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Security Locks


Security locks are the safest solution for storing your keys while you do any outdoor activity.  Surfers are an easy target for thieves. Our bathrooms last 2 hours on average, and this gives them enough time to grab our stuff and disappear with complete peace of mind. At Singlequiver we have selected the best surf key locks so that once you get in the water you can forget about them.

Making a small investment to keep your stuff safe is worth it. In our online store you will find surf locks from the best brands in the industry. This is the case of the surf logic lock. This surfing lock is one of the best and one of the first to come on the market. Since then the Basque brand has not stopped innovating. And today it is the safest solution for storing your car keys while you carry out any outdoor activity. Moreover, it is super easy to use and very resistant. All you have to do is put your keys inside, set a combination and hook it to your car.

Other brands such as Shapers, Ocean Earth, Gara or FCS are also a good alternative for storing your car or van keys. With similar operating systems, the price difference lies in the finish of the materials. Thus, the cheapest surfing lock is the Shapers one and the most expensive the armored version of Ocean Earth.

For more information on how to protect your key while surfing, check out our BLOG. Here are 5 tricks to keep your key safe.

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€46.21 (tax incl.) €57.77
The Heavy Duty Key Bank by Ocean and Earth is used to keep your keys safe while you´re in the water or doing any outdoor activity. High quality meatl lock. Very resistant. Interior capacity is: 5.4 cm x 10.0 cm altura...


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