The new DHD Surfboards: Twin Fin Asher Pacey

Today we want to talk to you about the new Twin Fin releases from the Australian brand DHD this summer. It’s the new collection of Mini Twin Fins and Twin Fins from DHD Surfboards. A small delicatessen that comes from the hands of the prestigious international surfer Asher Pacey.

1. The shaper behind the DHD surfboards

Darren Handley, creator of DHD surfboards, grew up in Gold Coast. A unique place in the world with some of the best waves in the world. This great variety of waves let Darren perfect his abilities as a shaper. Today we could say that he shapes some of the best boards in the world. Boards used by the biggest “pros” from the surf world circuit like Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Jack Freestone or the recent incorporation in DHD of Owen Wright.

Darren Handley

2. Expert reviews: Asher Pacey

The DHD Mini Twin is the retro fish that Asher Pacey uses. A board made for the classic surfer that is looking for a retro board with a two fin system.

asher pacey pro surfer

Asher Pacey pro surfer “Having the point breaks here on the coast it’s pretty easy to ride different boards and play around. I was riding quads but it was a natural progression to try something a little more lively, a little more loose … and I haven’t looked back since.”


3. Testing Asher Paceys DHD Mini Twin

A test run was done during Zierbenas Surf Film Festival. Out of all the boards you could try, there was Asher Paceys Mini Twin. This is what Mikel Aramendi told us in an exclusive for Single Quiver after trying it.

4. The Surfboards material

The famous brand from the Australian shaper Darren Handley combines the best aspects from the two commonly used materials: fiberglass and epoxy. Handley called his new creation “EpoxyCore”. The same Darren said that the trick has distributing the weight. A distribution that gives the greatest control over the board to bury the rail and give the exact and necessary control to complete the maneuver.

mick fanning dhd surfboards

Tested by world champion Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore and the pro surfer Jack Freestone with magnificent results.

5. The video from Asher Pacey: Twin Fin Addiction

Asher Pacey is a declared Twin Fin addict, and in truth, judging by the images in the video that we have here, it´s a board that looks really good.

6. Its Price

With spectacular designs and finishes, and with prices starting at 689 euros, the Australian brand looks to bring a revolution to the beaches with its Twin Fins. A phenomenon that we´ve baptized as Twinfinmaia.

You all know that EnelPico we´ve been talking for a year now about the good traits of these types of boards to surf summer waves. The DHD Mini Twin is the perfect board to surf waves that are between 0.5m and 1.5m.

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7. The Mini Twin DHD models

Mini twin fins dhd asher pacey

All the models come with tinted resin finish. In his summer catalogue we find ranging colors; from blue, orange, green or pink and even more bold designs, like the one Glen Hall is using to surf in this video.

8. The Twin Fins from Asher Pacey

For these types of Twin Fins we recommend the AP5.79” twin gins from Shapers. This model of twin fins is inspired in the surfing of the freesurfer Asher Pacey. Designed to give the maximum propulsion, velocity and grip the curves that maintain an enjoyable and fluid course.

asher pacey twin fin

Foto @Single Quiver

Stay tuned to our Youtube channel and our Instagram since well be showing you the different models that will be passing through our hands. Do you have any doubts about which models will adapt themselves better to your surfing style? Send us an email and ask us. We are more than glad to help you with your surfing needs.

twin fin asher pacey DHD

Mini Twin Fin DHD Foto @Single Quiver

9. Where to buy?

Sold at Single Quiver. Official DHD surfboards shop.

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