Surfskate maneuver Training, Backside Reentry

Surfskate is a new way of skating that simulates the movements we do when we surf, and there are more surfskate fans every day. This is not surprising at all. If the other day we were showing you how to pump with the skate, today it´s time to see how to do a Backside Reentry.

How to do a backside reentry with a skate?

Next we´ll show you a new tutorial video from #enelpico_singlequiver. In this occasion, Álvaro will explain to us how to execute a backside reentry. The reentry from the backside is a basic movement, but requires a correct body position. That’s why we are going to pay extra attention to the technique. For that we´ll execute a good bottom, mark where we want to turn with our hand and finally kick with our back foot.

Why is Carver good to improve our surf level?

Half toy, half learning tool. It´s ideal to correct our bad habits that we have when we surf. Ideal for mechanizing our movements out of the water, so that later in the water we will be more fluid. An essential tool to improve your technique.

What surfskate should I get?

The Carver brand, through their skate, has been able to bring the surfing feeling we have on a surfboard to the asphalt. Surfing on the streets and flowing on the roads. If you don’t have the opportunity of living near the sea, we encourage you try this new style of skate. Al, you can now get your own Carver for 19 euros a month. Discover our new Carver Triton collection and get your own Carver for cheap.

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