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Surfboard travel covers. You´ll find the best Surfboard covers in Single Quiver. Protect your board when you are on a surftrip. Are you the type of person that likes to travel with your surfboard? Are you thinking about getting a board bag and don´t know which? Don´t worry, to help you choose the best board bag, we in Single Quiver have elaborated a guide where you´ll find all you need to know before buying a surfboard cover. Read Guide

Surfboards are fragile items. Buying a good cover for you board can save you lots of headaches. Surely the great majority of you have a friend that has had their board destroyed by an airline. Whether you travel by car or by plane, we recommend that you don´t skimp on surfboard covers. After acquiring a surfboard and neoprene wetsuit, this will be the next most important thing you buy. Also, board bags are made out of resistant and durable materials that will last you years.

In Single Quiver we leave at your disposal a great variety of surfboard covers. We have all types of board bags: Boardsocks, surfboard day bag, surfboard travel bag, travel bag with wheels, singles, doubles or triples. Don´t forget that you need to get a cover that adapts itself to the shape and size of the board. These days you´ll be able to find covers for hybrids, fish, shortboards, longboards, paddle board (SUPs) or funboards. If your board has a generous volume and width we recommend you choose a cover that is spacious enough so that the board has some slack space without damaging it. We always recommend buying a cover that is a bit longer than the board. This will give you the possibility to add additional protection when you travel by plane in the nose, rails and tail.

In Single Quiver we have selected and work with the best brands in the surf industry. Welcome to the new Amazon for surfboard travel covers. If you can´t find what you are looking for, don´t hesitate to contact us.

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Funda O&E Barry Basic Fish Cover Funda O&E Barry Basic Fish Cover
Limited time offer
€40.33 (tax incl.) €50.41
The O&E Barry Basic Fish Cover is perfect to bring your board. Looking for a quality surfboard cover at great value? You can't go past the Barry Basic Fish Day cover designed for wider boards. This Fish cover has...


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