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Why should I get an Inflatable Paddle Board?

Thanks to the easy and comfortable storage, inflatable paddle boards are gaining terrain from the classic fiber SUPs. The most innovative brands in the industry have gotten to work and each year they surprise us with even lighter boards. Without a doubt a good way to travel with your board and not depend on schools to rent material. In our article What Paddle Board should I get? We already talk about the advantages that an inflatable paddle board has. Today we´ll talk about what you need to know about inflatable SUP.

Advantages of inflatable paddle boards

Next we´ll tell you about the advantages of inflatable paddle boards versus the traditional rigid SUPs. Paddle board is a sport that counts more people every day in their ranks. As we see, we can even see Orlando Bloom over a paddle board.

Orlando Bloom paddle board

Cities like Barcelona, Valencia, Mallorca and Malaga are perfect to practice this sport. In Barcelona, paddle boarding is one of the best alternatives for days with no waves. A bit ago we´ve talked about the best beaches in Valencia to do paddle board.

But the fever for this sport has extended farther than the coastal cities. In Madrid for example, reservoirs and lakes have turned into pilgrimage sites for paddle board fans.

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1. Easy to transport

If you are one of those people that like to travel and are fascinated about aquatic sports you should have an inflatable SUP. They are easy to transport. Since when they are deflated, you keep it in a bag and done. Onwards to the next adventure! Also, these types of boards are bulky and weigh little compared to a rigid SUP.

2. Resistant

Although they are inflatable, it doesn´t mean they are fragile. It also doesn´t mean that at the smallest cut they will break. Also they are usually designed with special protection in mind which makes them rigid and resistant. The brands realize a strong investment in R+D to get a quick evolution in these types of boards. Brands like Red Paddle Co put their SUPs through harsh conditions and tests so that they will be reliable in any situation. This pioneering brand boasts of having ridden an excavator of 22 tons over their boards.

3. Reduced size

Inflatable paddle boards that are folded have a size of approximately 120x50x40cm. This size helps the transport and the possibility of going anywhere in the world with you SUP material. On you back, checked in a plane, kept in your wardrobe or in a basement, its reduced size is really a plus compared to fiber boards.

4. Weight

The inflatable paddle boards have a lower weight than rigid SUPS or fiber SUPS. Thus they are more manageable for smaller or not as strong people.

5. Different types and modalities of SUPs

If there is something that stands out of inflatable paddle boards it´s their versatility in the water. The diversity of shapes makes it so that there are different and specific models for each of the disciplines. You can find inflatable boards for surf, touring around, doing yoga, descend rivers or competition. The possibilities rise each year.

What aspects influence the price of an inflatable paddle board?

The prices of the inflatable paddle boards go between 200 euros to 1000 euros. Just as with surfboards, the qualities and materials of SUPs are what mark the difference. Difference that of course needs and explanation. Before buying a SUP check the following aspects:

  • If you have a complete kit or not. The complete kit of accessories of an inflatable SUP is usually included in the board with inflator, oar and bag. Although it can also include fins, travel cover and leash.
  • Manufacturing material. It´s important to know how many layers the board has. Generally, the more layers the board has, the more rigid and resistant it is.

In the article Red Paddle Co: the board that has it all we explain into more detail the whole kit the inflatable boards have, as well as the manufacturing material to make them.

We are of a mind that a lot of time buying cheap will be expensive. So we recommend that you try to find something that has good value. If you still don´t know if paddle board is for you, another good option is buying a second hand paddle board. For that we recommend “Guide to buy a second hand SUP”.

Anyway, before getting your SUP, try and rent a board in one of the many paddle surf schools around. Our recommendation is that you try it out first, it would be a shame if you got a board and you didn’t like the sport, or that the size is the wrong one for you.

The best inflatable SUPs

In Single Quiver asexperts in Paddle Board we dare to say the following: “The best inflatable paddle boards are from Red Paddle Co”. In fact we´ve already told you they why of this in our article Red Paddle Co: The board that has it all. Their RSS system augments the rigidity of the boards and their MSL technology reduces the weight of the board and gives it rigidity with less pressure.

Next we´ll tell you about the different board varieties that the Red Paddle Co has in their large catalogue of paddle boards.

Frequently asked questions about inflatable SUP

1. How long does it take to inflate an inflatable paddle board?

Manually it takes around 7 to 12 minutes to fully inflate a SUP All Around of 10´6”. That time depend firstly on the type of inflator we use (double chamber is faster) and the size and volume of the board. The bigger it is, the more time it takes. If you have the option of inflating your SUP with an automatic pump, the time won´t vary much but the effort will.

