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DHD Surfboards

DHD Surfboards

The famous Australian brand DHD Surfboards from the Australian shaper Darren Handley comes to Single Quiver. And it does so with its new summer Twin Fins collection. Darren Handley, has announced the launch of a new technology in his surfboards that combine the best aspects of the two most used materials today: fiberglass and traditional epoxy.

Darren Handley grew up on Australia’s wave rich Gold Coast, a unique place in the World with regards to the high concentration of world famous waves and the talent the coast continually produces. It is the Gold Coast’s variety of waves that has allowed Darren to hone his skills for creating the most responsive boards in the world.

€45.37 (tax incl.)
The DHD LOGO White / Black t-shirt features a high degree of freedom of movement. Made from premium cotton, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear every day. A sober and effective brand logo is printed on the chest.
€602.48 (tax incl.)
The hidden gem from the DHD range, the Pocket Knife catches lots of waves. With a low rocker it creates lots of speed in small conditions while maintaining maneuverability
€635.54 (tax incl.)
The DHD 3DV surfboard is a board that aims to combine high performance with a higher volume to offer maximum performance to surfers looking to take their surfing to the next level. Are you looking for a size that does...
€602.48 (tax incl.)
The DHD 3DX surfboard is based on the theory that the more waves you catch and the more fun you have. Are you looking for a size that does not appear on the web? If you want this board in other sizes do not hesitate...
€635.54 (tax incl.)
The DHD MF DUCKSNUTS surfboard with round pin tail is the board that Mick uses when the waves are bigger and the conditions are perfect. Are you looking for a size that does not appear on the web? If you want this...
€635.54 (tax incl.)
The DHD XRS is a perfect surfboard for small wave conditions, providing an easy paddle for more waves, high speed in weak wave conditions and great maneuverability. Are you looking for a size that does not appear on...


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