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Roof Racks


Carry your surfboards safely in the car, thanks to the car surfboard holders. This surf accessory allows you to safely carry your surfboard or paddle surf in your van without the risk of damage or fines.

What do you need to transport your board in the car?

To put your board on the roof of your car you will need a rigid roof rack, roof rack protectors and tie-down straps.

Types of Surfboard Carrier:

There is a wide variety of surfboard racks for the car on the market. Rigid surfboards, soft surfboards or even the universal surfboard rack.

If you have a rigid roof rack in your car

If you're lucky enough to have a hardtop, you'll simply need to fit it with foam protectors. Try to keep these centered. Then we will put the surfboards on the protectors and finally tie them with the straps.

You don't need to tighten the straps too much, but try to avoid loosening them. All the necessary accessories for this way of transporting your boards will cost you 38 euros. A cheap and safe option.

If you do not have a rigid roof rack in your car

If your car does not have a hardtop or you do not want to invest in them, you can use the option of putting a soft rack on the roof of your car. This option, unlike what it may seem, is relatively inexpensive and quick to install and uninstall. For less than 60 euros you can buy a cheap car roof rack, such as the SurfLogic Soft Racks.

5 tricks to transport your surfboards on the roof of your car:

  1. If you carry more than one board, put one on top of the other.
  2. Always carry the boards upside down and with the nose forward
  3. If you have more than one board, remove the keels. The bundle will take up less space and create less air resistance.
  4. Use webbing to keep the boards securely fastened to the roof of the car. This accessory, which costs only 22 euros, can save you more than one scare.
  5. Don't overdo it with surfboards either. An excess of load in your vehicle will affect its consumption.

For more information on how to safely carry your surfboard in the car carrier, visit our BLOG.

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€66.12 (tax incl.)
The KanuLock Lockable Tiedown Set it's a perfect option to ensure your surfboard to your car's roof rack with fully security. This set it's composed with 2 straps and 2 keys. The straps are reinforced with 2  Braided...
Baca Quik Rax Ocean&Earth Baca Quik Rax Ocean&Earth
Limited time offer
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€32.40 (tax incl.) €40.50
The Ocean&Earth roof rack is a very safe and resistant and flexible product so that you can load in your car from 1 to 4 surfboards or 2 longboards or any board of similar dimensions. 
Out of Stock
€24.79 (tax incl.)
Surf Logic Aero Rack Pads protect you surfboards when being transported with in the most comfortable way. The are placed on top of the car racks and are 50 y  70 cm long, making them perfect for long voyages.


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