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Sweet spot 2.0 DHD surfboard

Information about the Sweet Spot 2.0 from DHD surfboards

The Sweet Spot 2.0 from DHD is a board designed to resist the most extreme conditions. After trying it we can assure you that this is a true statement. Next we´ll tell you all you need to know about buying the Sweet Spot 2.0 from DHD Surfboards.

This is the perfect board for traveling or daily use when the conditions are most demanding in your usual spot. If your next surftrip destination is Maldives, Indonesia, Fiji or Hawaii this is the board for you and your quiver.

Sweet spot 2.0 dhd surfboard

1. The shaper behind DHD Surfboards

In other DHD surfboard reviews we´ve already talked about Darren Handley. Shaper and creator of the Australian brand. Handley was born and raised in the Gold Coast. Today his surfboards are a benchmark worldwide. Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Asher Pacey, Jack Freestone or the recently incorporated Owen Wright, are some of those pro surfers that ride his boards.

Darren Handley

2. Ideal conditions for the board

This board is made for getting the maximum out of waves, from ¾ to 2.5 meters.

3. For which type of surfer are these boards?

We recommend this board for intermediate and advanced level

4. Sweet Spot 2.0 available sizes

This board is available from 5´11 with 26.5 liters, to 6´6 with 36.5 liters. If you don´t know what size Sweet Spot is for you, check our Surfboard recommendor. Next we leave you with the available size, and which one to buy depending on your size and surf level.

LenghtWidthThicknessVOL (LT)BeginnerIntermediateAdvancedTEAM SURFERS
5’10192 3/827.560 – 65kg65 – 70kg70 – 75kg
5’1118 3/42 1/426.555 – 60kg60 – 65kg65 – 70kgMick Fanning (177cm – 75kg / 5’10 – 160lbs)
5’11192 5/162870 – 75kg70 – 75kg75 – 80kgMatt Wilkinson (180cm – 75kg / 5’11 – 163lbs)
6’018 3/42 5/1628.565 – 70kg75 – 80kg75 – 80kgUlu Boi (180cm – 88kg / 5’11 – 195lbs)
6’019 1/82 3/829.565 – 70kg75 – 80kg75 – 80kg
6’119 1/82 3/83070 – 75kg80 – 85kg80 – 85kgRyan Hipwood (177cm – 73kg / 5’10 – 161lbs)
6’119 1/22 7/1630.5Jack Freestone (185cm – 86kg / 6’1 – 190lbs)
Kala Alexzander (178cm – 79kg / 5’10 – 175lbs)
6’219 5/82 7/163170 – 75kg85 – 90kg85 – 90kgDarren Handley (175cm -79kg / 5’9 – 174lbs)
6’2202 1/232.570 – 75kg85 – 90kg85 – 90kg
6’319 3/42 9/163375 – 80kg85 – 90kg90 – 95kg
6’3202 5/83475 – 80kg90 – 95kg90 – 95kg
6’419 3/42 9/1633.575 – 80kg85 – 90kg90 – 95kg
6’4202 5/834.5
6’5202 5/83580 – 85kg80 – 85kg95 – 100kg
6’520 1/22 3/437.5+ 85kg+ 85kg95 – 100kg
6’620 1/82 5/836.5
6’620 1/22 3/438.5
6’820 3/42 3/440
6’10212 7/843
7’021 1/42 7/845 ( +$40 )
7’221 1/2349 ( +$40 )

5. DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 Review

The Sweet Spot has evolved from the first model used by Mick Fanning until today. Some of the changes made to this model are that the tail and the fin area are reinforced. Also the aesthetics of its colors and logo are a plus.

DHD sweet spot surfboard

DHD sweet spot surfboard

The sensations that this board has given us after having surfed with it have been good. If there is something we want to highlight, it´s that the Sweet Spot 2.0 DHD is fast and adaptable to the most demanding of conditions. This board lets you get the most out of your most radical surfing, making vertical maneuvers thanks to its rocker. Its double concave will help you control it’s the boards velocity.

Sweet spot 2.0 DHD



















If your next Surftrip is in the Maldives, Indonesia or you want to surf this autumn in the Cantabric when the situation gets serious, this is your board. An incredible option for surfers at an advanced level and waves that are more than 1 meter. In this photo we can see Asher Pacey surfing in the Maldives with a Sweet Spot.

Asher Pacey surfing Maldives
Asher Pacey in Maldives with the Sweet Spot 2.0

6. Price and where to buy?

This board is available at Single Quiver. The official DHD Surfboard shop. How much is a Sweet Spot 2.0? It´s priced at 689 euros. Looking for a size you can´t find in the website? If you want other sizes don’t hesitate to contact us.

7. 3DX Darren Hadley Video

And who better than Darren Hadley to explain the good points of this board, made for all types of waves.

Buy your Sweet Spot in Single Quiver, make volume your ally and get a 10% discount for the next item you buy. Or buy your board at 67 euros a month and receive it in 24-48 hours at your doorstep. No paperwork, quick and easy. Surf at the best price.

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