Is it possible to travel with your skate or surfskate in an airplane?

If you are thinking about travelling by plane and you´re a skate fan, we have good news for you. Yes! Travelling with your skate or surfskate by airplane is possible. Here we will explain what you need to take into account when travelling with them and we give you some tips so that you don´t get asked questions when boarding.

Is there a way to check in the skate or can I bring it with my hand luggages?

On the contrary that happens with surfboards,skateboards or surfksates don´t need to be checked in. There are bags that let you tie down your board with your hand luggages. But, if you are thinking about bringing a longboard it´s very probable that you will need to check it in. Longboards are longer than the maximum size permitted by the airlines.

Types of skate bags

  • Skatebag: There are backpacks designed specifically for skateboards. Do you remember the backpack for your surfboard? Well this is the same concept. These types of backpacks have straps on the front side that let you tie down the board to the bag.


  • Snowboard backpack: they are similar to the skatebag. These backpacks have wider straps though.


  • Longboard backpack: The longboard bags are made for the more length. The main difference with the previous ones is that these bag won´t let you keep more items than the board.


  • Skateboard cover bag: designed exclusively to transport skateboards. This has the same problem as with the longboard bag, smaller and easy to fit the board but with no more carrying capacity than the skate or surfskate.


Tips for travelling with your surfskate in the plane

If you are travelling on a plane and you want to go with your surfskate we recommend you bring your T tool with you to take off the trucks. We know that there are companies like Easyjet or Ryanair that are much more strict with the hand luggage. Bringing with you the tool will give you the possibility to unmounts the axes from the board and give the sensation of less volume. The axis and wheels can be kept in the bag o backpack.


In the case of Smoothstar, given the dimensions of the board as with the axis, we recommend that you unmounts them before boarding. It’s a very simple operation and won´t take you more than 2 minutes.

The same for Carver if you are getting into the plane. Despite Carver skate being smaller in board size and axis than Smoothstar the tool will help you unmounts the trucks if there are any problems.

How much does it cost to check in a skate?

Just like with surfboards, the cost of check in is dependent on  the airline that you are travelling with. Checking in your surfskate can cost between 30 and 45 euros.

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