Skate Carver CI New Flyer C7 Raw


This 30.75-inch board designed by Al Merrick has a slightly wider rear footboard and the overall insole is lightweight and agile, just like its namesake.

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Carver continues development of surf/skate pairings with the iconic Channel Islands Flyer, designed by Al Merrick.

They’ve kept the slight rail bump at the tail, giving you a slightly wider back foot platform while keeping the overall template light and snappy, just like its namesake.

Comes complete with CX Graphite axles and 69mm Roundhouse concave wheels.

WB: 16 3/4" LENGTH: 30.75" long TAIL: 6 1/8" NOSE: 3 3/8" WIDTH: 9 3/4" Wheels: 69mm/78A Smoke Concaves

Carver Skateboards is the world's leading surfboarding brand, with more than 20 years of experience in the market, it is the most powerful and best known brand worldwide.

Carver Skateboards

It all started in Venice, California when Greg Falk and Neil Carver were looking for waves in the summer, but none could be found. They started experimenting on street surfers to get the surf-like skate experience and slowly progressed until they got to the current signature truck.

Carver Skateboards is the world's leading brand in surfskates. Manufacturers of surfboards for asphalt. It is a pleasure and pride for us to inform you that we already have available in our online store the most influential brand in the world of surfskate, Carver Skateboards. With more than 20 years in the market, is the most powerful and best known brand in the world.

Data sheet

Name Skate Carver CI New Flyer C7 Raw
Brand Carver Skateboards
Season 2018
Type of product Surfskate
Delivery Time Febrero
Length Carver 30.75''