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Surf Leashes

As surf experts, in Single Quiver we have selected the best surf leashes for your surfboard. In our online store you can buy your surf leash from the best brands. For 5´ 6´ 7´, big waves, paddle board, longboard. Leashes with premium quality for you surfboard at the best price in Single Quiver.

The surf leash is a plastic rope that joins the surfer to the surfboard. Made with a long stretched plastic tube with great resistance and a bit of elasticity, it’s fixed on the posterior of the surfboard with cord, and the surfers ankle or knee with an adjustable velcro cuff. It can also be a security element to avoid hitting the other surfers or people in the water. It´s essential and it maintains us together with our board in case of danger.

There are different sized surf leashes in the market. There are 5 foot, 6 foot and 7 foot leashes, leashes for big waves, leashes for paddle board and for longboard. The reason for all this variety is because of the different types of boards a surfer can have.

Leashes for small waves: the leash must be the same length as the board. That means, if our surfboard is 5´8 a good leash choice would be a 6´one.

Leashes for big waves: to surf these types of waves you would need a longer leash. Falling and tumbling in this type of waves is more likely and in this case what we want is a leash that is long and robust to minimize the possibility of breakage or that the surfboard comes back and knocks us.

Leashes for longboard: People that surf with longboard use a leash with a cuff on the knee instead of ankle. The longboard leashes are between 9 and 10 feet. These types of boards is where the surfer will look to walk around the surfboard. To avoid entanglement its best to have the cuff on the knee than then ankle.

Leashes for paddle board: In the case of SUPs there are special leashes. Due to the great volume of the board and bigger dragging force compared to a shortboard, these leashes are thicker and have more resistance.

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€45.45 (tax incl.)
The Freedom Helix All Round surfboard leash creates a great blend of less weight, super strength and sustainability in a leash that’s a true original. It features a cord made from natural bio-resin, the Helix ups the...


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