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Invento O&E Regular 7.0 Moldeado

The O&E Regular 7.0 Moldeado Leash advanced mould design with flex diamonds. Provides controlled flex and strong transition from mould to urethane.

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Keen to get some solid waves? Then you can't go past the Regular Moulded Leash - 7ft! Built to handle up to 8ft swell you'll be able to get bazzed with no worries in the world. All of our surfboard leashes are built with a 12 month warranty. Ocean & Earth surfboard leashes are the strongest in the world and utilise the most advanced technologies to allow you to surf with more confidence. Available in a range of colours Grab One Today! 

Surfboard Leash Specs:

Wave Size: 8ft (2.4m)
Cord Dia. :  932" (7mm)
Strap :        50mm - 2 x Padded

Additional Surfboard Leash Features:

  • DIAMOND-FLEX MOULD - Advanced mould design with flex diamonds. Provides controlled flex and strong transition from mould to urethane.
  • DUAL ANCHOR SWIVELS - Marine grade, stainless anti-corrosive free-spin swivels for tangle-free surfing.
  • ORIGINAL DETACHABLE RAILSAVER - The original railsaver system designed by O&E, with sewn in anchor cord. Protects rails and is easily detached.
  • NEW FORMULA CONTROLLED-STRETCH URETHANE - The larger the wave, the more stretch which keeps your board at a safe distance away. Premium grade quality urethane developed by the world's leading manufacturer.
  • FLEX NECK STRAP PLUG - Allows 360º movement of leash and offers more comfort when leash is under load.
  • DELUXE ANKLE STRAP - Double padded comfort strap. Lightweight, secure fit.
  • SAFETY RELEASE PULL TAB - Easy to see ‘Safety Red’ quick release pull tab. Essential when surfing big waves and reefs.
  • PLUG BUDDY - Another O&E first. Ensures leash string can be easily slipped through surfboard plug.
  • WARRANTY - Guaranteed against faulty workmanship or defective materials for 12 months from date of purchase.
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Regular 7.0 Moldeado
Type of product
7 mm
50 mm
Leashes Size
Delivery Time
24-48 hours

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