Welcome to this new Single Quiver review of Lost’s new surfboard, the Retro Tripper. This shortboard has gained a huge following thanks to its versatility and ability to perform well in a wide variety of conditions. The Retro Tripper is ideal for surfers looking for a board that is versatile enough to take with them on their travels, but at the same time doesn’t sacrifice performance in the water. Today we tell you in detail the most outstanding features of this Lost board and tell you why it is one of the best options if you are a surfer looking for a board that can adapt to a variety of waves and conditions.

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Retro Tripper Review

The Lost Retro Tripper certainly has a lot of aesthetic appeal and promises a perfect combination of “fast, wide and glidey” board – so how does this retro all-rounder perform in the water? what kind of surfer is it aimed at? and most importantly, should you add a Retro Tripper to your own quiver?

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  • Rocker: It has a low and quite flat rocker, which makes it very fast and easy to paddle.

  • Outline: The outline is wide and quite curved at the tip, which gives good flotation and stability in small waves.

  • Rails: It has medium low rails that allow you to make smooth and fluid turns.

  • Bottom: The board has a bottom with a slight double concave that helps to generate speed and also to soften the landing in more advanced maneuvers.


What I like most about the Retro Tripper is that it flows very well, both straight line and rail to rail, which makes it a lot of fun for intermediate and advanced surfers. Advanced surfers will enjoy the smooth rail-to-rail transitions and release, while intermediate surfers will find a good combination of forgiveness and progression.

The Lost Retro Tripper surfboard’s slogan, “fast, wide and with plenty of glide,” sums up well what this board offers. With its design, you’ll be able to catch a lot of waves and paddle with ease thanks to that extra volume under the chest. Once you’re on the wave, the Tripper gives you plenty of speed and allows you to have fun even in backside surfing.

This is box title
  • Agile, maneuverable and fast
  • Versatile and fun for intermediate and advanced surfers.
  • A good surfboard for shaped, strong and dynamic waves.
  • Plus paddling and buoyancy
  • Possibility to surf in twin fin or 2+1 configuration
  • Not recommended for beginner surfers
  • Not designed for surfing in very small waves.


In terms of wave conditions, the Retro Tripper is not a board specifically designed for surfing very small waves (unlike the Evil Twin, which shares a similar outline and excels in smaller conditions). While it is possible to surf it in small waves, you will have to work a little harder to maintain speed in these types of conditions.



However, from waist or chest height, the Retro Tripper really starts to stand out. From chest height, the board offers great paddling ease, which will allow you to glide through slightly bigger waves. However, where it really shines is in conditions where the wave has some shape, as it will allow you to get the most out of your maneuvers and get the most out of the wave.

Recommended fins for the Retro Ripper Lost Surfboards

As for the fin configuration, the Retro Tripper is designed to be used with a configuration of two fins and a third towing fin, i.e. 2+1 configuration. MR keels are most commonly used with the FCS2 system. In futures configuration the combination of the board with Son of Cobra fins is one of the most interesting options.

For this board model we recommend either of these two sets of fins:

  • If you order the board with Futures fin configuration, we recommend the twin fin SON OF COBRA fins are perfect for using the board in twin fin configuration.
  • If you order the board with FCS fin configuration, we recommend the MARK RICHARDS 2 fins in 2+1 FCS 2 configuration.


MARK RICHARDS TWINFIN FCS2 BUY quillas-mark-richards-twinfin-fcs2.jpg  

What type of surfer do we recommend this Lost board for?

In terms of the skill level required to get the most out of the Retro Tripper, my recommendation is that this board is best suited for intermediate and advanced surfers. The Retro Tripper works especially well in stronger, more dynamic wave conditions, and therefore is not forgiving enough (no mistakes allowed) for beginners or lower intermediate surfers. However, if you are looking for an everyday board with an alternative, retro feel, then the Retro Tripper would definitely be an excellent addition to your board collection.

All in all, the Retro Tripper is exactly what you need if you are looking for a versatile and different board for your next surf session. Ideal for those surfers who are looking for an alternative to fish style boards, and who want to add a more versatile board to their quiver to be able to surf a wide variety of wave conditions.

The brand: Lost Surfboards

Lost Surfboards was founded in 1987 by Matt “Mayhem” Biolos in California. Today Lost Surf is one of the most prestigious surfboard brands worldwide.

The brand has stood out for its innovation and for using high quality materials in the manufacture of its surfboards, which allows them to offer high performance products.

Within its team of riders it has some of the best surfers in the world. Tag Barrow, Kolohe Andino, Mason Ho, Carissa Moore or Tyler Wright are just some of the surfers who rely on the good work of Matt Biolos shapes.

The best Lost Surfboards

Some of their boards like the Puddle Jumper are in the Top 10 in surfboard sales. The Lost Puddle Jumper is a board that has captivated surfers from all over the world. A perfect board to catch small waves without losing maneuverability. Another of the Californian brand’s star models is the V3 Rocket. This Lost board has been a massive success in sales. In fact, Lost manufactures this board using a myriad of techniques, including their C3 and Blackdart technologies.

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