Paddle board oar

Tips for buying your paddle board oar

The most important choice when buying a paddle board oar is knowing what type of paddle board we want. Next we´ll talk about the different types of oars that exist for the different modalities of paddle board.

Parts of the rowing oar

paddle board oar pommel

The pommel is the upper part of the oar. It usually has a T shape, with a bit of a curve. There are pommels that are more ergonomic than others. This gives you the highest grade of comfort when grabbing and rowing. This will be reflected in more speed.

The pole is the link of the upper part, the pommel, and the lower part, the blade. It will help us row with more or less force. If it’s soft and flexible it will absorb our movements against the sea. These are directed more for fun and surf. Like people that weigh less and don´t have much muscle. If it’s hard and rigid it favors the rowing and gives you more speed. These are made for competition and for people that weigh more and have muscle.


The blade is the inferior part of the oar. There are a great variety of blades sizes. We can distinguish them for their width. The wider they are the more impulse we can give it but we will lose speed of row. If they are narrower you´ll gain more rowing speed but for each row there will be less strength. For fun we recommend wider blades and for competition we recommend a narrower blade.

Rowing material

Plastic oars are rows for kids. More of a toy. With this type of material you can´t row with a lot of strength, since we run the risk of breaking it since it´s fragile.

paddle board oar plastic

Aluminum oars are rows for beginners or paddle board initiation. They aren’t the best in the market, the other way around actually. They are heavy, it could be that they don´t even float on their own. You have the risk of bending it if you row too hard or even breaking it.

aluminum paddle board oar

Wooden oars are the classically used rows. At first glance they are visually beautiful. Have good floatability, since wood floats with no problem. The bad part is their weight and low ergonomics.

wooden SUP oars

Fiber glass oars are the most recommended when it comes to quality, aesthetics and price. They aren´t the most lightweight, since carbon weighs less. But they aren´t so heavy you can´t use them. They aren´t the strongest, since Kevlar has more resistance. But they´ll let you row with comfort and smoothness. The best value for you money.

Fiber glass SUP oar

Carbon oars are the most professional. If you are looking for quality and money is no object, this is your oar. They are expensive but have an impressive resistance and they are so lightweight.

Carbon paddle board oar

Kevlar oars are the best in the market. That´s why they are prohibitive to most wallets. Stronger than iron and don´t weigh a thing. Not as fragile to impacts as carbon.

Kevlar paddle board oar

Types of oars by paddle board modality

There are 3 paddle board modalities, and each one of them has their own oar.

1. Paddle surf oar

To do this style you´ll need an oar that gives you the fastest acceleration in the shortest amount of time to catch waves.

Characteristics of the oar

Oar height: from 0 to 20 cm more than your height.

Width of blade: Narrow

Size of blade: Small

Shape of blade: Flat

paddle surf SUP

2. Paddle race oar

For paddle race you need a combination of acceleration and speed. Since this sport consists in going faster than your competition but also being able to maintain a constant rhythm throughout the race.

Paddle race SUP

Characteristics of the oar

Oar height: 15 to 30 cm more than your height

Width of blade: Narrow

Size of blade: Long

Shape of blade: Flat or dihedral

3. All round paddle board oar

This modality of paddle has nothing to do with the last two we´ve mentioned. This is directed towards fun. People that want a calm rhythm, with no worries of where they´ll end up.

Characteristics of the oar

Oar height: 10 to 27 cm more than your height

Width of blade: Wide

Size of blade: Long

Shape of blade: Dihedral

ALL Around Paddle Board

Now you know all you need to know about paddle board and before we show you how to practice Stand Up Paddleboard, we´ll give you some tips on which oar will fit you best.

Fixed oars vs adjustable oars

There are two types of oars. Fixed oars and adjustable oars. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages and we´ll list them.

1. Fixed SUP oar

Wooden SUP oar

The fixed oar just as its name says doesn´t have the possibility of changing sizes. Some are a bit less heavy. They don´t lose flexibility which is better if we have to do more effort. Some are recommended for Paddle Surf and Paddle Race.

2. Adjustable SUP oar

Adjustable oars are perfect for beginners in paddle board, regardless of Surf, Race or All Round- It will let you know which is your ideal size, and try out different sizes of the oar. If you want to practice the three modalities (Surf, Race and All Round), it’s a good oar for you. It adjusts itself to different sizes that each modality will ask of you. You can also share the oar with family and friends and change the size for them.

Adjustable paddle board oar

The best adjustable SUP oars

The Red Paddle Co brand is one of the best known in the world for inflatable SUPs. As we´ve said in the article Red Paddle Co: the board that has everything. The guys at Red Paddle Co have the latest on paddle boards. That’s why for people that are initiating, we recommend their adjustable oars.

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The best oars from Red Paddle Co

1. Red Paddle Co oar Glass Vario 3P


glass vario 3p adjustable sup oar

Pole: Fiber Glass

Measurements: 180 – 220 cm

Weight: 0.93 kg

Blade: Fiber Glass

Regulator: Lever Lock, Cam Lock

Price: 215€

From 22.91 €/month in Single Quiver

2. Red Paddle Co oar Glass-Nylon Vario 3P

Pole: Fiber Glass

Measurements: 180 – 220 cm

Weight: 0.93 kg

Blade: Nylon

Regulator: Lever Lock, Cam Lock

glass-nylon vario 3p adjsutable paddle board oar

Price: 129€

Sold in Single Quiver

3. Red Paddle Co oar Vario 3P 170-210

vario 3p 170-210 adjsutable paddle board oar

Pole: Covered in EVA

Measurements: 170 – 210 cm

Weight: 1.07 kg

Blade: Nylon

Regulator: Push Pin

Pommel: T-grip (ergonomic design)

Price: 109 €

Available in Single Quiver

4. Red Paddle Co oar ALLOY MIDI 3P

Pole: Covered in EVA

Measurements: 180 – 220 cm

Weight: 1.09 kg

Blade: Nylon

Regulator: Push Pin

Pommel: T-grip (ergonomic design)

ALLOY MIDI 3P adjustable paddle board oar

Price: 99.05€

More information

In Single Quiver we have all the SUP models for sale. If you are thinking about gifting something to a paddle board lover, visit us or ask us your doubts.

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