The boards from Red Paddle Co come with a Titan Pump that counts with a double chamber which will be twice as fast than any other which also secures that the board will be inflated at the recommended pressure without doing as much effort.

Titan pump SUP

Titan Pump Red Paddle Co

2. How long does it take to deflate an inflatable SUP?

Unlike inflating a SUP, a board will deflate in a few minutes. Once the valve is open, the air escapes easily and quickly, while you can finish packing up. After a few minutes you only need to fold it and stow it away. We recommend you start to fold it from the opposite side of the valve. That way you will help any remaining air to leave.

Inflatable paddle board

3. Can I check in my inflatable SUP in the plane?

Yes! iSUPs occupy very little space. The bad isn´t even considered special baggage. Approximately, the pack with the paddle board, pump, row and accessories will weigh around 10 kgs. So there is no additional fee. This is without a doubt one of the greatest advantages of an inflatable paddle board.

4. What oar should I buy?

The most important thing when buying a paddle board oar is knowing what kind of paddle board we want. That´s why we wanted to dedicate a whole post for this question. We give you tips on which oar to buy for your paddle board. The majority of packs include an oar in the price, but if you want a plus in quality or need to renew you equipment, we´ll give you some basic guidelines now.

Our recommendation is that you choose a 3 piece oar. This will give you the opportunity to keep it in your bag with the board and adjust the size to your height. Then the material, there are plastic oars, aluminum, wood, fiber glass and carbon. These last ones are the most professional and expensive. One of the best intermediate options is the glass fiber oar. Good, aesthetic and cheap. They won´t be the lightest in the market, since carbon weighs less, but they will have a nice weight to it. Also not the strongest, since Kevlar has more resistance, but they will let you row with comfort, security and smoothness. For their value they´re the most recommended. Our tip is Red Paddle Co Glass Vario 3P

5. What basic care does a SUP need?

Inflatable paddle boards don´t need a lot of care. Just as we told you with neoprene wetsuits, it´s recommended cleaning it with fresh water after use. Especially if you´re going to deflate it, fold it and store it. Once cleaned, and before keeping it in the bag, we recommend you wait for it to dry. SUPs, just like surfboards, shouldn’t be exposed for long periods of time under the sun while dry and deflated.

6. How much does an inflatable paddle board weigh?

The weight of a paddle board depends on its size and volume. The bigger the board and the more volume it has, the more it will weigh. Approximately an inflatable paddle board that is folded will weigh almost 10 kgs.

7. What paddle board do I need to start?

If you are thinking about buying your first paddle board, we recommend you get an All Around board. Why? Because this type of SUP will serve for a bit of everything. For touring around, catching waves or taking your son. This way, you can try with one board the different modalities. Once you know which is the one you like the most, the range of inflatable SUPs is ample.

We recommend that the board be big and have a generous amount of volume. That way it will float better and will be easier for you to maintain balance. If you are going to practice paddle board non-professionally but in a continuous way, we recommend you buy a good quality board. That way you guarantee yourself that it lasts longer.

8. What volume should the board have?

The easiest way to know the volume of your SUP should have is multiplying your weight by 2. If you are new to this sport and still don’t have much practice, it´s better to multiply your weight by 2.2. With this multiplication, you´ll get the volume in liters. For example: If you weigh 55kg and you are an initiation rider, your volume should be 55 x 2.2 = 121 liters.

Paddle board is a very grateful sport. In very little time of practicing it, you´ll notice improvement. That´s why our recommendation is that you don´t go overboard on the volume of the board. At first you´ll be thankful for the extra volume since it will give you floatability. But as you get better and improve your balance, that plus in volume will not be needed and you´ll want a less voluminous board.

The different manufacturers don´t talk anymore about volume but kilos that a paddle board can support. This way the All Round Ride 10´6” from Red Paddle Co is made for rider up to 100 kg. While the All Round Ride 10´8” is for surfers that are up to 120 kg.

Inflatable paddle board

Modalities of Paddle Board Red Paddle Co

1. SUP All Round Ride 10´6”

All around paddle board

If you can´t get more than one board from Red Paddle Co, the Ride 10´6” is the one we recommend. It’s the most popular board and the most sold. Its success lies in its quality, durability, innovation and versatility. The Ride 10´6” is designed to float and slide easily over calm waters, seas, rivers… It has the exact curvature to precisely move smoothly with waves, without any problem about the type of rider you are. It thickness of 4.7” / 120 mm, augments its rigidity without affecting performance. Its MSL technology makes it lightweight but robust. Perfect for those people that are starting in the SUP world.

