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Carver Skateboards


Carver Skateboards is the world  leader in surfskates. They manufacture surfboards for the asphalt. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, it’s the most powerful brand and best known in the surfskate world.

What´s a Carver?

A Carver is a type of skateboard that simulates surf movements. Its main difference with other skates resides in their axis. In our web you´ll find skateboards with the Carver C7, CX and C5 axes. To know more about the differences between one axis and another, we recommend you read our Carver axis guide. In this article we´ll also explain the main differences between Roundhouse Wheel Series and Roundhouse Concave. If you have any doubts over which Carver Surfskate to buy, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you with the different types of boards and find the one that is best suited to your needs.

The Brand: Carver Skateboard

To know the Carver Skateboards history you must transport yourself to Venice Beach, California. Carvers creators Greg Falk and Neil Carver designed the first carver skate in 1995. Fans of traditional skateboarding, they were looking to create a skateboard capable of simulating the sensations one has over a surfboard. After lots of trials, tests, prototypes and a lot of dedication they were able to create the first surfskate with the C1 axis.

After that, they haven´t stopped evolving in the designs of their skates. All the way to the popular C7 Carver axis, which is the best know axis in the market with the Smoothstar axis.

Carver C7 vs CX Axis

The popular Carver C7 axis has been accepted by surfers since the start. Despite that, it didn´t convince those that came from skate and the longboard world. So there came the CX axis. A new axis that is a bit simpler, which mixes part of the C7 with a conventional axis. An axis with similar sensations to the famous C7, which can carve and pump and is made for skateparks and bowls.

Carver skateboards makes all their parts of the Skates in the Carver workshop in USA. 100% made in the USA something which guarantees quality in their components. Ideal for all levels, regardless of having ever tried a surfskate or if you come from the skateboard world, there is a model for you. Imporve your surf, warm up before getting into the water, correct bad habits while you have fun. Expand your quiver with a Carver surfskate. The surfboard for the asphalt for day with no waves.

Don´t miss our surfskate maneuvers tutorials. we will show you how to pump, carve the asphalt and do classic maneuvers; cutback, reentry, floater. Visit our Youtube Chanel and join the passion for the surfskate world.

If you have any doubts on which Carver surfskate is best for you don´t be shy and contact us. We will explain the differences between each board and we will help you so that you can get the board that best suits your style of surfing.

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The 30.5" Triton Black Star surf skateboard with its generous spoon and kick tail nose is an ideal model for banks and skateparks and for those riders looking for a classic old-school feeling. With its wider spooned...


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