The future of paddle board is called Compact Ride 9´6” Red Paddle Co

The paddle board brand Red Paddle Co has done it again. This time they´ve launched a new Paddle Board that occupies half the space compared to other inflatable SUPs, while still maintaining the rigidity and resistance that´s characterized by this brand. “Half the space, double the adventures”. It´s the slogan with which the brand presents this new and innovative inflatable paddle board.

paddle board Compact ride 9´6"


It has taken Red Paddle Co ten year to launch this revolutionary paddle board. The new Compact 9´6” from Red Paddle Co uses a unique patented technology, lets you fold it in half and package it into an ultra-small size. Next we´ll give you a list on the advantages of this inflatable SUP with respect to other models from the brand and competition in the market:

  • The new Compact 9´6” is easier to transport. This SUP occupies half the space than a conventional inflatable paddle board.
  • Maintains its rigidity and resistance that Red Paddle Co boards are known for.
  • It has PACT technology: it has a high tension matrix in the center of the board that is combines with a layer that is extra strong but moldable.

How is it possible that it occupies half the space?

Thanks to the promise Red Paddle Co has with innovation and their in brand PACT technology, the new weaving process has created a fiber matrix with high tension in the center of the board that is combined with a layer of extra-strong but moldable exterior.

Paddle board

The new Compact Ride occupies little space

Board specifications

With this new revolutionary board, you´ll enjoy the comfort of being able to take it with you wherever you go. Going by train, bike or in your car trunk, it will be easier. Its reduced size will let you keep it easily in your apartment or boat.

The company will launch only one model and one size for this board. The size is like the Ride model, with 9´6” x 32” mm x 4´7” mm and 222 liters. Although the company has assured that due to its material and width, this model can be equivalent to a Ride 10´6”.

  • Length: 9´6”
  • Width: 813 mm/32”
  • Thickness: 120 mm/4.7”
  • Volume: 222 liters
  • Weight of the rider: Up to 95 kg

red paddle co compact

Pact compact 9´6”

Like the rest of the board models from Red Paddle Co, the Compact Ride is sold with a complete accessory kit that includes backpack, paddle, inflator, fins and leash.

Compact Ride Red Paddle Co

Accessories for the Compact 9´6” Red Paddle Co

1. Backpack

The new Compact Ride comes with a backpack that is smaller than the previous. The brand has been able to reduce the size without it affecting the space. This paddle board backpack counts with the lumbar support so as to not hurt your back. It´s adapted to any person of any stature so that it´s adequate for paddlers of any size. It also permits you to transport the paddle in an easy and comfortable way.

From Red Paddle Co they are convinced that the new Compact Ride backpack has the most advanced design in the world. A backpack that impacts 53% less descending force over the lumbar of the backpacker. This lets you travel during more time and more comfortably than a traditional bag.


Height: 560 mm | Width: 420 mm | Depth: 280 mm

 Compact ride 9´6" back pack

2. Compact 5 piece Paddle

The paddle included in the Compact Ride 9´6” is a 5 piece paddle. Made of high-modulus carbon for more strength. After years of investigation and trials, Red Paddle Co has found the perfect solution for a five piece paddle. A paddle that packs up perfectly.

Technical characteristics:

  • Material: The paddle is made with high-modulus carbon for rigidity, with a pure nylon blade.
  • Eco: The paddle is laser etched, not printed on or transferred on. This way the design is always maintained, without affecting its style.
  • Mounting: The new anti-torsion adjust system from Red paddle with pressure plug technology of 45 degrees has resulted in a compact paddle.

Red paddle co

3. Titan inflator

The pack includes the Titan inflator from Red Paddle Co. A pump with double camera system and a handle that lets air pass through perfectly in a faster way than a Decathlon SUP inflator. Less force needed and faster. Also, you won´t lose as much time, since they are prepared for a fast and easy inflation, so that you still have strength to paddle. The Titan from Red Paddle lets you inflate your Red Paddle boards at 20psi at a record pace.

4. Paddle Board Fins

Even the fins have been redesigned for this new model. The fins that come with the pack Compact Ride 9´6” uses a click system for easy fitting. They also have an additional screw to ensure it stays in place and these won´t separate themselves from the board. The fin plugs are also compatible with standard FCS fins. All of this is made so that you can change your SUP fins and also customize your sensation over the board. These fins are only available with the new Compact 9´6”.

Red Paddle Co fins

5. Paddle Board Leash

Of course the kit also includes a SUP leash. This way with the purchase of the Compact Ride 9´6” pack, you´ll have all the accessories necessary to get in the water as soon as you receive it.

Compact ride 9´6" leash

Price and where to buy

The price of the new Compact Ride is 1499 euros. You can get your Compact Ride pack in Single Quiver, official Red Paddle Co store. Right now stocks are limited for the Compact boards, so it´s recommended you reserve yours. Delivery is expected to be starting November since launch of the official new Compact Ride 9´6” will be starting early December. If you are interested in receiving more information or buying this new innovative inflatable paddle board, contact us through our chat or write us at

Paddle board

The new Compact Ride 9´6” video

We´ll leave you with this video on the new SUP, we present to you the future of Paddle Board.

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