looking for a cheap funboard that lets you learn, but you can also keep using after you´ve gotten more experience, the Iwa Evo model from Single Quiver could be what you´re looking for. It´s an evolution board perfect for riders that want to get better in the least amount of time possible. Wider in front giving more stability and easy takeoff. With generous volume to help paddle.

It has a price of 400€. A board that we would include inside the range of cheap funboards.

Another cheaper option would be the Evo Supersonic. Just as its name says it’s a board made for evolving. Made with riders that have either gone through a course or practiced a bit beforehand in mind. Its price is 380€.

Do visit our surfboard outlet. Here you will find the best offers in surf material in all the web.

Is it worth it to buy a second hand funboard?

If you still don´t know if surf will be your thing and only want to dip your toes in it for now, we do recommend a second hand evolution surfboard. It´s important to check the details before buying one so we advise you to read our post “How to choose a second hand surfboard?”

Where to surf with these types of surfboards?

As we´ve been saying, funboards are made for beginner surfers. In Basque Country for example there are a number of beaches which would be optimal to use your board for the first time. As is the case of Plentzia, Zarautz, Bakio or Laga. On the other hand, in Cantabria there are good options like the beaches of Somo, Liencres, Berria or Laredo (in the winter). In Asturias we have Gijon, Salinas or Rodiles. If you´re in Galicia the best beaches to surf at are Pantin, Doñinos or Razo. This would quickly cover our lovely northern coast if you are visiting around here.

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