The Lost Crowd Killer is a high quality, high performance surfboard that has caused a sensation in the surfing world. With its unique design and solid construction, this board is the perfect choice for both beginners and advanced surfers.

Today at SINGLE QUIVER we tell you everything you need to know before buying a Crowd Killer, don’t miss it!

Lost Surfboards Crowd Killer

The Crowd Killer is a high performance funboard based on the rocker and outline of the Quiver Killer. With the idea of extending it lengthwise to broaden the audience to less experienced surfers, Lost made a Crowd Killer suitable for a wide range of surfers and waves.

Crowd Killer

Crowd Killer

It is an easy board with which you will catch many waves, as it is specially designed for it.


  • A slightly wider nose that catches waves, allowing the extra length to adjust to the curve of the waves.
  • A relaxed and fast center rocker that glides with ease.
  • Lots of rocker in the tail, with deep double concave, for beating wraps like a pro.
  • New two-stage “hidden volume” deck line, which focuses the foam towards the stringer and tapers quickly towards the rails. This creates a flat, stable board without feeling full or bulky, and allows for responsive yet forgiving rails.

Crowd Killer Swallow tail

A mischievous swallowtail, it feels lively and playful in small waves, but holds long lines in bigger waves.

Crowd Killer size chart

6’2 20.25 2.66 35.50
6’4 20.50 2.70 37.50
6’6 20.75 2.77 40.00
6’8 21.00 2.80 42.00
6’10 21.25 2.88 44.50
7’0 21.50 2.90 47.00
7’2 21.76 2.96 49.50
7’4 22.00 3.03 52.50
7’6 22.25 3.06 55.00
7’8 22.50 3.06 57.00
7’10 22.75 3.10 59.50
8’0 23.00 3.13 62.00

LOST Crowd Killer Round

In contrast to the original Crowd Killer, with a double-wing swallow tail, the Crowd Killer Round tail is more forgiving and easier to turn in better waves and at higher speeds. Less tail area means more control, smoother turns and relaxed riding, with more range in a variety of conditions.

Crowd Killer Round

Crowd Killer Round

The Crowd Killer Round features essentially the same rocker and foil as the Crowd Killer, but the concave has been reduced a bit, the rail volume lowered and some curve added to the contour.

Crowd Killer Round size chart

Here are the recommended sizes for the Mayhem brand of boards:

6’6 20.50 2.56 38.00
6’7 20.63 2.60 39.50
6’8 20.75 2.63 40.50
6’9 20.88 2.66 41.75
6’10 21.00 2.70 43.00
6’11 21.13 2.70 44.00
7’0 21.25 2.75 45.50
7’1 21.38 2.75 46.50
7’2 21.50 2.80 48.00
7’3 21.63 2.82 49.25
7’4 21.75 2.84 50.50
7’5 21.88 2.88 52.00
7’6 22.00 2.92 53.50
7’7 22.13 2.92 54.50
7’8 22.25 2.96 56.00
7’9 22.38 2.96 57.00
7’10 22.50 3.00 58.50
7’11 22.63 3.03 60.00
8’0 22.75 3.06 61.25
8’2 22.88 3.10 63.25
8’4 23.00 3.15 66.50
8’6 23.00 3.18 68.50


The Lost Killer is a very versatile surfboard, so it will give you good response in both small and powerful waves, enjoy all conditions!

Matt Biolos Crowd Killer surfboard

Matt Biolos con su Crowd Killer (Foto del Blog Lib Tech Dream Days)

Recommended fins for Crowd Killer Lost Surfboards

For this board model we recommend either of these two sets of fins:

Remember that you can buy your board with any of the two fin systems, choose your favorite!

LOST Quiver Killer vs Lost Crowd Killer

The board model that inspired the Lost Crowd Killer is the Quiver Killer. Here are the main differences between the two models:

The Lost Quiver Killer is an extension of the Short Round model. With so many people enjoying the ShortRound, it quickly became apparent that the short, relatively flat and stubby board was an easy answer for fast fun in smaller waves, but with some limitations.

lost Quiver Killer

Quiver Killer

The overall contour and lines of the rocker are a minimalist and simplistic continuous curve. The surface area and volume remain generous enough to create speed on almost any wave. The rounded tail, reduced nose area and extra rocker keep the edge from getting too wet in small waves while still allowing for control and ease of surfing with power and power in the right waves.

Free and easy in small waves, while still being precise and forgiving in solid waves.

Lost says the Quiver Killer is “a direct shot to the heart”.

The brand: Lost Surfboards

Lost Surfboards was founded in 1987 by Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, in California. Today Lost Surf is one of the most prestigious surfboard brands worldwide.

The brand has stood out for its innovation and for using high quality materials in the manufacture of its surfboards, which allows them to offer high performance products.

Within its team of riders has some of the best surfers in the world. Tag Barrow, Kolohe Andino, Mason Ho, Carissa Moore or Tyler Wright are just some of the surfers who rely on the good work of Matt Biolos’ shapes.

Las mejores Lost Surfboards

Some of their boards like the Puddle Jumper are in the Top 10 in surfboard sales.  The Lost Puddle Jumper is a board that has captivated surfers around the world. A perfect board to catch small waves without losing maneuverability. Another of the Californian brand’s star models is the V3 Rocket. This Lost board has been a massive success in sales. In fact, Lost manufactures this board using a myriad of techniques, including their C3 and Blackdart technologies.

image edited

Matt Biolos (Mayhem) the shaper of Lost Surfboards

Matt is the founder, creator and artist of Lost Surfboards. His designs are progressive, but still rooted in the expression and art of surfing.

Shaper to the stars, Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos has been in the game for over 30 years constantly innovating and creating some of the most exciting and beloved surfboards in history.

He began his career as a shaper in the late 1980s at Herbie Fletcher Surfboards in San Clemente. Later, in 1992, he began making boards in his garage under his now well-known “Mayhem” moniker. Meanwhile, Biolos steadily developed his work through feedback from surfers like Chris Ward and Cory Lopez.

Matt has built a career around making high quality surfboards that are accessible to everyone. Today, he knows how to find the perfect balance in his work as a shaper


Mayhem de Lost Surfboards

Mayhem de Lost Surfboards

While Lost Enterprises gained popularity, it was all driven by Biolos’ ability to consistently provide surfers, both world class and novice, with surfboards that outperformed their competition.

Early successes included the Fish Nose Round and the Rocket V3 through to the multi-award winning proformance series the Driver 2.0, surfed by top pros like Kolohe Andino, Grifo Colapinto and Carissa Moore.

In Mayhem’s own words, the key difference between the Lost RNF and most others, from the 90s onwards, is the fact that his scheme was always based more on high performance twin fins, inspired by the competitive-minded MRs of the late 70s and early 80s.

So much for our article on the Crowd Killer, feel free to leave any questions or suggestions in the comments.


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