Price: starting at 95.25 €/month. Includes all terrain backpack RED Original, Titan Pump Inflator, repair kit and waterproof smartphone cover.

2. SUP Travesia

The Red Paddle Co Sport 11´ board is designed for calm waters. This board is perfect to jump from beginner to intermediate. It serves for longer distances where you can get more speed. It has an RSS system and MSL technology.

Price: starting at 111.56 €/month

Red Paddle Co Sport 11´0

Gama Sport Red Paddle

If the Ride boards are equivalent to a family hatchback, the Sport line is like the convertible. The Sport models 11´, 11´3” and 12´6” are a step up from the Ride line. Designed for riders with more experience, they offer more speed and dynamism. The 11´0” inflates quickly and offers excellent benefits in calm waters for riders of up to 90 kgs. While the 11´3” is recommended for riders of up to 110 kgs. The 12´6” is the perfect Sport SUP for long travels.

What is included in the pack? All terrain bag Red Original, Titan Pump inflator, repair kit, impermeable smartphone cover, extractable US Box FCS fin and RSS battens. Get your own high performance boards for long travels starting at 110 €/month.

inflatable paddle board

3. SUP Surf Whip 8´10”

The Red Paddle Co Whip 8´10” is designed for surf lovers. Especially for those that travel all around the world. Since they are inflatable it´s easier to transport from place to place. It has the RSS system and MSL technology.

Price: starting at 95.25 €/month

Paddle board surf

4. SUP Windsurf

The Red Paddle Co Windsurf 10´7” is designed for those people that want to practice windsurf. It offers the experience of windsurfing as much as SUP. It has MSL technology.

Paddle board windsurf

Price: 134.58 €/month

SUP windsurf

5. SUP Race

SUP race

The Red Paddle Co Max Race 10´6” board is thought for those people that want to get into the competition world of SUP. This board lets you compete against all types of obstacles in a race. It has RSS system and MSL technology.

Price: starting at 106.58 €/month

Paddle board race

6. SUP Yoga

The Red Paddle Co Activ board 10´8” is made for those yoga, pilates and fitness aficionados. Perfect for disconnecting from the noise of the city and enjoying the tranquility of nature cultivating your mind, body and soul. It has MSL technology.

Price: starting at 106.58€/month

Relax, forget your stress and enjoy the benefits of you on this board. The Activ 10´8” from Red Paddle Co is perfect for yoga, pilates and for stretching. Based on the Ride 10´8” but with more thickness to reduce the quantity of water that covers the board area. Also, the board is very rigid and wide, so it´s perfect to do postures and training for yoga. The last touch comes from the EVA deck on the superior part of the board. This deck serves as a yoga pad. Also a perfect board for just calmly rowing.

What does the pack include? All terrain bag Red Original, Titan Pump inflator, repair kit, waterproof smartphone cover. Get your SUP board to practice yoga starting 110 €/month.

Paddle yoga SUP


Paddle board accessories

The inflatable paddle board pack usually include bag, pump, waterproof smartphone cover and repair kit. Some packs also include oar and leash. Like the promotional pack from the Whip model. If you buy inflatable paddle board, it´s very probable that you are one of these frequent travellers.

1. The back pack

It´s important that the backpack to transport the paddle board is as comfortable as possible. Here we´ll tell you the details that mark the difference between a normal bag and a good bag.

  • The fact that they are padded and can be put away is a plus for comfort
  • Integrated wheels. The wheels help transport the SUPs
  • Label included. Especially useful if you travel by plane and check in you material
  • Double stitching. It makes it more durable

2. The pump

Another important accessory when buying an inflatable SUP is the pump. A normal pump can become a nightmare for inflating. We recommend that before you buy a paddle board you make sure it includes a double chamber pump. This will make inflating the board to the recommended pressure easier and with less effort.

For who are paddle boards?

Inflatable paddle boards adapt themselves to any person. There isn´t any special physical requirement to be able to enjoy this sport. In paddle board, your level of skill, age, or physical condition aren´t an issue. Also there is a board model for almost every use. SUP for surf, for yoga or pilates, for fitness, for touring, racing or river.

From EnelPico we encourage you to try rowing on an inflatable paddle board and start to explore our coasts. The inflatable boards are perfect to bring on boats for recreation, in the trunk of your car or in a plane. You can check in the back pack at the same price as any luggage, since this type of bad isn´t considered special baggage.

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Where can I buy one?

In Single Quiver we have boards for different modalities of SUP. Also you can find the best boards from Red Paddle Co.

So that it´s easier you can pay in monthly installments with no paperwork or hassle.

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