Surfskate Maneuver Training, The Floater

By now we´ve taught you how to do a Frontside Reentry and a Backside Reentry, and the next surfskate maneuver that we´ll show you how to do is the Floater. The Floater is a transition maneuver that will be executed on the top section of a wave that will let us chain together the next sections of the wave.

To train this maneuver out of the water, we will get help from a surfskate. The surfskate is a new modality of skate that simulates the movements we do when we surf. A good complementary activity when the waves are flat. Half toy, half surf improvement tool.

Surfskate is ideal to correct bad habits that we have when surfing. Ideal for mechanizing movements out of the water, that will give us better flow once in the water. An essential tool for improving our technique.

There are many brands that through their skates have been able to bring the sensation of surfing over water to the asphalt. Bringing surf to the streets and letting the surfer flow over the road as if it were a wave. If you don´t live near the sea we recommend you get into this new style. If you are thinking about getting into surfskate, check out our selection in our online store.

Tutorial Video

Next we´ll show you our new tutorial video for surfskate #enelpico_singlequiver. This time, Álvaro will show us how to execute a floater with the surfskate.

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