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YOW Surfskates is one of the most well-known surfskate brands internationally. YOW (Your Own Wave) was created mid 2000s in Irun, Spain. Their creators are 3 brothers; Igor, Ander and Iban Iraola. Tired of Europe having being second class in the skate world compared to United States, they started manufacturing their first skateboards in a workshop at home.

A bit after they created HLC, which today distributes some of the most important skate brands in the market.

For more information about YOW SURFSKATES visit our SURFSKATE BLOG

Yow has become one of the most prestigious surfskate brands worldwide. From their factory in Irun apart from seeing YOW coming out you´ll see other well-known brands. Surely some of these brands will ring a bell; Jart Skateboards, Iron Trucks, Long Island Longboards or Cruzade Skateboards.

The guys from YOW have developed their own surfskate trucks, with two versions: the S4 and the S5. This is the simplified version and more robust than the previous system which has made YOW market leaders in surfskates. Some of the important improvements include:

  • Reinforcement of the internal spring to make it more resistant and durable.
  • More robust 12mm Kingpin to avoid breakage when doing radical aerials.
  • New screw so that it doesn´t unscrew as easily.
  • Improvements in ball bearing so that it couples better with the new Kingpin

Advantages of the Yow Surfskates vs the rest of the surfskates in the market

  1. YOW System: One of the main advantages of the Yow Surf, is their axis system. The YOW system lets them change the distance of axes. The distance will give different sensations. A shorter distance will let you do more radical turns. On the other hand a larger axis distance will let you do softer and larger turns. Yow surfskate will let you have 2 skates in 1 and choose the sensation that is most comfortable to you.
  2. Versatile thanks to it’s YOW blocking system: Another innovation and advantage with the Yow system is its blocking system. With a simple locking screw you can block the Yow system. This will convert it to a traditional skate. Again, 2 skates is one. Surfskate and cruiser at the same time.
  3. Quality: If we are talking about Yow, then we are talking about a guarantee of quality. From the Irun factory comes some of the most important skate brands. All their components are high quality. Their boards are made using U.S.A. Hard Rock Maple. Their bushings are Blood Orange Ultra HR Formula and their griptapes are Jessup which are colorful and have eye catching graphics.
  4. YOW system pack: Another one of the great advantages of Yow vs Carver or vs Smoothstar is that their axis system can be mounted on any other deck; skate, cruise or longboard. Something that will let you turn any skateboard into a surfskate.
  5. Collaboration with Pukas: Yow Pukas is an alliance of two big brands. Yow Surfskates and Pukas Surfboards. Some of their models like the Plan B emulate surfboards from the Pukas brand. Another one collaboration to highlight from the Basque brand is with the pro surfer Aritz Aranburu. Just like Smoothstar with Filipe Toledo or Carver with Yago Dora, YOW has created a model in collaboration with Aritz Aranburu.

How to choose your YOW surfskate?

The new YOW V4 comes with two versions: S4 and S5. At first glance they may look the same. But the sensations and behavior of these two versions are very different. YOW S4 model is recommended for riders with a weight inferior to 50 kgs. Yow S5 are made for riders with more than 50 kgs and look for more stability.


Yow S4 trucks are made of a 4mm spring. The YOW System Pack V3 S4 is ideal to replicate the surfing sensations and for doing radical turns. Recommended for kids and people between 30 and 50 kgs. Or surfers with a mid / high surfing level that wants to practice more radical turns.


The Yow S5 trucks are harder and have a 5mm spring. Perfect for smoother and wider turns. The Yow S5 give the rider more control at high velocity.

Both surfskate systems give you the option for short wheelbase or long wheelbase. A shorter wheelbase is made for younger riders or for a more reactive pumping with closed turns. The wider wheelbase will let you do more open turns at higher velocity and more stability.

If you are thinking about getting a surfskate and you still have doubts which model to choose, send us a email or chat with us. We will help you choose the surfskate that adjusts itself most to your objectives and style.

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