The Ahi by Bureo: Surf and environment

Today we want to talk about the new skateboard from Carver Skateboards. The American brand, present all over the world, is the leader in the surfskate market. In this occasion Carver has joined forces with Bureo company and together they have created “The Ahi”. A skate made with recycled material and the new axis CX mini.

Every day we are more aware of the environment. The impactful images that we recently got from our beaches invades with plastic, bring us closer to this terrible reality. If we don´t put the brakes on, we´ll end up turning our oceans into a real dump. The Earth is being abused by humans and we can´t keep looking the other way. That’s why Carver is launching this new surfskate model and putting in their work.

Carver and Bureo join forces to care and respect the environment

This new product that is being launched by Carver was created by Bureo. Bureo is a small company that works with the recycling of fishing nets. This recycling is based on the program “net positive” with a simple objective: empty the oceans from these plastic nets used for fishing and that generate so much waste.

Not only is Bureo dedicated towards the recycling of this type of material, but they also offer monetary incentives to fishermen that contribute towards this program. This way, we all win and they get everyone to help out and avoid the great contamination that is affecting our oceans.

Carver Bureo The Ahi Turtle Ocean

The result from this union Carver + Bureo results in “The Ahi” skate. This cruiser is based on the design of the highest selling template sold by Carver but made with recycled fishing nets. Despite being made with recycled material, it´s a rigid and durable skateboard with Carver seal of quality. This skateboard also counts with a simple design. A board with an intense black that imitates the fishing nets, double kick with bent nose and functional tail kick.

New Carver The Ahi by Bureo

Opinion on The Ahi

The Ahi is wider and more concave, which gives it more performance and gripping sensation for your feet. Made for a whole life of use, this platform is durable and rigid that maintains balance and rigidity in all conditions.

In particular, the Bureo Ocean Grip is made with short boards. Something that helps the pump and tracing of the closest turns, which helps pass ascending sections without the need of putting a foot on the floor. Without a doubt a good option to carve at full velocity.

Technical information

The new Carver The Ahi by Bureo is equipped with Roundhouse Ecothane wheels 65mm and 81a.

  • Size: Width 9” | Length 27” | Tail 5 ¼” | Nose 3 ½” | Wheelbase 14”
  • Axes: For this skateboard the CX axes have been adapted. More stability and balance without losing pumping power while riding. That’s why we have the CX mini axis.
  • Deck: fish scale pattern grip with personalized grip band, a unique fish eye blocking hole, stainless steel metal work. Rigid and durable deck that maintains stability and resistance in any situation.

The Ahi info deck

For who is The Ahi

The new The Ahi from Carver Skateboards is made for all types of skaters. An ideal skate for people that are just starting in the surfskate world and with its new CX mini axis it has more stability than its predecessors the CX and the C7. Obviously, the new Bureo The Ahi is made for those that apart from surfing or skating, have awareness for the care and respect of our environment.

Where can I buy The Ahi

The new Carver “The Ahi” has a selling price of 289€ (Skate Carver Bureo “The Ahi”). Buy your Carver Bureo The Ahi starting at 19€ a month in Single Quiver. More info and models at Single Quiver.