The Carver skate as a tool to improve your surf.

Surfskate is a modality of skate that simulates the movements we make when we´re surfing but on the asphalt and that everyday has more adepts in their ranks of this sport. One of the most influential brands in the surfskate world is Carver Skateboards. Next we´ll tell you how to choose your Carver, keeping in mind the different axis, wheels and boards which you get with the American brand.

What´s a Carver and why is it different from the rest?

The principal difference between a surfskate and a traditional skateboard resides in its axis. Carver has been able to translate to the asphalt the sensation that we have on the surfboard. Bringing surf to the streets and letting the skater flow over the road like a wave. Half toy, half learning tool. It’s ideal to correct bad habits that we have when we surf and mechanize our movements out of the water so that we flow better in the water. An important tool to better our technique.

What do we need to know before buying a surfskate?

When buying a Carver we have to take into account how we´ll use it and what axis do I need. If you like to flow through the city, the C7s are ideal. If you like quick and radical maneuvers and will use it in the bowl or skate park, then CXs would be a better fit.

If you want to get the best for your needs, you have to see how you like to surf in the water before surfing on the streets. If you usually surf with a shortboard then the New Flyer CX o the Resin CX are what youre looking for. If you prefer twinfins or wider boards with volume then the  Firefly C7 will be your delight. Finally, if you prefer longboards then try out the Impala C5 Raw it´ll be a perfect fit.

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Carver Surfskate models

The American brand has 3 main lines:

  1. SURFSKATE Series: Boards made for pumping easily and cutting the closest of curves.
  2. POOL & PARK series: Designed for the perfect double kick for skate parks, benches and any type for inclined surface.
  3. LONG SURFSKATE series: Although the distance between the axis makes it twitchy and hard to control, with the Carver axis system these great boards can pump and trace surprisingly closed lines while giving you the ability to control the speed and descents with stability and style.

Once we have selected our category, we now have to choose our axis. For that we have to take in account the style, the use of the board and the freedom of movement.

The axis

CARVER C7 – Surf Truck

C7 truck surfskate carver

This is the first axis that Carver created. An axis which led the brand into the lead position in this new modality of surfskate. An axis that gives a more radical turning power in flat terrain and a faster pump that gives us the possibility of generating more speed. This is the most used axis, by amateur surfers and pros, for their dry run training.

CARVER CX – Surfskate Truck

CX truck from carver

This axis is different from the last one in that it has no articulated arm and at a glance is much simpler. Despite not letting us turn in the same pronounced way, it makes us exaggerate postures and really define our technique when turning. Something that will help us in the long run.

Differences between the C7 axis and the CX axis.

The C7 is a smoother turn and pumps faster. This creates more momentum and acceleration; that can lead to higher speeds. This is the axis that is closest to surf movements. Riding this on the asphalt takes us immediately to the sea. It doesn’t matter what your surf level is, this axis are ideal for any level.

On the other hand, the Carver CX creates spectacular turns and pumps, offering more reactive movements and giving more stable descents. Movements and techniques that are more common in experienced surfers.

In this video Borja tells us the differences:

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The wheels

Another main difference also resides in the wheels, heres how:

The Roundhose wheel series

Roundhouse wheel series

Theses are the normal wheels, with square rim, it gives the most grip and with its thin lip, that will slowly get thicker as we use it, will give us a bouncing effect like a spring which will together more speed when we pump since the wheel bounces and pumps even more.

The Roundhouse Concave Wheel Series

roundhouse concave wheel series

The Concave is the new wheel that Carver has released this year. The main difference with the wheel before, apart from its concave form, is its excellent grip. With the new concave shape Carver has reduced the weight and this way augmented contact with the ground and creates more traction while maintaining a consistent turning speed.


The Boards

Depending on your surf style or the type of surfboard you sue, you will want to choose the surfskate that is best for you. Don´t forget that this is an important tool for out of water training and improving your tactics.

The boards are measured in inches and we can get from the smallest (25.5”) to the biggest (42”)

The smallest ones are associated with fast reactions. They give the nerve you need. On the other hand, the bigger boards have stability. Just as we check the board length, we also need to take into account the wheelbase or distance between the axes. Not all the boards have the same wheelbase. This influences the dynamism of the board.

Here is an infographic so that you can choose the best surfskate based on your surfboard.

carver skateboard size chart

These notions that we´ve given you are always linked to your board abilities. Firm boards are for those people that have little experience so that you get more stability. For those with more experience, a more twitchy and a more difficult learning curve.

We practice this sport because it´s fun and the time spent on the board is enjoyable. Don´t worry, there is a the perfect board for you out ther. We hope that this information has been helpful and if you have any doubts please contact us through our chat our email:

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